For the first time in a while, we’ve found a hidden gem on WWE Main Event in the form of Neville vs Tyler Breeze!

The Ascension vs The World’s Strongest Americans

Last week on Main Event we saw the birth of WWE’s hottest tag team. Since then, the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ and ‘The Ace of Main Event’ have created their own special bro handshake. All they need now is a mashup theme and matching gear and they’re set. They’re facing the Ascension, again, to prove that their partnership was meant to be, and wasn’t some kind of fluke.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that this match fails to take the lackluster feud any further forward, as it will likely be forgotten about soon anyway. Once again, both teams seem unsure whether or not they should be dominant so the hot tag loses all its…heat. Even the finish is the same, with Henry getting the pin after giving two World’s Strongest Slams to Viktor.

Tyler Breeze vs Neville

This is the first match  on WWE Main Event that even looked good in a very long time, and luckily for us, it delivers (despite being a little short). It goes without saying that these two know each other very well from their days in NXT. They shared some great moments and matches, and were consistently entertaining. Despite his air of confidence, it was always Breeze chasing Neville for the championship. He’d been in the number one contender position multiple times during Neville’s reign, but was never able to get the job done. What started with a stark difference in physical appearance turned into a clash of attitudes and a game of one upmanship. Tyler sadly left NXT without ever laying hands on the ‘Ultimate Accessory’ and made his debut after Neville, always one step behind, failing to make the impact Neville did on his first night.

This is Main Event, though, and they only have about five minutes to tell their story and put on a good match. They utilise their narrow time perfectly though, as the match amps right up as the bell rings. A Supermodel Kick downs Neville almost immediately and Breeze desperately tries to put his old rival behind him. Breeze exclaims: “Are you kidding me!? That was a SUPERMODEL KICK”  as he ends up with multiple two counts. His ability to switch between a posturing, pompous prince to such an aggressive, raw competitor is what makes Breeze such an engaging and three dimensional character.

Neville meanwhile, has switched up his game. While he is well versed in power based moves as well as high flying offence, it’s normally not his first choice. Recognising that Breeze is as determined as ever, Neville adopts an unexpected moveset. Opting for deadlift german suplexes and sitout slams over springboards and enziguris, he regains control. The Red Arrow, however is such a crucial move in Neville’s arsenal that he will always rely on it to end matches. But as he had expected, Breeze has the move well scouted. Neville powers Breeze off the mat and onto his shoulders, into the electric chair position that I can’t help but associate with Kenny Omega’s Croyt’s Wrath. Breeze wiggles free seconds before being planted into the canvas and hits Beauty Shot, but once again it wasn’t enough. The frustration creates an opening in Breeze’s well thought out game plan, allowing Neville to finally land the Red Arrow for the pinfall. A short match, but definitely recommended.

The Dudley Boyz vs The Social Outcasts (Heath Slater & Curtis Axel)

I think it’s now fair to say that The Social Outcasts have lost their charm. I’ve tried to reassure myself that their fun gimmick will get them over and help them reach where they are most effective. But that hope is waning quickly, as it looks like they’ll be heading to the Andre The Giant Battle Royal once again and probably will repeat that path for the rest of their careers. I wish I could lighten the mood but I’m not exactly a fan of the Dudleys either. In one corner you have a team of jobbers and in the other you have a couple of old guys that can’t work long matches, but this isn’t a squash match? It’s the longest match on the card despite being the least relevant and also terrible. I was kind of hoping that the Dudleys would come in, do their thing (tables and such) and go away after TLC. But they’re still kicking around after losing again and again to The New Day and the Wyatts and exhausting all possible matchups (none of which showed much potential). Even if you had a nostalgic attachment to them, surely it’s gone now?

Bo and Rose distract the Dudleys by pulling out a table from under the ring and dangling it tantalisingly in front of their faces, allowing for a sneak attack from Axel and Slater. Capitalising on this opening, the Outcasts initiate the Bo Train around the ring. In what was quite possibly the coldest tag I have ever witnessed, Bubba comes in to the match only for Axel to roll him up and… win!? I don’t know if this is a sign that the Social Outcasts are on the rise or if the Dudley Boyz have fallen the very bottom of the barrell.

Final Thoughts: Tyler Breeze vs Neville delivered and I’m proud to announce that it is most certainly worth checking out. Other than that, it’s the usual trash again this week!