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As expected, Talk n’ Shop is “on hiatus,” I imagine like how the final Nitro was the “season finale.”

The podcast week in review, brought to you by Denso Sparkplugs (or our Amazon and WWE affiliate links).

They said it…

  • “Richard loved Pam Grier, but all she did was Heisman him.” – Freddy Prinze Jr, dishing some old Hollywood dirt
  • “Isn’t the saying that being the wealthiest man in Alabama is like saying you have the most teeth in Alabama?” – Chris Jericho after Conrad is introduced on WOOOOO Nation.

The Usual Suspects

VIP Lounge (1/10/16): A useful episode this week, as MVP and Alex discuss the possible move to the WWE of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, with MVP adding his personal experience both in and out of the ring with Nakamura. However, the remainder of the show, with asides about prison, movies, and Alex’s burgeoning career as a writer of disaster flicks, isn’t nearly as interesting. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Steve Austin Show #289 (1/12/16): Curiously, this is the audio of the podcast Steve did with Ric Flair on the WWE Network that only debuted the night before. Normally there’s at least a week’s gap before Network shows pop up on Podcast One. Anyway, Austin sits down with the Nature Boy to discuss his career for an hour. Given the short time, they bounce around a lot, talking his training, rivalry with Dusty Rhodes, moving to the WWE, his kids, retirement, and more. You won’t learn much, if anything, but it was an engaging interview. Although I might be grading on a curve since I was so relieved not to have to hear Ted Fowler. THUMBS UP

MLW Extra (1/12/16): Strigga and Court do a special rundown on all the big news in Japan, including Shinsuke Nakamura being stripped of the Intercontinental title, the Bullet Club going forward, Suwama’s big injury and the fate of the Triple Crown, and Kenta’s possible return to Japan. It’s a nice breaking news segment on some big news in Japan, and you also get to learn Keiji Mutoh owns a white Tiger. THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #100 (1/12/16): For his big 100th episode, JR talks to…Steve Austin. What a get! JR asks Austin a bunch of Twitter questions, some of which are interesting, like if Austin regrets not wrestling Hulk Hogan and his memories of Brian Pillman. But a good chunk of the interview isn’t that great, like Austin talking about his reality show and blaming the recent rash of injuries on the sped up style of today’s WWE. Not exactly a momentous centennial. <Austin’s interview starts at 5:36> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #210 (1/13/15): Jericho’s guest this week is actor and former WWE creative staffer Freddie Prinze Jr. Prinze talks about his famous father dying young, how he got into acting, and being a teen idol. Then he switches to his time in the WWE, hosting acting classes, writing for Jeff Hardy and the Undertaker, working under Vince McMahon, why he left, and more. An almost shockingly great show with a lot of fun stories, and the rate interview where the wrestling and non-wrestling parts are equally entertaining. <Prinze’s interview starts at 15:18> THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

MLW Radio #209 (1/13/16): A split show, as first Court and Konnan are joined by Thomas Golianopoulos, the writer of the recent Playboy article on Perro Aguayo Jr. His segment is OK, but Golianopoulos is a pretty dry speaker and even makes the Hardbody Harrison story boring. Much better is the second half, and Court and K-Dawg go through a quick mailbag covering rap, up and coming prospects around the world, and a little dive into the notorious sleaze list. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

WOOOOO!™ Nation #37 (1/13/2016): Chris Jericho joins Ric and Conrad (who barely says anything during the episode). There are lots of stories about the good old days in WCW, like Jericho’s aborted feud with Goldberg, going to Vince’s mansion to sign with the WWE, feuding with Chyna and his bad rep in the WWE, and more. If these stories sound familiar, they should; Jericho has told them himself in his books and own podcast. Still, it is an enjoyable talk and Jericho does tell a new tale about vomiting on himself, but beyond that there isn’t a lot that you haven’t already heard. THUMBS UP

Bauer & Pollock (1/13/15): B&P recap RAW and the road to the Rumble, Nakamura being stripped of the IC title, contract tampering, Shane McMahon’s business exploits in China, Linda McMahon’s new women’s group, the Network’s role in breaking news, John Cena’s injury, Daniel Bryan’s possible return, TNA’s ratings, Mike Bennett, and more. A decent enough listen, but certainly a bit of a comedown after last week’s craziness. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Art of Wrestling #284 (1/7/16): Longtime Northeast indie worker Dann Maff joins Colt. They talk about his referee dad, being the youngest of 14, breaking into wrestling and hooking up with Homicide’s school, wrestling in Puerto Rico, teaming with Monsta Mack as Da Hit Squad, regrets about his Ring of Honor push, and more. It’s a genial conversation, but if you’ve never heard of Maff a lot of this might go over your head. I remember DHS lawndarting guys into the wall at Jersey All Pro Wrestling, so this likely may have resonated more with me. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #290 (1/14/16): Solo Steve for this episode. He tells a lengthy story of trying to get his dog Shona to the vet that takes up for the first half of the episode (long story short: she should be OK). Then he reads some questions some fans, one of whom asks Steve to repeat a phrase the listener’s deceased father used to say, since he and Steve sound alike. Steve does cut a promo on some spam e-mail, which is pretty funny. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Jim Cornette Experience #111 (1/14/16): A mixed bag this week, as Jim recounts his resolution to be kinder and gentler (which lasts until MSL mentions Joey Ryan). That segues into a really interesting discussion on old Chicago wrestling. Then Kenny Bolin hops on the line to drag out the “Jim has a kid” saga, although his potshots at Alice and MSL are fairly amusing. <Bolin’s interview starts at 44:30>THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #213 (1/15/16): Booker T makes his first appearance on the show. The bit of the show is about his Reality of Wrestling federation, but thankfully it quickly shifts into his career overview. They talk about Global, how Sid Vicious helped him so much, the name Harlem Heat, breaking Steve Austin’s hand, the grocery store fight, the power of the spinaroonie, his team with Goldust, coming into the WWE locker room, not getting back in the ring, that famous promo on Hulk Hogan, his best of 7 series with Chris Benoit, why he retired, and more. Booker is nothing if not boisterous and this if a fun listen. <Booker’s interview starts at 4:57>THUMBS UP

MSL & Sullivan Show #16 (1/15/16): Some big news to start, as MSL and Sullivan break the news that Jim Ross will be the new host of New Japan on AXS, replacing Mauro Ranallo and teaming with Josh Barnett (JR has said they have erroneous information, at least as of this writing). Then we move onto a review of the second hour of the 8/19/96 Nitro, where Sullivan casually drops an amazing story of being in a deposition with Jerry McDevitt. Then we close out with the mailbag, where someone actually asks about “Surfer” Ray Odyssey and Bob Mould. Very fun show. THUMBS UP