Welcome to WWE Main Event and my first ever review here on Voices of Wrestling! This show features the elusive Heath Slater, and the last ever appearance of Brad Maddox.

Adam Rose and Brad Maddox vs The Usos

WWE Main Event is a interesting little bubble within WWE, where wrestlers that haven’t appeared on RAW and SmackDown for months show up weekly. You also see new characters and teams being tested before making their RAW debut or being scrapped. Here we have full heel Adam Rose, who has shown up elsewhere, such as NXT: but here, HE is the star and gets the opportunity to cut his weekly Main Event promo. If you haven’t seen heel Adam Rose, I implore you to either watch his work here or on last week’s show. His promos feel authentic, so much so that you feel guilty in yourself that he isn’t a major star. It’s your fault. If a promo can make this ridiculous business feel real, even for a moment, it’s a damn good promo.

Also, Brad Maddox is here! This is the last we’ll see from Maddox in WWE as he was fired for things he said before a dark match last year. WWE could never seem to find a place for Maddox and I have trouble finding that possible, I’m a massive fan of Maddox, both in ring and on mic, and I could fantasy book him all day. This team works fantastically, as two guys that have great potential, but are underappreciated and underused. Then again, you could probably make a huge stable out of guys in the same situation. The Usos are lively, but uninteresting: same old.

Of course, the scrappy team of Rose and Maddox are made to look like utter fools and The Usos hit all their signature spots with ease. While there isn’t much in the way of impressive maneuvers, the psychology shown, especially by Maddox, is enjoyable at least. Rose regains control thanks to a bit of sneaky business and taunts the crowd with “Look where we are now!”. Yeah, look. Real impressive. Inevitably, Jey gets the hot tag and comes in with the usual Uso fire, I’ll admit it’s fun but nothing new. They’re really trying to spark some kind of Superkick Party but come on, there’s no way. Jey gets the win with the Samoan Splash.

Recommended: It’s your first and last chance to see Braddox’s new character! Also, Byron Saxton has a voice crack at the end.

Naomi vs Alicia Fox

Last week, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch main evented Main Event and it was GREAT! I don’t hate these two, but it’s obvious that this is about the Diva’s revolution malarky, which no one is a fan of. I especially think Fox has tons of potential, her Northern Lights suplex is a thing of beauty and her hair is RAD. Naomi has her colour changing boots: truly the Jericho’s jacket of this generation. Commentary talks about how important this match will be after the dust settles between Paige and Charlotte and a new contender is needed. Little do they know that this match is worthless and WWE will just repeat that match instead of looking for a fresh opponent for Charlotte.

This is actually a fun competition of one upmanship between two competitors that just want to see who is better, rather than it revolving around some generic, bitchy feud the women are always thrown into. Cool moves all round as well, as Naomi hits a monkey flip in the corner, but Fox lands on her feet and Team BAD and Brie bask in her athleticism. They go on to have a great little chain wrestling sequence, taking turns coming out on top and showing off for the crowd. Naomi hits the embarrassing corner butt wiggle thing (Which prompts the classic: “Naomi is having some fun!” even though Cole isn’t here), but immediately redeems it with a glorious spike DDT! After a excellent back and forth, Naomi taps out Alicia with the Slay-O-Mission (Headscissors Crucifix Choke).

Absolutely Recommended: A sneaky great women’s match!? Make sure to catch this if you’re a fan of either of these two. Without a doubt better than any RAW Diva match recently, and probably for a long time.

Titus O’Neil vs Heath Slater

That’s right, Slater Gator explodes right here on Main Event. Anyone remember Slater Gator? Hilarious and charismatic duo a hundred times better than Prime Time Players, and I don’t even dislike Darren Young.

Last week on Main Event, Sandow defeated Slater, and the One Man Band became the WWE’s prince of all jobbers. Here he faces another massive jobber, hoping for an upset victory. Titus tosses Heath around the ring like he’s trash, which is fun because Titus isn’t normally in the position of a dominant powerhouse; not in a long time anyway. His last, and maybe only, entertaining run was down in NXT, where he was transformed into a deep, powerful character that made a fool of  Sami Zayn, of all people. This match doesn’t quite recreate that, but it’s always a fun dynamic regardless.

As amusing as it is to see Titus wreck house, it’s even more entertaining and almost bizarre when Slater gets his scrappy underdog comeback. On Main Event, more or less everything has no consequence, so why not let both competitors have an equal match, despite their position in the company? Anyway, Titus hits a nice sequence to regain control (not quite his legendary hot tag level, but still nice) and hits a catch Clash of the Titus for the win after Slater goes for a ill advised flying nothing from the top rope.

Can’t recommend this one, but it was short and sweet. Hey, two out of three ain’t bad at all!

Final Thoughts: If you have the time, definitely check out the women’s match from this show, and maybe the Maddox match if you’re feeling sentimental.