I’m not going to do reviews of the podcasts I missed this week, since a few of them were Survivor Series reviews, but I heartily recommend the Jericho interviews with Raven and Konnan.

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They said it…

  • “Brandon is cool, Low Ki’s a dick.” – Konnan, relaying something Homicide once said about the dual nature of Low Ki.
  • “He’s a little bit of Nathan Lane, he’s a little bit of Phillip Seymour Hoffman when he played Capote.” – Jim Ross, describing his technique for impersonating Jim Barnett. In case you were curious.
  • “These bloodlines are more muddy than the Plantagenets.” – Dennis Miller (who else?), recounting one of his more arcane Monday Night Football lines
  • “I have seen him just literally decapitate them from time to time.” – Del Wilkes on Stan Hansen’s lariat, and also outing Hansen as a murderer
  • “While Vince doesn’t like to think he is, Vince is really an emotional slob.” – Jerry Jarrett on Vince McMahon

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop #74 (11/28/15): A stripped down show sees Karl sit down with both Christopher Daniels and Matt Taven. Well, in theory, as Taven only says about three sentences on the show, which Daniels even remarks on. That’s not a problem, as Daniels is an entertaining guest and has some good stories about Michinoku Pro, sponsors, teaming with Bryan Danielson, and getting hugs from Tomohiro Ishii. Tama Tonga also shows up and sounds high as a kite. Good times and I can’t wait for part 2. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin Show #277 (12/1/15): Mick Foley is here to expound on his recent Facebook posts concerning his frustrations with the WWE. He and Steve go over a lot of Foley’s points, mainly that the creative environment is too stifling and wrestlers have to be given opportunities to fail. I can’t say any of this is wrong, but it’s not revelatory either. There’s a lengthy aside about Vader that’s a lot of fun and reminds how good of an interview Foley can be. Just make sure you get the version that runs 1:28:35, as an earlier version just repeated the first half of the interview after the mid show break. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

MLW Radio #204 (12/1/15): Court and Konnan are back to discuss all manner of things: the career of Low Ki, Tyson Fury, AJ Styles injuries, Shinsuke Nakamura’s prospects in America, Zack Sabre Jr, Wrestlemania prospects, Sika freaking out at Wrestlemania, Lana’s return, Brad Maddox’s release, the Road Dogg writing Smackdown, the Nasty Boys being jerks, the lost WCW lucha show, and a lot more. Solid discussion on current events, but the stories both tell (including one from Court I won’t spoil) really make the show. THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #94 (12/2/15): It’s part 1 of Jim’s much ballyhooed interview with Kevin Sullivan. They talk about working with Dusty Rhodes in Florida, being a monster as a shorter wrestler, Jim Barnett, his Australian territory, and how he saved televised wrestling, Gary Hart, Mark Lewin, the Undertaker, the Varsity Club gimmick, creative freedom, and a lot more. Thankfully they stick to old school wrestling, and not too much on the contemporary product. Sounds like the more salacious stories are coming up in next week’s part 2. <Sullivan’s interview starts at 21:58> THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #200 (12/2/15): For his 200th show, Jericho talks to…Dennis Miller? OK. Dennis, to his credit, has certainly had an eclectic career, and he and Chris discuss his influences, getting hired for Saturday Night Live, his approach to the Weekend Update role, how he got the Monday Night Football gig, his thoughts on showbiz, hosting the MTV Music Awards, some political talk, and how he met his wife. Miller is a strange choice for a 200th guest (Jericho makes it out to be a big get for his show), but he’s had a varied career and some interesting stories. Please note I remember Miller from SNL, this may not have as much resonance for younger fans. Jericho also does a victory lap recounting the past 200 shows, and again you can’t deny he’s had some impressive guests. <Miller’s interview starts at 15:21> THUMBS UP

Bauer & Pollock (12/2/15): The show kicks off with an extended segment (almost a half hour) on the new programming added to the WWE Network and what the WWE could learn from it. They then shift into the usual current events, including Tommy Dreamer’s return, possible Wrestlemania directions, Randy Orton’s neck problems, AJ Styles back injury, the taxing style of Japan, WWE’s interest in Shinsuke Nakamura, Wrestle Kingdom, NOAH, AAA’s new book you can’t buy, Brad Schwartz’s recent interview, some MMA discussion, and more. A good show, even with the sneaker talk. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #279 (12/3/15): Everybody, here comes 2 Cold Scorpio! Scorp finally joins Colt to talk his career. There’s not a lot on WCW and WWF, but a good deal of time is spent on Scorpio getting into wrestling and making his way through the brutal dojo system in New Japan and how Chris Benoit helped him out. Thankfully Colt does touch upon his infamous WCW skit, as well as his approach to creativity in the ring and fear of a 9-to-5 job. Not a grand slam, but an enjoyable enough interview. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #278 (11/19/15): Del “The Patriot” Wilkes makes his return to the show. Unlike his last appearance on episode #232, which only dealt with his addiction battles, this one is all about his in-ring career. Oddly, just like the 2 Cold Scorpio appearance on the Art of Wrestling, they touch briefly on WCW and WWF, but a good chunk of the show is centered around his time in Japan. They talk about the work style, travel, language differences, and stories about Stan Hansen, Giant Baba, Vader, Steve Williams, Terry Gordy, and more. A very good show, especially if you were a fan of All Japan in the 90’s. THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

The Jim Cornette Experience #105 (12/3/15): Longtime Memphis promoter Jerry Jarrett joins the program. They start, surprisingly, with a discussion on working for Vince McMahon, his emotional state, and living in Stamford. Then they move onto the good stuff, with subjects like the scaffold match, working with outside stars, the Fargo brothers, the Tupelo concession stand brawl, Vince Russo, Georgia wrestling, Jim Barnett, and more. I expected more from this – Jarrett has some good stories, but he really tends to meander, and the Russo bashing is just beyond played out by now. <Jarrett’s interview starts at 16:38>>THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

WOOOOO!™ Nation #31 (12/3/2015): Ric and Conrad had a big guest planned, but it fell through, so they called up PWInsider’s Mike Johnson to talk some news. Flair comes across totally in the tank for the WWE, accusing Mick Foley is Monday morning quarterbacking and of only judging the final product (instead of being backstage while the show is being put together, like Ric was). Johnson attributes the plummeting ratings to the different ways people are consuming media, which Conrad thankfully challenges. Then they transition to a mailbag segment with some fun old-school questions, although Johnson stays on the line and doesn’t say anything, which is fairly odd. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #201 (12/4/15): Becky Lynch sits down with Jericho during a Mexico tour. They cover her story of getting into wrestling and quitting for seven years, and her detours into stunt work, being a flight attendant, personal training, and going to clown school (!). Then they loop back into getting signed by WWE, NXT, the Four Horsewoman, and getting the call to the main roster. Becky is immensely likable and has quite a story, but be warned: don’t set up any kind of drinking game around the number of puns on the show – you’ll end up in AA by the end. <Lynch’s interview starts at 15:11>THUMBS UP

MSL & Sullivan Show #10 (12/4/15): MSL & Kevin open the show with a discussion of Europe and combat sports, political correctness in wrestling stemming from the Bard Maddox release, a history lesson on Smokey Mountain Wrestling, the returns of Lana and Tommy Dreamer, The League of Nations, and more. Then they cover the back half of Hog Wild, which includes the history of powder in wrestling, booking the Steiners to do jobs, and evil referees. The usual mailbag has a great story about a crazy angle where Sullivan slapped Luna Vachon in Florida. It’s a credit to the series that there hasn’t been one episode that hasn’t been at least very good. THUMBS UP