November is all but finished and here at Voices of Wrestling, that means Match of the Month time!

If you aren’t familiar with our process for Match of the Month, please check out our previous month’s lists at

The goal of this project is to prepare people for Voices of Wrestling’s Match of the Year poll at the end of the year and ensure that nobody is left out in the dark on the best pro wrestling, no matter where in the world it happened.

The basic process is matches are nominated by VOW staff members and fans of the site. All of these matches are then entered into a database for use in H2H voting done again by VOW staff, fans and anyone else who finds the link.

This voting system gives you two matches at a time to vote on. You choose which match you thought was better or pass if you aren’t familiar with the matches. (The goal here is to make yourself familiar with both matches if you aren’t already).

Once you’re done voting for that H2H matchup, two other matches are selected at random. When it’s all said and done, matches are ranked by how many H2H matchups they won.

Please list at least one of your Matches of the Month below and please specify in what wrestling promotion the match occurred and the date of the match. If a match receives three nominations it will automatically be added to our voting pool.

Last but not least, we’ve had some questions over the last few months about what matches count in which month. If the match AIRED in November or took place in November , it counts for November. For Match of the Year purposes, we’ll use the actual match date but in the case of Match of the Month air-date with suffice.

That’s all for now… get to nominating!

Nominations will be accepted until Wednesday, December 2 at 5pm EST