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They said it…

  • “I understood the gift of the exhibitional nature of the business.” – Marc Lowrance on kayfabe
  • “It’s a little bit like Menudo, when they used to throw them out at 18. Now we can through them out at 60.” – Doc McGhee, on the possibility of replacing the members of KISS
  • “I wouldn’t manage G n’ R, because they were…I already had three heroin addicts, I didn’t need five more.” – Doc McGhee, on not adding Guns n’ Roses to his stable
  • “That’s why I’m on heart medication.” – Dean Malenko on being an agent for Chris Jericho matches

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop #71 (11/7/15): Back with the same huge crew of Rocky, Doc, Karl, AJ, Tama, Matt Stryker, Even Bourne, and maybe some more. The show is the same chaos as last week, but it’s channeled in a much more positive way then last week. Doc retells the story where a window washer peeks on Doc, um, in the act, which leads to a lengthy discussion of self-pleasure. AJ also flips out over politics. Good times. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin Show #273 (10/27/15): Steve sits down with former World Class announcer Marc Lowrance to discuss all things WCCW. He talks about how he got into the business, meeting Fritz Von Erich, gaining acceptance as an outsider, the territories’ hot period, all the tragedies, stories about Gary Hart, Bronco Lubich, & Skandor Akbar, why the territories can return, leaving wrestling, and a lot more. When I saw the description I wasn’t sure if this was Steve’s attempt to recreate Ric Flair’s show witb David Manning, but Lowrance is a completely honest and Austin is very thorough in his questioning. Excellent show. THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #91 (11/10/15): TNA’s Abyss is the guest this week. They talk about his college education, getting into wrestling, working in Puerto Rico and how Dutch Mantell helped his career, getting into TNA, choosing to stay with the company over jumping to the WWE, why he wrestles the hardcore style, working with Sting and Hulk Hogan, comparisons to Mick Foley, TNA’s possible woes (which he blames on the negativity on social media), and more. Abyss is a really well spoken guy and you want to root for him, even after questionable choices like staying in TNA over working the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Ross also spends an inordinate amount of time on Sting’s WrestleMania performance, even though the interview appeared to be taped 6 months later. <Abyss’ interview starts at 27:42> THUMBS UP

WOOOOO!™ Nation #28 (11/12/2015): Ric’s on tour with the WWE in Europe (and even talks to Kane off camera), so rather than a guest they break out the mailbag again. Ric and Conrad blast through seemingly a hundred questions in short order, including questions on Ron Garvin, Tommy Rich, Ricky Morton, Jimmy Snuka, Haku, Sting, Bob Backlund, Barry Whindam, Evolution, and a lot more. These mailbag shows are always fun, although the audio was still terrible at points. THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #192 (11/11/15): Aboard the KISS Cruise, Jericho sits down with the band’s manager Doc McGhee. He talks about how he hooked up with the band, some downright insane Ace Frehley stories, discovering Motley Crue, the Crue actually biting Eddie Van Halen, managing James Brown back in the day, organizing the Moscow Peace Festival, and a lot more. Doc has some great stories and this is Jericho’s best music show yet. It was taped in front of a crowd on the cruise, but outside of some applause you won’t notice the difference. <McGhee’s interview starts at 18:40> THUMBS UP

Bauer & Pollock (11/11/15): The dynamic duo are back to discuss the comings and goings in the world of wrestling, including the WWE World title tournament, Alberto Del Rio working in Puerto Rico but not AAA, Genichiro Tenryu’s retirement, the status of Evolve, Jim Ross trying out a post-WrestleMania-post-Raw live show, Lucha Underground, and an update on Jerry Jarrett’s possible new promotion. Court also mispronounces “Laserdiscs” as “laser dicks,” much to the delight of the juvenile worldwide. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #202 (11/12/15): A few days late due to travel, Court and Konnan discuss Konnan’s middle name, Alberto’s new gimmick, ADR not returning to drop the Mega title, the World title tournament (I actually like the idea of putting the belt up at the Rumble), Walemania remembrances, Lucha Underground Season 2, Rich Swan, and a lot more. Again, the show benefits from being noteworthy in regards to Alberto Del Rio and AAA, but the absence of MSL is becoming more apparent. The show is also moving to Tuesday nights, which is understandable since it allows them to tackle Monday Night Raw in a timely manner, but also places them firmly in the busiest podcast day of the week. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #276 (11/12/15): This week Colt is joined by Gene Snitsky (who sounds alarmingly like Kevin Owens with a head cold). The interview starts off slow, talking foot fetishes and Gene’s time in football. Things pick up when they discuss Gene’s time in wrestling, from working with the Patriot gimmick to touring the world right off the bat. The WWE discussion is especially interesting, as his frustration is palpable, and while his opinion of himself may be a little inflated, his passion comes through. Colt himself doesn’t seem sure what to make of this one in the intro, but give it time to warm up and it’s an interesting listen by the end. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Steve Austin – Unleashed #272 (11/12/15): Steve talks to Wade Keller, not about a pay-per-view, but rather about the current state of the business, including Seth Rollins’ injury, booking Roman Reigns, WrestleMania plans, plummeting ratings, and Ronda Roussey’s upcoming fight. Steve also doubles down on not working WrestleMania, even after all the recent injuries. If you’re a regular Torch subscriber I’m sure none of this will be terribly revelatory, but Wade and Austin continue to have great chemistry, and while there are no amazing insights, it is a fun discussion about modern wrestling. THUMBS UP

The Jim Cornette Experience #102 (11/12/15): No guest this week, which is never a good sign. Instead, Jim and Alice celebrate their millionth download, plug Jim’s projects, talk Seth Rollins’ injury, the dearth of World Champions, guns, and a looooong segment trashing Republicans. Jim pays tribute to Don Fargo in a nice segment, but it’s not enough to save this show. >THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho #195 (11/13/15): On the ten year anniversary of Eddie Guerrero’s passing, Jericho meets up with Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko to remember their fallen friend. What follows is almost 2 hours of stories and anecdotes about their fallen friend, everything from jumping to the WWE, life on the road, fights, winning the WWE title, and just why Eddie was so good and resonated with the fans. A funny and heartfelt tribute. I believe this is the first time Dean Malenko has been on a podcast before, but you always hear people talk about how funny he is, and it really shines through here. THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

MSL & Sullivan Show #7 (11/13/15): KS and MSL are back to talk about a show Kevin attended in Toledo, which spins off into a discussion of how to assemble a roster, building characters, and the structure of the WWE World title tournament. Then they segue into the 8/5/96 Nitro, including a lot on the booking of Medusa and Malia Hosaka (how Sullivan remembers any of this is a mystery), and then an extended mailbag, including a listener who apologizes to her boyfriend for forgetting their anniversary, which is likely a first for podcasts. Some technical difficulties cut the show short, but it’s still an enjoyable listen. THUMBS UP