While the following news could be considered breaking news, it is more appropriately referred to as the most recent item in a developing story. A story that has been developing since June, and possibly even before that.

Late this evening, WWNLive’s Gabe Sapolsky tweeted out the news: NXT Superstar Sami Zayn will be appearing for EVOLVE Wrestling this weekend in New York. The events, EVOLVE 49 & 50, take place Saturday and Sunday, with more info being available at DGUSA.tv.

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This news comes just a few weeks after UFC fighter turned pro wrestling prospect Matt Riddle was announced for this weekend’s EVOLVE events, also. Riddle, who has been looked at by WWE in the past, showing up for EVOLVE drew a lot of attention, as well as questions. He isn’t the typical talent EVOLVE showcases, but with WWE pushing the idea of Riddle working for EVOLVE, the match was made. There are a lot of moving parts in the WWNLive & WWE working relationship, but how deep the relationship goes is still unknown on the outside. The news sent the DGUSA/EVOLVE website offline shortly after, and as of this writing, the site has not returned online. Here were some of the reactions on Twitter following the news:


Sami Zayn won’t be wrestling on the EVOLVE Wrestling events this weekend, but is set to appear on both shows. In what capacity? We will have to wait to find out. We reached out to EVOLVE & WWNLive’s Gabe Sapolsky, but didn’t hear back. You can catch the shows at DGUSA.tv.

Back in June, Rob McCarron & Jeff Hawkins of Shake Them Ropes discussed rumors swirling of Gabe Sapolsky and WWNLive working with WWE / NXT. We talked what it could mean for talent, EVOLVE, and locking up talents for wrestling and merchandise reasons.

If more information breaks in this developing story, catch the Voices of Wrestling and Shake Them Ropes podcasts for more discussion on the ever changing world of pro wrestling in the United States. You can discuss this news, as well as this weekend’s EVOLVE events in general, by visiting the Voices of Wrestling forums!