We’re onto week three of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and the shows are beginning to get a little repetitive. Let’s see if NXT will mix it up.

September 16, 2015
Watch: WWE Network

Tyler Breeze vs. Adam Rose

This is not the Adam Rose we all knew, apparently we took a big poop on that. Rose is now the Party Pooper, apparently.

Bull Dempsey comes out before the match gets going wearing a brand new Bull-Fit t-shirt that’s just a little too small and no pants. He’s interested in fighting Tyler Breeze after last week’s unpleasentness between them. Dempsey asked Rose to let him have his fight with Breeze, and Rose pooped all over that idea. Dempsey put a little beat down on Rose and Breeze snuck in a few cheap shots before hightailing it. No matches, but a new gimmick for Rose and a little story progression for Dempsey and Breeze.

Rose’s new gimmick is going to make for some great commentary moments. We had our first one when Corey Graves said that “Adam Rose is just out here pooping on everybody.”

So that should be fun.

After a couple of commercials (that weren’t during matches), Breeze gives a promo to his selfie stick to accept Dempsey’s challenge for next week.

Tye Dillinger vs. Danny Birch

Tye Dillinger is buying into his gimmick more and more, unfortunately for his life outside the ring that means he’s looking more and more ridiculous outside of it.

Unfortunately for Dillinger’s opponent, Danny Birch, he was not afforded an entrance and that doesn’t bode well for his chances.

Dillinger is starting to get some momentum with the Perfect 10 gimmick — as a heel he performs average wrestling moves and poor cartwheels and then celebrates them as perfection. And as a heel, his simple knee to the side of the head works as a finisher for a heelish Perfect 10 gimmick. Dillinger won easily, as expected. I’ll give lots of extra respect to the jobber who doesn’t mock the Perfect 10 celebration after performing one move, though.

After a placeholder promo from Baron Corbin and Rhyno, Asuka got her first proper teaser vid. She debuts next week.

Apollo Crews vs. Solomon Crowe

Both guys got an entrance and they opened the match with a handshake.

The good news is that Apollo Crews can be the face in peril with reason now since Solomon Crowe has a little bit of name value, if only a little.

Crews asked for another handshake after some back and forth chain wrestling which was denied by Crowe. Crews took the offensive and knocked Crowe out of the ring. As Crews followed up with a baseball slide, Crowe pulled the apron out and hammered on Crews who was wrapped up in the apron — the first “hacking” that I’ve seen from the Crowe character.

Crews took control back and hit his Gorilla-press-standing-moonsault combo for the win. I love Crews and can’t wait to see him wrestle a Takeover-level match, but his mouthful of a finisher is a little too reminiscent of the Ultimate Warrior for my tastes.

Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano got a short promo after the match to respond to Corbin and Rhyno. They want everyone to know that their victory wasn’t a fluke and that they belong in NXT.

Unfortunately, after the Ciampa and Gargano promo, Emma and Dana Brooke got promo time. Emma, as usual, was serviceable on the mic, and Brooke, as usual, was like Nikki Bella in slow motion on the microphone.

Kyle Edwards gave us a recap of the Rhodes invitational that included the advancements of the Vaudvillains, the Hype Bros and Blake and Murphy. Can we get a two-sided bracket, though?

Rhyno and Baron Corbin vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

The newcomers and the remaining NXT odd couple are the first quarterfinal match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament. Ciampa and Gargano have matching gear this week, so props to them.

Ciampa brought the heat to start the match — he hits like a guy much larger than he is. Ciampa and Gargano kept control of the match and performed a series of dives to the outside on both Rhyno and Corbin. The newcomers made Corbin look surprisingly vulnerable, so apparently a lot of the Corbin mythos is gone after the Samoa Joe match, which is probably for the best.

Corbin eventually got the tag and got his awesome-looking spinning sidewalk slam in. That move should obviously be his finisher, but alas, it remains a self-Rock Bottom. Right after the sidewalk slam, however, we went to commercial.

As we know, there’s no (good) reason for NXT to cut to commercial in the middle of a match on a one hour program. All of their matches are short enough to stick any commercials they might want in between them. Stop it, NXT. Stop it.

Corbin continued the beat down after the match before getting the hot tag to Gargano who had a nice run of offense against Corbin — it was probably the third or fourth most vulnerable Corbin has been in NXT. Rhyno came in and the match briefly turned into a schmozz. The ensuing chaos resulted in a near fall for Gargano, but Corbin got the advantage and hit the End of Days for the win.

After the match the Vaudvillians told JoJo how much winning the Dusty Rhodes Invitational would mean to them. Blake and Murphy and Bliss showed up to invoke their rematch clause for next week.

Bayley vs. Sarah Dobson

Bayley’s back! Her new (awesome) thing is to take a lap during her entrance on the crowd’s side of the security barricade and she spent a special moment in the ring with her “biggest fan” Izzy. I think there are corners of the internet that would disagree with that assessment. I hope she doesn’t do this entrance every time, however, because this is taking FOREVER.

This whole time Bayley’s opponent, Sarah Dobson, has been standing in ring, waiting. No entrance at all for her.

Dobson got some good offense in early that included a rolling guillotine. Bayley took control after escaping the hold and hit the Bayley to Belly shortly thereafter to win the match. Sayonara, Sarah.

Sasha Banks came out just as Bayley was about to take the microphone. Thunderous applause ensued. Surprisingly, Banks came to congratulate Bayley and talk up their match as the match of the year and the best women’s match the company has ever seen. Banks seemed to legitimately choke up talking about what they accomplished at Takeover: Brooklyn, and she isn’t wrong — at least on the second point.

After all the glad handing, of course the rematch came up. Both parties are game for it, but Banks doesn’t want to do it tonight or next week, she wants to do it on a big stage. In a great back-and-forth promo, Banks says she wants to beat Bayley “again and again and again and again.”

William Regal comes out to make it official – we’ll have Sasha Banks vs. Bayley at Takeover on October 7 in both the main event and a 30 minute iron (wo)man match. The two competitors shake hands to close the show – this match is going to be great.

Final Thoughts: This was a good hour of television. Certainly not the pinnacle of NXT, but the best hour of WWE programming you’ll see this week (unless you watch The New Day on Table for 3).