Shake Them Ropes
September 8, 2015
Episode 104

Rob McCarron & Jeff Hawkins return with Shake Them Ropes #104, asking our Twitter followers to explain the Rusev-Dolph situation as if we were 5 years old. Twitter comes through, and we have those responses tonight. Plus, the 10-man tag main event from WWF Canadian Stampede featuring the Hart Foundation’s return to Calgary is our Top 100 Match of the week, and we’ll dive into the highlights from this week’s WWE Raw as well. It’s a fun, concise show for your week!

00:00-02:30: Jeff fails miserably
02:30-03:00: Jeff doesn’t have Sirius
03:00-06:00: Total Divas reaches TMZ
06:00-12:00: New Linear Champion
12:00-13:00: Sting in Baltimore?
13:00-21:00: Will Charlotte beat Nikki?
21:00-30:00: Seth Rollins dominates Raw
30:00-34:00: ELI5 – Rusev-Lana-Dolph-Summer
34:00-37:00: Night of Champions card
37:00-38:30: Kevin Owens on Stone Cold Podcast
38:30-43:00: WWE Supercard
43:00-52:00: Canadian Stampede 1997

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