Ring of Honor
Episode 205
August 26, 2015

Coming out of Field of Honor, it’s now time for Ring of Honor to start the build toward September 19s All-Star Extravaganza pay-per-view. The show will be centered around Bobby Fish’s shot at the ROH World Television Championship and Kyle O’Reilly’s shot at the ROH World Championship, both likely to be against Jay Lethal. For now, it’s time for the rest of the card to take shape.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino opened the show on commentary by welcoming Corino back after his suspension for confronting BJ Whitmer, assuring us that issue is over, and informing us that tonight’s main event is Future Shock vs. The Addiction for the titles.

Bloodbound Warriors (Grey Wolf & Red Scorpion) vs. The Briscoes

Grey Wolf & Red Scorpion are two outrageously muscular dudes covered in face paint who look like they were transported from late 80s WWF. The Briscoes did everything they possibly could in this match. They bumped all over the place to put over the offense of the Bloodbound Warriors and were also responsible for all the high spots. Jay and Mark made the match watchable and that was probably the best that could be done. Ultimately, it was a slightly glorified squash.

The important thing was continuing to build up The Briscoes in the tag division. They will have an open challenge at All-Star Extravaganza and presumably a title shot in the near future. *1/2

Continuing the theme of his promos from ROH TV two weeks ago and at Field of Honor, Adam Page came out to confront Jay Briscoe. Briscoe doesn’t even know who Adam Page is but he offered to fight him anyway. However, BJ Whitmer, who has clearly been a huge influence on VOW’s Joe Lanza, told Briscoe to “pump the brakes.” Instead, we’ll get Page vs. Briscoe next week on ROH TV.

In addition to that match, in a pre-taped promo, Jay Lethal hypes his match next week against Hanson for the ROH World TV Championship.

Donovan Dijak vs. Roderick Strong

In two weeks, on ROH TV, Strong will get a rematch against Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship. On his road to that, he has to go through another member of the House of Truth. Dijak was badly exposed at Final Battle against Mark Briscoe but showed improvement at Field of Honor. He was also improved in this match. Strong worked most of the match from underneath and Dijak was capable, if not overwhelming, while controlling the match. He perhaps got too much offense. But Roddy got it going and did his usual sequence of moves to finish, ending with the double knee gutbuster and Sick Kick. Roddy always works so hard that it’s difficult to not at least admire his matches. Dijak still has a way to go but he’s definitely on the right path.

Lethal joined the rest of the House of Truth after the match to attack Roderick Strong in advance of their title match. But Strong was able to create enough space before War Machine joined him to clear the ring. **3/4

The Inside Ring of Honor segment with Mandy Leon focused on Kyle O’Reilly getting a ROH World Title shot at All-Star Extravaganza and the Strong/Lethal rematch. O’Reilly continued his career-long streak of awkward promos. I like him as a competent challenger but I do not think that’s the way to go with the main title. Luckily, O’Reilly was scheduled to do what he does best in the main event.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match – Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. The Addiction

ROH is really building up their television episode two weeks from now. In addition to Strong/Lethal, the winner of this match will face The Young Bucks on that show. I was looking forward to this matcb but it greatly fell short of my expectations. It started as a slow but decent television-style match. Once the teams started to heat up, there was a really goofy spot where each of the four competitors had each other in a submission hold at the same time. But the silliness wouldn’t end there.

The Kingdom made their way to the ring and within two minutes, Frankie Kazarian tapped out to a cross arm breaker and was pinned for more than three seconds. But Todd Sinclair missed both. Once Adam Cole finally saw that Maria was trying to ensure that Future Shock lost the match, he chased her to the back and left O’Reilly to the receiving end of Celebrity Rehab.

Afterward, The Young Bucks, The Addiction, and The Kingdom all ended up in the ring. Superkicks were landed. The show went off the air with the Bucks standing tall, waiting for their title show in two weeks. **

Final Thoughts: This episode did nothing to build toward All-Star Extravaganza but there is still time for that. It did, however, lay the groundwork for the next two weeks of television. I’m not sure any episode of ROH TV has done that since I started reviewing it for this site. That’s an unqualified positive. But there’s nothing on this show you need to see. I would particularly suggest you skip the main event. Despite that, I’m excited for next week. I’m not sure that Adam Page vs. Jay Briscoe is going to be a great match but it seems so out of left field that I’m interested to see where it goes.