Shake Them Ropes
August 25, 2015
Episode 102

Sheet Sandwich’s Les Moore & Sealia Bloom join Rob & Jeff to discuss all things WWE. Topics include: Sting’s return, Divas Revolution and the Brooklyn crowd, Sasha Banks in NXT vs WWE, Braun Strowman’s debut, how Sheet Sandwich came about and more. Plus, CJ Parker goes from NXT to NJPW, while Jushin Liger goes from NJPW to NXT. All that and more on a fun edition of Shake Them Ropes!

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00:00-02:00: Support STR on Amazon!
02:00-04:00: Wade Barrett Updates Twitter
04:00-05:30: CJ Parker to NJPW & Jushin Liger in NXT
05:30-09:00: Barrett movie & His Run on NXT
09:00-18:00: Sting returns
18:00-18:30: Les Moore & Sealia Bloom Guest Star
18:30-66:00: Les & Sealia on Sting, Divas, Sasha Banks
66:00-78:00: Undertaker vs CM Punk (Match #66)
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