Ring of Honor
Destination America
August 19, 2015
Baltimore, MD

Kevin Kelly opened the show introducing Nigel McGuinness as his broadcast partner for the night, as Steve Corino was off cooling down from his altercation previously with BJ Whitmer.

Silas Young wants those boys.

First, let me say, I love the dynamic of Silas Young’s rivalry with Dalton Castle. Castle, the flamboyant yet skilled star, comes to the ring with his boys before matches. Silas Young, the Last Real Man, of course is not of fan of this behavior. After a particularly fun and lengthy Young vs Castle match, which Dalton won after the Bangarang, a challenge was issued. Silas Young, wanting to put an end to Castle’s corruption of his young boys, issued a challenge to Castle for a match. A final match. If Silas Young can beat Castle, he gets… the boys. That’s right, Silas Young wants those boys. He wants to shape them, mold them, and turn them into men. I only hope he has good intentions on how to do that. The crowd went nuts, after a moment of awkward silence, reacting to Silas’ request. With the crowd chanting, “Silas likes boys,” Dalton’s young boys modestly fanned their current leader while contemplating what their life would be like in the hands of the last, real man.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Bobby Fish at ringside, asking Fish about his #1 contendership to the ROH TV Title. Fish trolled Lethal a bit, saying Jay wouldn’t even make it past War Beard with the title. Jay Lethal, taking issue, came down to confront Jay. Fish yelled that Lethal had too much on his plate, and that title was as good as Fish’s.

Will Ferrara vs Moose

Moose, out with Stokely Hathaway, defeated Will Ferrara with his running spear. A showcase match for Moose, the bout didn’t last long and commentary was focused on putting Moose’ motivations over.

Adam Cole’s heated and poignant words for The Kingdom and Addiction were aired, with Cole stating that while some may question his abilities, Kyle O’Reilly doesn’t. Those abilities will be on display next week when Future Shock challenge The Addiction for the tag titles.

Young Bucks vs Roppongi Vice

If you’ve seen a Young Bucks match anytime in the last year in New Japan Pro Wrestling or PWG, then you’ve already seen this match. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, they just come across quite repetitive for those who follow their matches closely and often. Truly, the Young Bucks are a live show must-see. There is a solid reason why companies want to book these guys, and why fans buy tickets in drove to see them. You can’t get the full experience on television with the Bucks, you have to see them live. So while I may watch five Young Bucks matches on ROH, NJPW, and PWG DVD in a given month, I’d still anticipate seeing them live highly no matter how many superkicks I’ve seen prior. The Young Bucks really have changed wrestling, or at least gotten it back to how it was a couple of decades ago and prior. You want to buy a ticket to see these guys. Like Brock Lesnar or The Rock, seeing them on TV isn’t enough. Guys like Ryback or Dolph Ziggler may be the same live as on TV, but you can’t say that about the Bucks. They’re truly the best tag team all around in pro wrestling right now. Hot take, I know.

As for the match, I love Roppongi Vice. Rocky Romero looks so refreshed after suffering through years of teaming with a stale Alex Kozlov. As for Beretta, well he’s been an intriguing guy ever since trying to work his way past the WWE C-shows onto the main roster. I love this team, and they gel quite well with the Bucks. The Young Bucks got the win with More Bang For Your Buck, but didn’t have time to celebrate their victory.

Immediately after the bell, The Addiction & Chris Sabin ran in and attacked their future ROH Tag Title challengers. Nick Jackson valiantly fought the team off on his own once Matt was taped to the ring cables, but the 3-on-1 disadvantage was too much. The Addiction and Sabin got the better of the Bucks tonight, but will that be the same story once the Bucks get their tag title shot in a fair fight?

Final Thoughts: ROH is a regularly solid hour of TV, but this episode had a bit more ‘oomph’ to it this week as we had strong angles following strong matches with true wrestling personalities. This wasn’t indie guy with black tights vs indie guy with black tights for an hour. It was Christopher Daniels, Young Bucks, Silas Young, Dalton Castle, Beretta, Rocky Romero, and Moose putting on an exciting hour of TV inside the ring and out.