Impact Wrestling on Destination America
Wednesday, August 12
Universal Studios
Orlando, FL

Jeff Jarrett is in charge for the night, with the theme of the show being TNA vs. GFW! The Jarretts opened the show and started with a Global Force Wrestling plug. Jeff Jarrett ran down the different inter-promotional matches for the evening, including Tigre Uno vs. Sonjay Dutt, Awesome Kong vs. Lei’D Tapa, The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Myers as well as the King of the Mountain title being on the line in its namesake match. Eric Young made his way to the ring, ranted for a while and challenged Jarrett to a KotM title match. Jarrett said the KotM title isn’t his title, a TNA title or a GFW title – rather it’s a belt without borders that will be defended anywhere. So tonight five men will compete in what he referred to as the first ever King of the Mountain match in Impact history (untrue). Jarrett said Young is the first official entrant in that match and went to leave but Young jumped him. The Global Force brigade made the save, a bunch of TNA folks came to ringside and a big TNA vs. GFW brawl broke out.

Awesome Kong vs. Lei’D Tapa

Royal Red, Tapa’s manager, hyped up Tapa before the match. It’s a battle of Kong and one of TNA’s failed Kong replacements! Both ladies exchanged shoulder charges for a while with neither showing any give. Kong hit a crossbody to take Tapa off her feet for two. Tapa dropped Kong with a boot for another two. Kong hit a few clotheslines followed by a splash but that wasn’t enough to put Tapa. Tapa hit a fairly impressive Samoan Drop. Kong dropped Tapa with a spinning back fist and a chokeslam but Tapa bailed to the floor. They brawled for a while before they were counted out. Kong slammed Tapa on the ramp after the match. The finish was lame but I enjoyed this for what it was – just two monsters throwing bombs, if in relatively slow motion. You can’t really expect much else from these two in 2015. *1/2

Coming back from break Bobby Roode was in the ring. Roode was upset that he wasn’t in the King of the Mountain match and he was also upset that Spud’s win last week resulted in the TNA exit of his tag team partner Austin Aries. Roode called out Spud and Spud obliged. Spud did not care for Roode’s condescending demeanour and cut a fiery promo about all that he’s achieved over the last eight months including becoming X-Division champion, facing Kurt Angle and defeating Austin Aries. Roode said he can take his aggression out on Spud if he likes and they came to blows. Roode got the better of it and beat the hell out of Spud. I really enjoyed this, mostly because it served entirely as the mission statement for Spud’s character. While I would’ve preferred Roode to get the better of Spud because of a cheap shot of some sort, this is what Spud’s character is all about. No matter what beating he takes, no matter what anybody does to him he’ll pick himself back up and come back for more. Yes he’s an underdog, but he’ll keep coming back and fighting to the end. I’m looking forward to a match between these two.

King of the Mountain Qualifier
Jessie Godderz vs. Lashley

I’m not really sure why these two have to qualify for King of the Mountain while everybody else just got put in the match (it really isn’t all that fair that one of these two had to wrestle twice). They could have aired this later in the show after Galloway was jumped under the pretence that they are fighting to replace him in the match (rather than just having Robbie E placed in there randomly). Lashley dominated for a while before Godderz took control with a hot shot and a dropkick. Jessie worked a gutwrench but Lashley powered out. Lashley hit a German followed by a Belly to Belly but Godderz reversed a Spear into a Powerslam for two. Lashley escaped a Boston Crab attempt and hit a pretty bad looking Spear for the win. This was fairly inoffensive – Lashley is always great and Godderz is pretty solid for his role on the card. **1/4

Drew Galloway, who was supposed to be in the King of the Mountain main event, was attacked and left injured backstage.

EC3 made his way to the ring and talked about what the title meant to him, how it indicated his brilliance and segued to his victory over Matt Hardy last week. EC3 said when he defends the title he defends it in god mode. Matt Hardy came out. Hardy gave EC3 credit for beating him at his own game (which really isn’t saying that much, despite Hardy’s association with Ladder matches his win/loss record isn’t all that impressive) but Hardy said he’s not going away until he beats EC3. EC3 polled the crowd as to whether Hardy should get another title shot but despite their agreement he declined. Tyrus jumped Hardy and EC3 cracked him with the title and walked away. I liked this, Hardy is always solid and EC3 is a tremendous jerk. I question the logic of their first match in a feud being Full Metal Mayhem, but really that’s just TNA for you.

Trevor Lee & Brian Myers vs. The Wolves 

The Wolves controlled the early stages of the match with some double teams including a double suicide dive. Myers pushed Davey off the top and then followed by isolating Edwards. Edwards eventually hit a double huracanrana and made the tag. Richards ran wild and hit a missile dropkick for a nearall. Myers hit a flat liner on Richards, followed by a deadlift German from Lee for two. The Wolves hit Lee with the Alarm Clock followed by the Force of Nature for the win. This was a lot of fun while it lasted but it didn’t last nearly as long as it should have. Lee and Myers looked good from what they had a chance to show. I’d like to see a full match between these four. ***

Tigre Uno vs. Sonjay Dutt

If the entrance music of the Global Force stars is reflective of the music of the promotion then I don’t hold high hopes for it. It was super generic (for some reason they neglected to use Dutt’s superior TNA theme). Dutt hit a neat huracanrana on the floor after rolling across the ring apron. Dutt hit a splash for two before attempting to unmask Tigre. Uno reversed a top rope huracanrana into a roll up for the win. This was comically brief. A shame too because these two could have a really good match together but this never had a chance to be that match. *3/4

TNA King of the Mountain Championship
Lashley vs. Robbie E vs. Chris Mordetzky vs. PJ Black vs. Eric Young

First let’s get the rules out of the way:

In order to win you must become eligible and hang the belt. To become eligible you must score a pinfall or submission. Falls count anywhere. If you are pinned you must spend two minutes in the penalty box.

The winner will also get a shot at EC3 next week. Lashley qualified for the match. Black, Young and Mordetzky were just placed in the match while Robbie E was chosen to replace Drew Galloway, who was also chosen to be in the match but was jumped in the back earlier in the show. Lashley speared and pinned Young immediately. Black then pinned Mordetzky a few seconds later. Robbie pinned Black with a full nelson into a facebuster (which he calls the Boom Drop) shortly after to also become eligible. Lashley pinned Robbie after a spear but Mordetzky and Young’s penalty time was up so they stopped Lashley from climbing. The speed of the falls in this match so far has been implausibly silly.

Mordetzky rolled up Young to also become eligible. Only Young is now ineligible. Robbie E hit a big crossbody off the penalty cage onto Lashley and Mordetzky. Young piledrove Robbie on the steel steps and pinned him. Everybody is eligible. Despite so many people being eligible for so much of the match there’s been remarkably few attempts at trying to climb and win. Mordetzky and Black tried to climb but Lashley pushed over the ladder and speared both of them. Lashley running wild is never not fun. Young pushed Lashley off the ladder and began climbing, Black sprang onto the ladder from the apron and brawled over the belt with Young. In a repeat of the finish of the 2007 King of the Mountain match, Lashley speared Young off the ladder (just like Chris Harris did Christian then) allowing Black to hit a 450 Splash off the ladder on Lashley and hang the belt to win the match.  The story wasn’t as coherent as the Slammiversary match, nor was the match as well executed but it was a decent enough main event nonetheless. Lashley was the only wrestler who had a particularly good showing though. **3/4

Final Thoughts: In fairly typical TNA fashion the idea of a TNA vs. GFW was fine but the execution left a fair bit to be desired. None of the inter-promotional matches felt particularly special or important (even the main event which was assembled as the show progressed). None of them got a lot of time to stand out (Dutt vs. Uno and The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee and Myers in particular) and none of the Global Force wrestlers were given a chance to really shine (even PJ Black was pinned by Robbie E during the main event). Also TNA couldn’t even fully commit to the theme with segments involving EC3 and Hardy as well as Roode and Spud that, while both strong promo segments, could have easily been bumped to next week to give the true focus to getting over the Global Force wrestlers (many of whom are unknown to the audience or their last exposure was as a nothing lower midcard act). This wasn’t a terrible two hours of wrestling, for the most part it was perfectly fine, but it certainly failed in achieving what it primarily should have been set out to do.