Shake Them Ropes
August 12, 2015
Episode 99

Shake Them Ropes is back shaking those copyright ropes. Yeah, we had some youtube trouble lately. But, it’s okay! Takeover is coming soon. SummerSlam is coming soon. We’ll talk what we’re most excited for there, plus Steve Austin vs Triple H in the 3 Stages of Hell match from No Way Out 2001 is out Top 100 match of the week!

You can check out the under the radar WCW Best of Nitro DVD (Volume 3) DVD & Blu-Ray.

00:00-04:00: Intro
04:00-17:00: DMCA’d, San Diego, Jeff leaving?
17:00-19:00: No Internet & Studio DIY
19:00-22:30: Daniel Bryan can’t fight for himself
22:30-27:00: Diva’s Revolution
27:00-35:00: SummerSlam
35:00-44:00: NXT & Takeover
44:00-46:00: New WCW Best of Nitro DVD
46:00-60:00: Austin vs HHH – Match #67

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