Insane Championship Wrestling
Shugs Hoose Party II
The O2 ABC – Glasgow
July 26. 2015

This was ICW’s major show of the Summer and the company had been building the main event for three months. I had some issues with the show but certainly all is not lost.

Kid Fite vs. Joe Hendry

Before the match, we get a promo from James R. Kennedy who is joined in the ring by the entire 55 stable. Joe Hendry’s run of excellent entrances continued, this time with a wonderful version of Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight. The commentators highlighted the fact that Hendry had legitimately suffered a neck injury in a diving accident. Fite worked the neck throughout the match and Hendry managed little offence. While this fit with the story of the legitimate injury, it felt a little like Hendry could have been kept out of the match entirely. Fite picked up a quick win in a pretty ordinary match. I really like both these guys, especially Hendry, but it felt like this one could never get going.

Mikey Whiplash vs. B.T. Gunn

To start, we got an excellent video package outlining the feud between these two so far. The match began with a BT Gunn impersonating Stevie Bot making the entrance allowing Gunn to get the jump on Whiplash. From this point on this match was hard hitting and, mostly, outside of the ring. Gunn and Whiplash made their way up to the production balcony where Gunn was attacked by Jam O’Malley (an old associate of Whiplash). As Gunn fought off O’Malley back down the stairs, Whiplash dived from the balcony in an impressive spot. Back in the ring, Gunn cut Whiplash deeply on the head, before powerbombing Whiplash on a set of steps to pick up the pin. The ending of this match seemed to come from nowhere and I suspect the amount of blood Whiplash was losing expedited the finish. Whiplash cut an, as always, excellent promo where he challenged the NAK to a six-man steel cage match against Legion (Whiplash and the Sumerian Death Squad) at Fear and Loathing in November. This felt more like an angle built around three spots in order to set up the November match. In that light, Whiplash’s blood loss seemed unnecessary.

Sha Samuels vs. Joe Coffey

Joe Coffey’s body paint game was tight here as he went green with purple trunks in an Incredible Hulk homage. Coffey hit a pair of Hulk Busters before a bulldog bringing about a near three count. Samuels got the upper hand for a brief period after some interference from James R. Kennedy before Coffey came roaring back. Coffey hit a sharp missile drop kick before delivering a Delayed German Suplex for the win. The theme of this match was Joe Coffey’s technical ability. It seems a shame that he appears not to be moving toward a title match with Galloway as he has been, for my money, ICW’s top performer in 2015.

Ladder Match for Square Go Title Shot – Dickie Divers vs. Chris Renfrew

Another great video package ran down the feud between ex-NAK member, Dickie Divers and NAK leader, Chris Renfrew. For those not familiar with ICW, the Square Go is ICW’s Royal Rumble-style match allowing the winner to claim a title shot anytime within one year.

This was the prize for the winner here.

Diver came out to a somewhat hostile reception although he continues to suffer from a case of go away heat. Divers did win some of the crowd over by starting the match with a dive from the rope on to Renfrew and Stevie Boy. Renfrew scored the stand out moments in the early stages with a lariat and a nasty backdrop on the ladder. Most wrestling fans have seen multiple versions of ladder matches and could be a little jaded with the concept. In spite of this, both guys worked hard, entertaining here. The advantage swung back to Renfrew when NAK stable mate Kay Lee Ray hit a low blow on Divers. This allowed Renfrew to hit two T-Virus’ (a modified pile driver) to Divers. Renfrew climbed the ladder to claim the title shot. It could be argued that there was a little too much interference here but a) it’s a ladder match and needs some spicing up, b) the ICW crowd are so behind the NAK that they expect run ins and c) no-one really wanted Divers to have a title shot (Sorry, Dickie!).

“Marriage is a big step for man who thinks monogamy is a floorboard colour”

Next up we get the long awaited nuptials between Viper and “International Sex Hero” DCT. Having weddings in wrestling and soap operas never indicates a long happy life together so we were waiting for who would wreck this wedding rather than when it would be wrecked.

Jackie Polo did interrupt the wedding but only to wish DCT the best and supply the rings. So after the vows were exchanged, interspersed with the ICW crowd urging DCT to say ‘no’, the loving couple were pronounced man and wife. Did we just see wrestling wedding history? Would this be the wrestling wedding where two people would…get married?

Of course not. Red Lightning appeared on the screen telling DCT that his wedding gift had just arrived….the 55! Bram took to the ring to attack DCT as the ICW crowd entered into a ‘Fuck TNA’ chant. Bram proceeded to pile drive poor Viper through her own wedding cake. I’m pretty sure that’s not what little girls dream of on their wedding day.

Grado, who was scheduled to face Bram, made his way to the ring and we have our next match.

Bram vs. Grado

Grado was all business from the outset here which included hitting a German Suplex on Bram. As the match made its way to the outside, Grado too most of the punishment including missing a Rolling Slice (Thunder) and banging his head on the concrete floor. Bram then got hold of Grado’s little black bag which looked like it was setting up a thumbtack spot, only to discover it contained hundreds of Skittles. This lead to Bram being dropped onto the Skittles and the ICW crowd chanting ‘Taste the Rainbow’, in what was possibly the best comedy moment of the evening. In the ongoing story of Grado’s more serious, risk taking character, he took a dive off a balcony on to Bram on a table below. Back in the ring, after James R. Kennedy interfered, Joe Coffey came to the ring teasing a potential future match with Bram. This distraction allowed Grado to hit his Wee Boot finisher for the win. This was one of the better matches on this show and I credit that to Grado who took all the risks.

After the match, Grado cut a promo outlining that he wants to be in the main event of Fear and Loathing in November.

Wolfgang vs. Rhyno

Rhyno, returned to ICW to face Wolfgang in a match that had been set up some months back. As was becoming a theme of the evening Wolfie shoulder blocked Rhyno to the outside in the early stages. This provided space for the match’s stand out spot as Wolfgang performed a textbook Swanton to the outside.

Wolfgang was in control at this point but the match itself suffered badly as the second rope gave way. As Wolfgang and Rhyno traded blows in the ring, the NAK’s Stevie Boy came to the ring to provide a distraction as Wolfgang missed with a punch before Rhyno hit his Gore finisher. Again, Stevie Boy interfered lifting Wolfgang’s leg onto the middle rope causing a rope break. As Rhyno pulled Stevie Boy into the ring, we get a second appearance of the night from Kay Lee Ray. The three NAK members beat down Rhyno and in the process attempted to put him through a table. He powered and hit a Spinebuster on Wolfgang. After much kerfuffle, Rhyno power bombed Ray through a table. The match finished with Wolfgang hitting Rhyno with brass knuckles for the win.

Polo Promotions vs. Kenny Williams & Noam Dar

Kenny Williams and Noam Dar were set to team up to face the ICW Tag Team Champions, Polo Promotions in a match I was looking forward to. In a slight departure from his Marty McFly fixation, King came to the ring in a Doc Brown outfit which was quite fetching.

The match began with a brawl before we AGAIN got interference from the 55 which resulted in a non-match here.

Drew Galloway vs. Big Damo

This match has been built up since Barramania in April and ICW have done an excellent job in hyping the match up. The highlight of the pre-match build was a one hour documentary on Big Damo which was a fantastic production.

In the opening period of this match it was apparent that the ICW crowd have almost completely turned on Drew Galloway. At various points here he was treated to ‘Fuck TNA’ and ‘3MB’ chants. This crowd are ready to see Galloway lose his title and there was moments, however fleeting, in this match where it looked like that might happen.

Galloway’s chops, clotheslines and dropkicks had no impact on Damo. It looked as if Damo’s claims that Galloway could not get past him may have been true. Big Damo hit a dropkick to which sent Galloway to the outside. Galloway displayed his increasing frustration with the ICW fans reactions to him. Galloway effectively turned Damo face during the match as he began to play the cocky heel- which he does well.

After hitting Big Damo with his Future Shock DDT from the second rope and only picking up a two count, Galloway looked like he was beginning to doubt himself. Damo attempted a single leg dropkick but Galloway avoided causing Damo to take out the referee. Galloway hit a bouncing neck breaker before delivering a curbstomp. With no referee, Galloway could not get a pinfall. Galloway brought a chair from the outside but got caught by Damo. Damo headed to the opposite side of the ring and hit a VanDamoNator on Galloway. As Damo made the cover, a second referee made the three count. Big Damo done an excellent job in getting how important the title was for him.

Unfortunately, things turned sour at this point as Red Lightning, ICW’s General Manager informed the fans that as an unsanctioned refer made the pin, the match would continue. This really feels like a cheapening of what had been a great match. After a chair shot, Galloway sets Damo up for a Tombstone when the lights go out. When the return, Jack Jester was stood in the ring and I had a real sinking feeling. They are joined by Red Lighting. Jester delivered a low blow to Big Damo, allowing Galloway to take advantage with a Future Shock DDT for the win. This match had been built so well but the finish got a huge raspberry from me.

Final Thoughts: ICW has done a super job on basing its storylines on simple emotional narratives. This show deviated from that path a various points, particularly in the main event. This was not a bad show but ICW is not simply gallery of comic book characters, there are some genuinely talented acts there. Over booking matches and one too many run-ins did not give that talent every opportunity to shine here.