Shake Them Ropes
July 22, 2015
Episode 96

We talk Raw. We talk Undertaker. Rob made a new show open. Jeff gets mad at Rob’s new show open. Rob reveals CHIKARA identities that have already been revealed in a desperate ploy for attention. Sheet Sandwich is awesome. It’s a fun show, despite this awful description!

00:00-01:00: New Open!
01:00-07:30: Undertaker is back
07:30-10:30: Diva Revolution
10:30-17:30: The brawl was great, but Owens…
17:30-19:30: Fantasy Booking vs Prognosticating
19:30-24:30: John Cena up top
24:30-36:00: NXT Rebuilding Season
36:00-39:30: NXT vs ROH?
39:30-40:15: Takeover (Spoilers)
40:15-42:00: Takeover (Non Spoilers)
42:00-44:00: Jushin Liger for WWE HOF?
44:00-45:00: Rob reveals Silver Ant
45:00-49:30: July 24 is a crazy day
49:30-68:00: Dusty vs Flair (Starrcade 85)

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