In case you missed it, NXT has a new Champion. In Tokyo, on Saturday, Finn Bálor defeated Kevin Owens for the title on the WWE Network’s Beast In The East special. You can check out a full review of that show here.

Because the show aired live at 5:30a EDT, we were given a replay of the entire match on this episode of NXT, which meant that we only had about 25 minutes of fresh content on the show. That’s alright, as the Owens vs Bálor match was the best thing on the show, even after already seeing it over the weekend.

With the next NXT Takeover being announced for August 22 in Brooklyn, we’re suddenly at a rush to find a direction for the show. Samoa Joe has been building a program with Owens that could theoretically end at Takeover, but Owens figures to have a prominent WWE match the next night at SummerSlam. Would they really have him in a match the night before, let alone a match he should lose? Could we be set for a Bálor vs Owens rematch for the title, instead? We certainly have questions for Takeover, but there is a month left for things to shape up. So what may feel like a rush doesn’t really have to play out as such.

The other big news coming out of tonight’s show was the brief reformation of the BFFs, as Sasha Banks and Charlotte teamed up to take on Emma and Dana Brooke. With Charlotte helping out Sasha tonight, a demand for an NXT Women’s Championship was made. Sasha accepted the challenge, and next week we’ll see Charlotte vs Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship. With Becky Lynch and Bayley out, the latter of which suffering from a broken hand as seen in a taped video, the Women’s division was again put in the hands of the two most prominent competitors around for the last year.

In the ring, three matches took place throughout the show. The aforementioned Sasha Banks & Charlotte vs Dana Brooke & Emma tag team affair opened the show, setting up next week’s title match. Banks & Charlotte got the win when Dana tapped out to Sasha’s Bank Statement.

Marcus Louis, still doing the psycho gimmick, lost to the returning Solomon Crowe via submission to the Stretch Muffler, which has been renamed the Crowe Bar. They played up Solomon’s return, even though he was only ‘away’ for five weeks. I suppose that sounds like a decent amount of time, but it honestly feels like he wasn’t away at all.

The third, and final, match of the night determined the #1 contenders to the tag team championships. Big Cass & Enzo Amoré, embattled in a feud with Blake & Murphy for months, put what seemed to be their destiny on the line against the newly happy-go-lucky Vaudevillains. It didn’t turn out so well for the Tri-State Triad, as Aiden English pinned Enzo by reversing a crossbody into a pinfall. The match itself was nothing special, lasting about ten minutes and acting as a pretty basic, even for NXT, tag team match.

The best match of the night was the replay of Bálor vs Owens for the NXT Title, but the big news of the night was the making of Sasha vs Charlotte next week for the Women’s title, and the fact that we have new top challengers to the tag titles.

To round out the show, in the “other news” category, Jason Jordan finally agreed to tag with Chad Gable, and their debut as a team will take place next week. Also, next week, an update on the rehab of Sami Zayn. Not to mention the women’s title, which makes next week’s show a far bigger deal than this week’s episode turned out to be.

Match Results

  • Sasha Banks (W) & Charlotte def. Dana Brooke (L) & Emma
  • Solomon Crowe def. Marcus Louis
  • Aiden English (W) & Simon Gotch def. Enzo Amoré (L) & Big Cass