I usually have some sort of fun intro for these reviews. Not this week though. I unfortunately learned that we’re in this period of the Lucha Underground tapings that were filmed right around when Perro Aguayo Jr. died. Damn. I’m sure you’ve all seen the tribute video they did in the temple. Incredibly emotional stuff which saw Sexy Star break down to the point where you had to wonder if she was in any condition to wrestle, let alone be on television. So of course, the opening match on this show is Sexy Star and Superfly. I’ll be lenient on the match because I’m sure it’s not the maximum these two can give when they basically just read a eulogy for a guy they’ve worked with for years. Anyway, let’s get into the show but I’m gonna dedicate this review to Perro, even if it’s a little late.

Drago has to take on Mil Muertes tonight, winner gets the shot at Puma’s title on Ultima Lucha. Drago loses, he’s out of lives and he’s banished for good. We also have the five-way match for another Aztec Medallion tonight. Mundo/El Patron is announced for Ultima Lucha, should be a really good rematch.

Vampiro has a sit down interview with Super Fly asking him about his actions against Sexy Star in her submission match against Pentagon. Super Fly was pretty blunt here about his intentions and was mad that Vampiro interfered and stopped Pentagon from breaking her arm. He wasn’t going to take it easy on her this time just because she’s a woman, he made that mistake the first time when he lost his mask. Super Fly makes a pretty good rudo and he came off very sociopathic and calculated in this sit down.

Sexy Star vs. Super Fly

The story in this one…sigh I don’t know. There really wasn’t one. Was there supposed to be? Most likely, but with the circumstances I don’t think they really stuck to it like they should have. Super Fly tried ripping her mask off once, but completely just went away from that. Should have done it more seeing as she took the mask from him. He just kinda beat on her for awhile, she made the typical comeback. Her work was…not Sexy Star quality, let’s put it at that. She botched at least twice in this match and clearly there was a dark cloud over her affecting her work, I felt terrible for her. Super Fly did a pretty cool spot where he got flipped over the ropes and almost landed on his feet on the outside. He ended up hitting Sexy Star with the double powerbomb for a very anti-climactic finish to what should have been a match full of heat. The booking here boggles me as well, you had Sexy Star look like a world beater ending Pentagon’s undefeated reign of terror a few weeks back and now you’re have her in almost an extended squash against Super Fly? Just really puzzling stuff. **1/4

Now after the match he beats on Sexy Star and attempts to unmask her. I’m glad that’s over.

We get a awesome vignette of Drago training on what looks to be the roof of the temple with nunchuks.

Five Four Way Medallion Match: Pentagon Jr., Mack, Aerostar, Cage, Marty The Moth

As soon as Pentagon gets out here (with a Perro shirt on appropriately), he makes his intentions well known. He doesn’t just want some medallion, he wants to make Vampiro pay for costing him a sacrifice. They have a pretty awesome, intense staredown on the outside and Pentagon takes off, making this just a four way now. Why do I feel like this may be the best part of the show? Vampiro stayed oddly sullen and quiet on commentary after that encounter. The beginning here saw Mack and Cage brawling all over, due to Cage taking Mack out in the locker room a few weeks ago which effectively saw Cage replacing Mack in that trios title match. This left Marty and Aerostar alone for awhile and they worked well together. This got way better once this got chaotic and started breaking down though. Lucha Underground has mastered the art of crazy multi man matches and this was no different. Mack and Marty had some of my favorite work throughout this, Mack always blows my mind (I feel like I’m always saying this but it just doesn’t compute how he can do such athletic things at his size!) and Marty has come such a long way from Tough Enough four years ago. I really like his mannerisms, he plays psychotic stalker weirdo to a tee and his in ring work is more than above average. Cage did really strong Cage things of course. Aerostar ended up coming out on top with the third medallion via his springboard splash to Marty. Really fun spotty match. ***1/2

So let’s recap the medallion holders: Fenix, Jack Evans and Aerostar.

An interesting cutscene here with the trios champs trying to train. Of course Ivelisse and Son of Havoc are bickering. Angelico tries to get them on the same page when Catrina comes walking in. She tell them that God can’t help them and was um, very touchy-feely with Ivelisse. She somehow summoned her three skull masked men out of thin air and they took out the trios champs, and then Mil appeared with her. I love a lot of the wacky stuff on this show, but this was real corny to me, I’m sorry. It just came off very forced and really silly when it was supposed to strike fear and make you really believe these mystery men can cause some damage. Not a fan of this segment.

Mil Muertes vs. Drago

Both men donning the black masks is really neat, both have come back much darker and violent in their returns and it’s great that they used this type of color coordination to signify that. Striker and Vamp make sure to emphasize that both these men are so much different since the last time they faced off months ago. But wait, as Drago enters Hernandez blindsides him. He whipped him with his belt and choked him with it. I guess Hernandez is mad that he’s not the number one contender. So he’s now softened up for the destructive Mil Muertes which is never a good thing. Drago never really stood a chance in this one. This was an extended squash meant to showcase how much of a tank Mil Muertes is now. He’s basically 1998 Kane now, with occasional no sells of opponent’s offense and just tossing people around like they’re ragdolls. He threw Drago into chairs, powerbombed him on the announce desk. This was getting ugly. The crowd dug every minute of Mil’s domination though, even chanting “Get the Coffin!” at one point. Drago had a burst of offense at the end, creating some hope from the crowd. But when Drago went for the Dragon’s Lair pinning combination, Mil was able to counter out of it and absolutely pound Mil on top of his back. The monster hit the Flatliner on Drago to get the title shot against Puma. I enjoy watching Mil destroy anyone and anything. Not your typical back and forth battle of a Lucha Underground main event, but it sure did reinforce the dominance of the new and improved back from the dead Mil Muertes. ***1/4

Puma and Konnan came out after Catrina gave her lick of death to Drago and gave Mil the staredown from the steps to end the show.

Final Thoughts: It’s hard to put aside heavy hearts to go to work when a man you’ve known and worked with for years died tragically doing the thing he loved. This was the task the awesome cast of Lucha Underground faced in these tapings of this time period. I say they did pretty darn good for the circumstances. Sexy Star/Super Fly was certainly not very good match quality wise, but if you saw Sexy Star ringing that ten bell salute in their tribute video prior to that match being filmed, you would understand why. Her booking has been befuddling to say the least. The multi way match and the Pentagon/Vampiro stuff was easily the best part of the show to me and they powered through delivering a really fun chaotic match like LU usually does in multi man situations. Mil looked like a total beast in the main event which I thought was completely the right call to set him up for Puma on Ultima Lucha. This was certainly not the best Lucha Underground episode you’ll see, but power to the ladies and gents for getting through this during a really rough time. Thank you Perro.