Impact Wrestling on Destination America
Wednesday, June 17
Soundstage 20
Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

The show opened with a short video tribute to Dusty Rhodes. Mike Tenay was in the ring to proceed over the contract signing for the EC3/Angle title match that will happen in two weeks instead of their utterly pointless Slammiversary PPV in ten days. They said EC3 has been unbeaten for 598 days, it’s actually been 607. EC3 said Angle is the best because he has beaten the best and listed Edge, Ric Flair, Austin, Rock, Undertaker, Michaels, Lesnar, Jericho, Hogan, Jarrett, Hardy, Sting, Styles and Cena (mentioning all by nickname). EC3 said the difference between them and him is he’s unbeaten and Angle can’t beat him. Angle said he’s done all this many times before and he’ll beat EC3 this time because he is healthy. Angle said defeat in the title match is going to haunt EC3 for the rest of his life and signed the contract. Over the next two weeks each man will select an opponent for the other to wrestle. Angle selected Lashley for EC3 to face later tonight. This was a good segment to set the stage for the title match in two weeks.

Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Roode

Before the match, Roode, who said Aries wasn’t here tonight because he was recovering from last week’s title match with Angle, agreed to wrestle Edwards with the winner deciding the stipulation for Match Four. Edwards hit a suicide dive to start the match. Roode eventually cut Edwards off and worked him over for a while until Edwards hit a flying knee and made a comeback. Edwards chopped Roode to death in the corner and hit a backpack stunner for a nearfall. Roode scored a nearfall off a spinebuster. Roode spat at Richards which caused Richards to try and get in the ring, distracting the referee, Aries ran down and passed a chair to Roode but Richards took the chair off Roode and Edwards rolled Roode up for the win. Richards announced Match Four next week will be a Full Metal Mayhem match. This was a good little match. ***

Bram vs. Joseph Park

Joseph Park has fallen on hard times, he’s no longer a high-powered attorney and he lost his money when he invested in Tout so he’s here to answer Bram’s Open Challenge. Bram jumped Park before the bell. Bram set a table up in the corner. Park attacked Bram with a Kendo Stick and hit a chokeslam for a nearfall. Mathews informed us that this was No DQ seconds before the finish. Bram speared Park through the table in the corner for the win. *

The Dollhouse (Marti Bell and Jade) vs. Awesome Kong and Brooke

Taryn Terrell stated that if Brooke and Kong win they will both get title shots and if they lose they can never get title matches again, because once again for some reason Terrell can just make these stipulations whenever she likes. The Dollhouse isolated Brooke before she made the hot tag to Kong. The Dollhouse tried to double suplex Kong but she reversed. Kong chokeslammed Marti and Brooke hit an Elbow Drop off of Kong’s shoulder for the win. Kong and Brooke will now get title matches. **

Chris Melendez came to the ring. He wants to fight Young because of Young pulling his leg off during the Hardcore War. Young came out and called Melendez an American hero but said he doesn’t care (I suppose he is Canadian). Young challenged Melendez to a match next week which Melendez agreed to. Another potential Slammiversary match they’re just doing on TV. It honestly amazes me that Destination America just moved TNA to Wednesday’s even though it screws up TNA’s entire schedule and forces them to render their upcoming PPV useless.

Jessie Godderz vs. Zema Ion

Zema ran wild early before Godderz cut him off with a Powerbomb. Jessie submitted Zema with a Boston Crab. Jessie is apparently still upset that he was left with nothing to do while Robbie was on The Amazing Race. Jessie was going to attack Zema more but Robbie E returned and chased Jessie off. *

Magnus came to the ring and called out James Storm. Security came out and restrained Magnus. Storm came out and gloated about making Magnus look like a jealous fool and continued to try and get under Magnus’ skin. Storm brought a baby carriage out on the ramp suggesting Magnus’ child was in there. Storm pushed it off the stage, but it was only a doll in there. Remember when this was a really good angle? TNA had to go and ruin it by making it super goofy and dumb.

Ethan Carter III (w/ Tyrus) vs. Bobby Lashley

 Lashley hit a Spinebuster and missed a Spear, hitting a chair Tyrus setting up a chair in the corner but that only earned EC3 a two count. We had a ref bump before Lashley hit a Spear but there was no referee. Tyrus dropped an elbow and draped EC3 over Lashley but Lashley kicked out. Tyrus dropped a second referee and took out Lashley with a slam. A third referee came out but Lashley kicked out again. Lashley Speared Tyrus but EC3 hit Lashley with a chair and the One Percenter for the win. This match was literally worthless. The goal should have been to showcase EC3 at his best but this did the very opposite. EC3 is a joke. A man not to be taken seriously. Them introducing Tyrus as his bodyguard was the most counterproductive thing they’ve done in a while. Seriously, this was just awful. Did they really think this was a good way to present their number one contender and hottest prospect? They know EC3 is the right guy to put the title on but they have absolutely no clue whatsoever how to get him to the level he needs to be to win it.

TNA have worked themselves into a little pickle here. EC3 is blatantly the man the carry the company. Over the last 607 days it’s been abundantly clear that he is one of the TNA’s few rising stars right now. And he should most definitely be the man to beat Kurt Angle for the World title. But here’s the problem, EC3 is minimum three months away from being ready for that – and the title match is in two weeks. TNA have done an awful job establishing EC3 as a credible main event heel. The time since EC3 beat Spud in March to now should have been devoted to hammering home how good EC3 is and how ready he is to be World champion over and over and over again. The Spud match should have been the turning point and defining moment for the character. Instead EC3 spent the time in a goofy feud with Ken Anderson. TNA have failed to put in the adequate ground work to give EC3 the best shot possible as champion. Instead he’ll be yet another cowardly heel champion who doesn’t get over.

And here’s where it gets even more pickley. Under absolutely no circumstances should Kurt Angle go over EC3 on July 1st. None whatsoever. TNA haven’t done anything fundamentally stupid in a while, Angle beating EC3 would break that streak. While TNA have failed to put in the ground work, EC3 is still their best shot. EC3 has to beat Angle.

Final Thoughts: This show started fairly well with a pretty good opening segment and a good opening match and then it fell off a cliff.