I’ve got no witty introductions this week as I’ve been gone for a month and I’m ready to get down to business. VIVA LUCHA!

Dragon Lee, Fuego & Triton vs. Puma, Tiger & Virus May 2, 2015 (CMLL)

Fuego starts out with Virus but cannot keep up with his technical wizardry. A stalemate brings in Triton and Tiger who trade arm drags, flash pins and some submissions before reaching their own stalemate. Dragon Lee and Puma enter, this is a singles match that needs to happen, CMLL! Dragon Lee handedly takes care of Puma before Virus cuts off his momentum. Triton gets caught with a back cracker when going for a handspring elbow and then Puma locks in a submission I can’t describe on Fuego to get the first fall. Fuego is worked over by Puma and Tiger to start the second fall while Lee and Virus brawl on the ramp. Dragon Lee saves the day with a big kick to the gut and a basement dropkick on Virus get the second fall.

Triton shows off a little bit of offense to prove he is not the joke on his team to start the third fall. There’s a fantastic segment between Dragon Lee and Puma that ends with Lee eating a huge superkick. In the end, Virus catches Lee in a deep STF to give the rudos the third fall. This match was paint-by-numbers with a little clumsiness at times and nothing that particularly stood out. **1/2

Titan vs. Polvora May 2, 2015 (CMLL)

All Lucha Libre matches should be lightning matches or matches that only have one fall, it would freshen up old traditions and a generic formula. Titan goes for Titanics early in the match, but Polvora has seen this before and moves in time to hit a big boot. An inverted powerbomb on the ramp from Polvora has Titan reeling, and Polvora is firmly in control.

Titan comes roaring back with a hurricanrana and a tope suicida that pushes Polvora into the front row. Titan goes for another tope suicida only to have his face meet the barricade, he really should stop doing that spot. Polvora hits a Liger Bomb, but Titan stays in the match. A rope assisted moonsault gets the win for Titan. This was a short but solid match, and it was less than 10 minutes so no long term agony. ***

Gotita de Plata, Nino Hamburguesa & Pasion Kristal vs. Belial, Carta Brava Jr., & El Apache May 2, 2015 (AAA)

I love how the old luchadores like Apache and Kristal hang in there with the younger luchadores, and my mind was racing with the possibilities of a four-way with Kristal, Mamba, Maximo and Yosuke Santa Maria. That’s an international dream match, right? Belial goes for attempted murder with a double stomp that almost caves in Kristal’s skull. The rudos remain in control until our gelatinous hero Hamburguesa crushes the face of Carta Brava Jr. and the tecnicos bring the odds to their favor.

Kristal hits a tope con hilo, and then Plata flies around the ring with ease. Hamburguesa channels his inner Kevin Owens and hits the corner cannonball and the fans are erupting. Hamburguesa hits a top rope splash on both Carta Brava Jr. and Belial to give the victory to the tecnicos in a match that was too much fun for its own good. I probably enjoyed this more than most people will, but this was a breeze and I don’t ask for much when it comes to these 6 luchadores. ***¼

Aerostar, Blue Demon Jr. & La Parka vs. Averno, Chessman & Cibernetico May 2, 2015 (AAA)

You know how most Hell Brothers matches go: beat down to start, control the tecnicos and use plenty of illegal tactics along the way. Aerostar bumps like a maniac, sells like Willy Loman and flies like a phoenix – no not that Fenix. Blue Demon Jr. and La Parka move about as slow as you’d expect, and Aerostar almost kills himself on a tope suicida and gets stretchered out (God, I hope that kid is okay). The tecnicos win, and, of course, Aerostar is the best part of the entire match. **

10 Man Cibernetico Match From CMLL Titanes del Ring May 2, 2015 (CMLL)

This had some semblance of normalcy once the teams were sorted out, and Dragon Lee gives a hurricanrana on the outside to Polvora for our first of many dives. La Mascara with a dive and then Lee and Kamaitachi continue their feud for a few moments. Kamaitachi with the running drop kick from the ramp into the ring eliminates Dragon Lee and then Titan continues the streak of dives. Cavernario with the backwards plancha eliminates Morphosis and we still haven’t seen Cavernario or his patented splash to the outside. La Mascara eliminates Kamaitachi and we are getting down to the nitty gritty.

If Titan gets eliminated by Reaper I may have to take a sabbatical from CMLL, thankfully Titan hits his rope-assisted moonsault to assuage my fears. Titan rips off Mascara’s mask and Mascara gets in the foul in front of the referee to get both eliminated. Sombra hits shotgun knees to Polvora and Corleone follows up with a big man cross body from the ramp to eliminate Cavernario. Corleone and Sombra have a nice back and forth until Corleone lands a huge punch and ends the match with a combo flying cross body and flying forearm. Chaotic, hilarious and awe inspiring, my only nitpick was the sound and video being much like the competitors: all over the place. If you can deal with the video rewinding itself every few seconds, you will be rewarded. ****

Final Thoughts: You should seek out the cibernetico even with all of its technical issues. Lastly, for anyone who knows or doesn’t know, Black Terry Jr. is selling any video he has recorded since 2009, so you should go buy some from him and enjoy quality Lucha. Follow me on Twitter: @RobsBrutalWorld