RevPro TV #11
June 1, 2015
London, England
The London Cockpit

To kick off the show owner Andy Quildan announced that Summer Sizzler would be available on VOD within 48 hours of the event taking place. It’s great to know a timeframe for these things; I’m looking at you Ring of Honor. They also elaborated on the pre-show for the event which they announced last week, that will be featuring Tommy End vs. Josh Bodom, stating that it will be starting fifteen minutes before the advertised bell-time, so if you’re attending make sure to turn up that little bit earlier if you can. He also revealed that it will be airing the very next Monday following the event on RevPro TV. In regards to both the VOD and the pre-show, the quick turnaround is always a plus.

Sumerian Death Squad vs. 2 Unlimited: This here is the RPW debut of the team of the Sumerian Death Squad, probably the hottest team in all of Europe at the current time comprised of the Dutch pairing of Tommy End and Michael Dante, the former of which you may be familiar with from his recent tour of the US indie scene. End is one of the world’s premier strikers, while his partner Dante is a more traditional power wrestler by comparison, although Dante still uses an impressive array of strikes by any normal standard. They’re taking on the team of the Sammon brothers from Ireland, who have become RPW mainstays over the last year and a half, in what promises to be a very intriguing styles clash.

After a fairly plodding and slightly sloppy start, this one really picked up down the stretch and developed into a very enjoyable match. While both teams looked good here, SDS really showed their class and why they’ve been getting so much hype from performing across the continent by showcasing some really sharp looking tag team offense.

The biggest fault of this match was its finish, as the Death Squad hit a fantastic looking series of moves, Suspended Double Knees into a German Suplex transitioned beautifully into a Powerbomb onto End’s knees, in what clearly looked to be the finish. Unfortunately when End went to the pin Dante kind of shoved pushed End off so he was doing the pinning mid-way through the count because he was the legal man, but in the confusion Patrick must have panicked and kicked out. After a few moments of clear confusion from both the ref, crowd and everybody in the ring, End and Dante improvised well and hit him with a fantastic looking move where End threw Patrick and Dante caught him in mid-air into a powerslam. The improvised finish itself looked great, but the preceding events looked really clumsy and really brought the match down both for me and the live crowd, who after popping big for what was supposed to be the finish were still in a state of confusion and barely reacted at all for the eventual end of the match. ***

Ahead of the main event, we got a well done round done of the ten week feud that has led to this match between Havoc and Bodom. I’ve really been impressed with the way RPW have logically put this feud together, with clear motivations and interesting character interactions, and it has really made me care more about a Bodom match then I ever had before. Hats off to RPW for stepping out of their comfort zone by putting together this well thought out heel vs. heel feud, something you don’t see done enough and rarer still see done well in the Western scene.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Josh Bodom: Both guys here did a really good job of playing to the feel of this being a grudge match, starting with a really high intensity and keeping it up throughout the match. Both guys really made the storyline hatred translate into their match with both guys carrying their characters into their in-ring performances really well. You had Bodom playing the great but incredibly cocky young dickhead running head first into the sadistic grimy veteran in Havoc and it was great to watch. Easily the best performance I’ve ever seen Bodom put in.

And then we had the finish…

Oh boy was this was the dirt worst. Up to this point, this had been a legitimately great match, and then they had to ruin it with a finish that would have still been stunningly bad had it been on RAW. Right as they were on their way to reaching a stunning climax, the action spilled to the outside, and inexplicably both guys started shoving the ref for no real reason. Then Havoc kicked the ref, a double DQ was called, and the two guys brawled back through the curtain. Horrible, one of the worst and most lazy finishes I’ve ever seen. I was completely loving the match up to that point, but damn it left such a bad taste in my mouth. It makes the match as a whole hard to rate, but I think I’ll go *** but damn was it on track to be so much higher.

Final Thoughts: This was a show that had two really good matches both brought down significantly by horrible finishes. Still an enjoyable enough show, but a few small changes could really have raised this up to be a great one. A real shame.

As a little bonus here at the end ahead of Summer Sizzler, I’m going to be posting Marty Scurll’s video series “The Verses of a Villain” ahead of his big match against A.J. Styles. I’m not quite sure how much I like them, but they’re definitely different and well worth a watch.

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