Last week on the show, it was announced that Sexy Star and Pentagon would be main eventing this week’s episode in a Submission match. The gimmick is skewed in Pentagon’s favor and should be nothing short of brutal. We also know that Black Lotus has finally arrived at the temple, but Dragon Azteca has sent Chavo to be her bodyguard (Wow, the thought of Chavo being my safeguard really makes me sleep well at night). Oh yeah and Dario’s brother legitimately murdered Bael. Blood spatter and all. Wrestling really has to go to the next level I guess, because James Storm pushed Mickie James onto traintracks on tonight’s Impact as well.

So we go to Dario’s office and Chavo is there. You would think Chavo had changed his slimeball ways after basically pissing off all of Mexico when he destroyed Blue Demon Jr., right? We find out here though that is not the case. Chavo is completely playing Dragon Azteca and Lotus because he’s willing to take money or round the clock protection from Mexico to kill Black Lotus for Dario since she’s coming for Dario’s brother. Man, what an absolute snake. Great job painting Chavo as such though. What made it even better was Dario opening his drawer tossing out wads of cash wondering how much would convince Chavo. Chavo wonders if Dragon has someone “on the inside” since he was able to get to Black Lotus first.

Jack Evans vs. Argenis: Jack came out here completely taking jabs at fans. It’s been awhile since we seen Argenis, because Pentagon destroyed his arm. But wait, Dario gets on the mic. He says that although Argenis comes from a Lucha family, no one really cares about him. Yikes. Dario didn’t mince words with Evans either, as he said that the only fight he’s had in LU, he’s lost. Dario says he’s going to make it interesting by making this match for one of the seven Aztec medallions! Fenix got the first medallion by winning that seven-way match a few weeks back. This was really really good. This was basically the Jack Evans show once again and he continues to prove how underrated of a worker he’s been for the past several years. He slipped up a couple of times in this, but he recovered just fine and put on a show. My personal favorite spot in this match was Evans going for a handspring elbow from the corner only to get caught in a german suplex by Argenis. Evans picked up the win with a very unique backslide pin with a bridge. Good opener. We need more Evans on the show. ***1/2

Backstage, Daivari tells his new hired hand Big Ryck that they need one more partner and Dario will let them challenge for the Trios titles tonight. Ryck suggests his cousin Mack. Cage walks in and asserts that he should be the third man. They ask why, and he responds by kicking the absolute tar out of Mack in the locker room. He ended it by slamming Mack on a wall of lockers and Daivari willingly welcomed Cage to the team. This was a great segment to highlight Cage’s dominance, but maybe not so great for Mack. It does set up a possible future matchup with them though.

Chavo encounters Black Lotus in the locker room and tells her to get ready because her first match is tonight. He tells her Dario’s brother Matanza will come in good time and he’ll free him so she can slay the monster. Apparently, Lotus saw right through Chavo’s ruse because she was ready for when he tried to throw a punch at her and blocked it with the locker door. She was obliterating Chavo and he screamed for people to come in to help and it was Cortez Castro and Cisco of The Crew who came in. Lotus quickly dispatched them, only for Chavo to knock her out with a broomstick. Before the scene was over, he was shown holding handcuffs. Guess Dario’s brother may have more food coming his way.

Lucha Underground Trios Championship – Daivari/Big Ryck/Cage vs. Ivelisse/Son of Havoc/Angelico (c): Ryck and Daivari are practically a two-man bar with the cigar and the scotch. I kind of dig it. Ivelisse is still on crutches unfortunately. This was a strange one to review, I personally thought there was a little too much going on here. You had Son of Havoc and Angelico blindly tagging each other in, then Ivelisse just decided to take a seat in the crowd because she got so frustrated with their performance. Mostly it was the big men working over Angelico for a good portion of this until Ivelisse went on the apron to distract Daivari. Then out came Texano who still has an issue with Daivari and he nailed Ryck off the apron while distracting Daivari long enough where he got hit with an Angelico knee. Havoc tagged in, Angelico did a dive over the corner post to Cage outside and Havoc finished off Daivari to retain the titles. The dysfunctional team somehow keeps chugging, no matter how disjointed and frustrated they are to start these matches. This was definitely the lowest quality trios match they’ve had, but it wasn’t bad by any means. ***

The Crew and Chavo deliver Lotus to Dario’s office. Dario says he has a special spot for her across from his brother. Oh boy.

Submission Match – Pentagon Jr. vs. Sexy Star: Pentagon gets on the mic just to clarify he will be breaking Sexy Star tonight to satisfy his master, but Sexy Star doesn’t even let him finish as she hits him from behind. I really enjoyed this match. This was a total change of pace from your usual Lucha Underground main event, hell your typical Lucha Underground match really. I’m always a sucker for some good submission wrestling and they both brought it big time. They were firing stiff shots at each other all the way throughout this to try and wear down the other’s limbs for a submission. Sexy Star hit a beautiful senton through the ropes to the outside, and then followed up with a really great leg lock to wear down Pentagon in the ring. Pentagon tugged her arm back to break free and this this absolutely insane submission from the tombstone position where he had her legs crossed and was pushing her shoulders down into his knees, I have never seen anything like this before and it had me baffled.

Pentagon went to power slam her, but Sexy attempted the counter where she throws him into the mat and locks the armbar on but it looked extremely sloppy. C+ for effort though, heck Mistico couldn’t even do it right half the time in WWE. Crowd still went nuts for it though. Pentagon answered with an absolutely brutal superkick once he escaped that hold. Then he locked in some sort of grapevine heel hook? He’s just a hell of a technician. He hits another nasty superkick, but when he went to slide out, Sexy saw it coming and ducked him and hit Pentagon with a crossbody from the metal fence.

Sexy Star locked in the half crab, word to Yohei Komatsu and it seemed like Pentagon was on the verge of actually tapping in his match. But here comes Superfly! But he’s looking a little different, much more like his rudo self in AAA. Sure enough, he is one because he attacked Sexy Star with a sitout powerbomb which set her up for a Pentagon package piledriver. He finally finishes her with the pull back surfboard stretch which left her no choice but to give up. Really good change of pace match, great technical mat work from both of these guys. The Superfly interference actually made perfect sense, as he had a right to be angry since not only did she unmask him, he also got his arm broken by Pentagon and she couldn’t make the save. Was Superfly the master all along? Guess we’ll find out. ***3/4

Pentagon goes to try to break Sexy’s arm after the match but wait, Vampiro runs in!? He got Pentagon off her and she was able to get out. He and Pentagon stared down and Vampiro really wanted to kick Pentagon’s ass, but he reluctantly decided against it, maybe feeling like he shouldn’t make it about him and that he doesn’t want to unleash that violent side of himself. I don’t have an issue with Vamp getting involved either. Some people will complain, but I think it absolutely made sense here. He made it clear on commentary during the match that Pentagon was crossing way too many lines as of late and seeing what he was about to do to Sexy Star, he just had enough and felt someone had to intervene. Interested to see how this angle goes.

The final scene shows Vampiro staring at the mirror in the bathroom, apparently battling his own thoughts. This Pentagon incident has really screwed him up to the point where he starts banging his head against the mirror several times and you can see an incredibly dark look in his eyes. Looks like that dark violent side of Vampiro may be coming out again and it may actually be in the form of him wrestling, to the chagrin of many I’m sure.

Final Thoughts: This wasn’t an amazing episode of the show, but the submission work in the main event delivered big time. Jack Evans continued to showcase just how good he was in another very good opener. The trios match was a bit dry for my liking. The story advancement was probably the best part of this episode, as we saw Black Lotus be put in serious jeopardy by the slimy backstabbing Chavo, Superfly attack Sexy Star mid match in a vengeful act, and finally Vampiro being the one to finally intervene in Pentagon’s post match madness.