Less than a month from their big Summer Sizzler event, RPW’s latest TV offering features Marty Scurll taking on British wrestling veteran Johnny Storm. This is Scrull’s last RPW match before his much-anticipated bout with A.J. Styles.

RevPro TV #10
May 25 2015
London, England
The London Cockpit

The show kicks off with a short but solid promo from the Champion directed towards his challenger for tonight. We are then informed that after running his mouth on commentary last week Andy Boy Simmonz has been put into a match this week.

Andy Boy Simmonz vs. Jake McCluskey: This match started off quick with Simmonz jumping McCluskey before the bell, and apart from a short control period from Simmonz it kept up that high pace throughout. McCluskey eventually won with a moonsault after kicking out of Simmonz’s signature Powerslam, earning him a much needed victory over somebody who can afford to drop a fall after coming up on the wrong end several times in his feud with the Revolutionists. Both guys looked good here, and this was an enjoyable little eight minute match. **3/4

After the match, Simmonz’s client Psycho Phillips took McCluskey out from behind with a great looking lariat, followed by two consecutive chokeslams. Phillips has one of the best chokeslams in the business, behind only Lance Archer in my mind. This presumably sets up a match between McCluskey and Phillips, and that’s very much a match I’m looking forward to.

The studio team then had an exclusive announcement ahead of Summer Sizzler, with it being that they’re adding a match to Summer Sizzler that will be taped for the TV show, a pre-show match if you will as it’ll be starting before official bell-time. When they said this I assumed it would be two Portsmouth School of Wrestling students, so was pleasantly surprised when they revealed it would be Josh Bodom taking on the reigning 16 Carat Gold Winner Tommy End fresh off his US tour. Another good addition to what’s already an amazing card.

I’ll quickly run down the full card for that show then, and give my anticipation levels for each match out of ten:

  1. Tommy End vs. Josh Bodom 6/10
  2. The Thrillers (Haskins & Redman)(c) vs. The Revolutionists 6/10
  3. Tomohiro Ishii vs. Big Damo 5/10
  4. Ricochet vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 5/10
  5. Legion of Lords (Ghosh & Grey) vs. Cabana & Classic 3/10
  6. Will Ospreay (c) vs. Matt Sydal 9/10
  7. AJ Styles vs. Marty Scurll 5/10

Maybe I’m going a tad low on that Ricochet vs. Nakamura match, but I tend to get the feeling Nakamura phones it in ever so slightly when he’s in the UK or the US. If that match was happening over in a main event for New Japan I’d probably be at a 9.5. I’d be higher for the two co-main events as well, if it wasn’t for the two out of three falls stipulation on the cruiserweight title match which I’m rarely a fan of and the heavy interference I’m expecting in the main event. The card really is one of the best you’ll see worldwide all year, and if it even gets close to meeting expectations it’ll be an amazing event.

We next got the second part of the horribly produced sit down interview between Quildan and Scurll that we got the first part of last week. Again, the content here was fine; Scurll plays a good cocky heel, referring to his match tonight as a warm-up, not taking his opponent seriously. Storm was the first person AJ Styles ever wrestled in the UK, so Scurll is looking to prove a point by dominating the journeyman Storm.

Marty Scurll vs. Jonny Storm: I enjoyed this match a lot, and a large part of that was because it wasn’t just one of Marty Scurll’s formula matches. They started with some great new age escapology British style, before Marty took over by working over the wrist which isn’t something you see done a lot but Scurll executed brilliantly, although sadly Storm didn’t sell it long term.

It then evolved into a really great flowing back and forth match, where Storm really showed that even at the age of 38 he can very much still hang with the best and put on a great match. While I wouldn’t want him as a spotlighted guy, he very much showed here that he’s very valuable in a role as an enhancement role where he can have a competitive and good match with anybody and make them look good.

The finish came after a well done ref bump allowed Scurll to catch Storm in mid-air with his umbrella, which he followed up with the crossface chickenwing for the submission victory. I’m rarely a fan of ref bumps, but when they’re done well like it was here then it at least doesn’t take away from the match even if it doesn’t add to it either. ***1/2

Final Thoughts: This was an entertaining 45 minutes all in all. The opener was good for the time it got, and the main event was the kind of level you’d say was a good RAW main event. It didn’t drag like some weeks have in the past, and by them using the show as a platform to announce matches gives you a reason to watch other than just a collection of solid matches. It built well to Summer Sizzler too, so all in all this week’s episode gets a thumbs up from me. I wouldn’t say it’s must see, but there’s definitely worse ways you could spend your time.