Still no Goldberg or Bauer & Pollock. MLW Radio did a series of shows about the AAA World Cup where they talked to Steve Sims, Dorian Roldan, Hijo del Fantasa/King Cuerno, Alberto el Patron, and Rey Mysterio. They were a mixture of solid interviews and basically being an informercial for AAA. I understand wanting to build excitement for an event with minimal buzz at the moment, but five parts is a bit of overkill.

The podcast week in review, brought to you by True Car.

They said it…

“I know, my time in TNA, I felt like I was in witness protection, because, everyone forgot who I was.” – Taz

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop #46 (5/9/15): Doc Gallows takes the reins this week, and he’s joined by Brian “Curt Hawkins” Meyers, Tama Tonga, Amber O’Neil, and Doc’s friend Milky. A half hour of nonsense follows, covering Hornswaggle being in Meyers’ wedding party, Doc’s accidental superkicks, Hawkins vs. Cliff Compton, training schools, and everyone tries to figure out what Bam Neely’s finish was. Milky closes out a fun show with some decent singing. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #180 (5/17/15): Something different, as Mister Saint Laurent and Kevin Sullivan take an episode of their VIP Show Helluva Deal and stamp the MLW Radio logo over it. They discuss the May 1996 era of Nitro with the impending arrival of the Outsiders, and answer a few questions about Vince McMahon’s management style, women’s wrestling, and the Hall of Fame. Sullivan discussing wrestling video games is something else. This is fine, but Konnan really needs to come back soon. THUMBS UP

Piper’s Pit #59 (5/18/15): Earl Skakel from a few weeks ago is back to hang out with Piper as the latter tells a bunch of stories (including the Baylor one, which he must have told 5 or 6 times by this point). I believe Earl makes a Magic Johnson AIDS joke at one point. They also randomly talk to someone heading up an anti-bullying campaign, which makes for an odd juxtaposition. Piper’s having fun; I’m glad someone is. THUMBS DOWN

Steve Austin Show #221 (5/19/15): After a scintillating monologue about picking his wife up at the airport, Steve sits down with Josh Barnett. A lengthy discussion of movies starts the interview, both from acting in them and the pair’s favorite films (the Lee Marvin cult classic Point Blank gets a thorough digression). They also get into wrestling training, New Japan Pro Wrestling style, and it’s show on Axxess TV, Billy Robinson, and a lot more. Josh is always a fine guest and he does a great job engaging Austin. THUMBS UP

Human Podcast Machine #24 (5/19/15): Jay Lethal talks to Taz about his training, the state of Ring of Honor, his wrestling impersonations (on full display throughout the show), wrestling Ric Flair, and finding yourself in wrestling. Lethal has some great stories, one about being afraid Taz would beat him up during wrestling practice and another about being forced to attend a Larry Zybysko seminar. Lethal is someone who surprisingly hasn’t made the podcast rounds, and while the interview is on the shorter side it’s a lot of fun. THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #64 (5/19/15): No BS intro this week, as JR dumps the monologue and jumps right into a conversation with Mark Madden. The duo is supposed to run down the Payback show, but really they just hit on a few key matches and move on to talking about TNA, ROH, and really the whole world of wrestling. Madden can have some out there ideas (Taryn Terrell as Penny from the Big Bang Theory? Really?), but he’s entertaining to listen to and he’s not afraid to challenge JR. Ross, to his credit, cuts back on his more annoying habits, and the end result is an enjoyable show. <Madden’s interview starts at 3:48> THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #144 (5/20/15): Jericho talks to future opponent Finn Balor. Balor discusses getting into New Japan, being a young boy in the dojo, the origin of the Prince Devitt name, founding the Bullet Club, having his own light up jacket, deciding to finally come to the WWE, the Finn Balor name, life in the United States, finally getting his driver’s license, and wrestling in his home country. Finn comes off as a great guy, and this is a super interview where I actually learned quite a bit. <Balor’s interview at 21:14> THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

WOOOOO ™Nation #3 (5/20/15) Bret “The Hitman” Hart stops by for a chat about winning the WWE Title the first time, blading at WrestleMania VIII, and his misadventures in WCW. To his credit, Producer Conrad asks some pretty tough questions, like about the heat between him and Ric, the Owen Hart DVD, and calling Hulk Hogan a dirtbag. Bret’s not the most exciting speaker, but Flair carries things well and continues to improve as a host (although his reading of ads leaves a lot to be desired). THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #251 (5/21/15): Colt talks to Saraya Knight, longtime wrestler and mother of the WWE’s Paige, about the UK wrestling scene, her wrestling family, the various BBC documentaries about her, and still kicking ass at age 43. Things get pretty dark towards the end as she gets into her rough upbringing and life on the streets, and how she managed to turn her life around. Far from Colt’s funniest show, but certainly a compelling listen. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #222 (5/21/15): Wade Keller joins Steve for their usual post-PPV rundown show, this time for Payback. Wade does his usual fine job breaking down the show, but the timing is unfortunate. Given that NXT Unstoppable aired the night before this show was released, Payback seemed like it was weeks ago, especially when they ponder where Samoa Joe might go. Still, taken on its own, it’s an enjoyable show. Wade sadly doesn’t plug the upcoming arrival of Todd Martin to the Torch. THUMBS UP

The Jim Cornette Experience #78 (5/21/15): No guest this week, as Alice and Jim basically do an extended version of their mailbag Drive-Thru show. Some good talk about wrestling books and philosophies, and some less good chatter about anti-gay Pastors and fracking. Jim does admit he was wrong about Kevin Owens, meaning he was wrong that Kevin would ever take Jim’s great advice, which would enable him to go on and be a star. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #145 (5/22/15): David Coverdale of Deep Purple and Whitesnake drops by to discuss his two bands, his new album and tour, playing at the California Jam festival, and the everlasting appeal of “Here I Go Again.” Coverdale is such a positive guy he makes DDP seem like Eeyore, and he keeps calling Jericho “Christopher” and it’s quite adorable. Jericho also reveals he almost got the gig to host “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” That would have been…something. <Coverdale’s interview starts at 20:30> THUMBS UP