Let me start off by saying, I am a total noob when it comes to Japanese wrestling — I was a free agent fan, that is until I laid my eyes upon KUSHIDA at ROH/NJPW’s Global Wars Friday night.

When he came out rocking the famous Back to the Future orange vest, my mind had been made up: KUSHIDA was my new favorite in the Japan wrestling world.

My close friends know I am a sucker for vests and they are well aware of  my deep love for “vest weather.” If you don’t know what vest whether is, it the wonderful time of year when you can wear a long sleeve shirt and vest and be perfectly comfortable, typically falling in the first few weeks of spring and part of fall.  Unfortunately, I live in Chicago so “vest weather”  only lasts about 2 days because we never get perfect beautiful 65 degree weather. For those of you living in San Francisco who have perpetual vest whether, I am jealous everyday of your amazing climate.

Anyways, whenever I get a chance, I’m always rockin the vest:


Rocking my patented vest during my favorite time of the year!

So you can imagine my surprise and awe when I saw KUSHIDA. He looks phenom’ in that reddish/orange vest. KUSHIDA would fit in perfectly to the ultra hipster neighborhoods of Chicago, that vest and a pair of super skinny jeans — he’s got it made. Plus, Chicago chicks totally dig Japanese dudes (okay, maybe that’s just me, but I can only assume). So, the reason for his win in Global Wars on Friday, you ask? The vast amount of confidence he has after walking out to that ring in his vest.

The only question I am left with is, where can I get one?