Last week, we were treated to one of the best Lucha Underground main events we’ve ever seen when El Patron was able to come out on top against Johnny Mundo in a hell of a battle. As a result of his win, El Patron will be going up against Hernandez to determine who the number one contender and face Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Wow, what a strange segment to start this show. Dario tell his brother who’s still locked up in the basement about these weird medallions he has that hold some sort of power that can make someone even as powerful as said brother. Well that’s a tad scary.

Jack Evans vs. Aerostar: Yes, you read that right! Jack Evans is making his Lucha U debut tonight, which is so awesome. They both got huge pops on entry. Evans talks some trash to the crowd about how lucky they are to see him — seems like they may go with the cocky heel thing for him?

Wow, I don’t even know what to say about this one except it was just amazing. Please remember my experience in Lucha before this show aired was very limited. So I’m probably stating the obvious, but my goodness Jack Evans blew me away. I couldn’t believe my eyes the things this guy could do. He’s clearly cast as a heel here with his constant trash talk throughout the match, but I have no idea how they think the crowd won’t just cheer him with all the unreal offense this guy pulls out. There were just so many “HOLY SH*T” moments in this match and they followed each one up like it was nothing. Evans was throwing out everything in his arsenal, whether it was a Phoenix Splash that missed or a 450 splash from atop the metal fence outside. Not to mention, Aerostar sold his leg beautifully in this after he supposedly banged it up on an earlier outside dive in the match. The finish was just insane. Aerostar was able to give Evans a flip piledriver from the top rope for the win. Good god. If you just want to see beautiful, athletic lucha libre art, please watch this. They gave the indication during this that if Evans didn’t waste so much time talking trash, he could have probably won. ****

Mack is seen in the locker room wondering where Ryck got all this money that he had in his hands. He told him it was none of his business. When Mack says he should because he’s family, Ryck told him that family didn’t win him those trios titles. Burn! Ryck tells him it’s about making money, not about doing fancy moved to appease people, and that he’d even hurt family for the right price.

Sexy Star vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Mack vs. Killshot vs. King Cuerno vs. Fenix vs. Cage: Once again, you read that right — a 7-man (person?) match. How the heck am I supposed to cover all of this? Dario comes out and says they’ll be competing for the unique prize of one of the seven Aztec medallions that he talked about at the open of the show. Earning one medallion will give you the chance at immortality. Neat-o.

Everyone starts brawling, the ring gets cleared leaving only two men: Fenix and Pentagon Jr. Now this is why I love this show. Not only do they service the casual viewer who just loves fun wrestling, they also appease the people who really do their research on these luchadors. For those who aren’t complete nerds like me, Fenix and Pentagon Jr. are actually real-life brothers. That’s what makes this so cool. You can see that chemistry here when they go at it, and I’d love to see them go at it in singles competition soon. Killshot and Cuerno had a good back and forth then Sexy Star came out of nowhere from the top rope with a hurricanrana on Cuerno. Cuerno and Cage work so great together as a team and they do it once more in this match for a bit against Killshot. Mack tries to stop it, but he gets dropkicked in the corner for his efforts. Then just absolute madness happens, Sexy Star gets clotheslined out of her shoes by Cage, Fenix enziguiris Cage who then gets a knee strike from Mack. Pentagon then gives Fenix a superkick which Fenix sold so well that he actually did a complete flip when hit by it. Amazing.

Mack/Killshot team up on Fenix and Pentagon with corner lariats, but the two real lif brothers were able to counter, put Mack and Killshot in tree of woe in opposing corners, did double stomps to both of them in stereo, and then immediately hit each other with double clotheslines after. The sibling partnership lasted all about ten seconds. More craziness follows from everyone here, highlighted by Pentagon taking a page out of Shingo’s (Dragon Gate) book and hitting a Made In Japan on Sexy Star! Cage did his awesome thing where he caught Fenix in a brainbuster position when Fenix tried to dive outside, but then Killshot dove onto both of them! This is just nontstop action. Cuerno follows THAT with an Arrow from the Depths of Hell to Killshot on the outside. Pentagon does something that just…wow. He got Fenix in piledriver position, then Sexy Star in Widow’s Peak position, and hit a package piledriver on Fenix and a Widow’s Peak on Sexy Star SIMULTANEOUSLY. Pentagon tried to break his brother’s arm but Sexy kicked him off. Pentagon not amused by this hits a gutbuster on her. Finally Fenix hits the reverse rana and a standing moonsault on Pentagon to win this match and the medallion! With so much Fenix/Pentagon interaction in this match, they HAVE to have some sort of sibling feud brewing here. You can bet Pentagon won’t forget that. I love it. ***3/4

Dario is talking to the Trios champs Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico in his office. He’s grown to like them, since they defied the odds and won his trios title even with their disliking for each other. He said The Crew will be getting a shot at the belts though since they beat Havoc and Angelico last week. Havoc steps in and says Ivelisse can’t go because of her leg, and she says I only need my hands. I would never wanna mess with this girl I tell ya. Dario said she’ll need her legs to defend the titles though, because they’ll be facing The Crew in a ladder match. The trio is up to the challenge though. Hilarious exit here as Ivelisse makes both of the men move the chair and open the door for her to their total dismay and disgust.

Fenix is in the locker room and the lights go out. Catrina’s voice comes on and tells Fenix he fell right into her trap. He made his mistake of burying Mil, because Mil needed his power of 1000 lives to make him more powerful. She tells Fenix he was just a pawn for death. These weird skull mask people appear out of nowhere, and that’s the end of the segment. I can only imagine Mil/Fenix happens again in the future, and if it’s anywhere near what their first match was, we’ll be in for a treat.

#1 Contenders Match – Hernandez vs. Alberto El Patron:  This was a nothing match. Slow paced stuff, nothing memorable at all until a huge swerve. Alberto was ready to give the cross armbreaker to Hernandez, and out comes Johnny Mundo tripping up Alberto! He then proceeds to throw Alberto through the window of Cueto’s office. I guess Alberto’s backhanded comments to Mundo, then beating him last week just pushed Johnny over the edge and made him realize he needed a change in attitude to get somewhere in Lucha Underground. Also note Dario’s face: He had a smirk, eve though his office just got vandalized via human being thrown through it. He grabbed a drink for himself and enjoyed it like it was no big deal. What a sick dude. He rolled Alberto back in and gave Hernandez the easy win (Not sure how there wasn’t a DQ called here, but roll with it!). Hernandez gets Puma next week, and now Mundo is a totally changed man! **

They get the stretcher for Alberto. He’s got color too, love it. Mundo getting a ton of the heat from the crowd as well to end the show.

Final Thoughts: Fantastic Lucha Underground episode. Knowing there was going to be more of an angle in the main event than a match, the LU production staff and writers planned accordingly and gave the Jack Evans debut match and the 7 man madness match plenty of time to develop and be awesome. Evans was just superb, as really my first taste of seeing him in extensive action, he 100% blew me away and I NEED more of him pronto. The 7 man match featured many people and gave everyone a chance to shine. Finally, the Mundo/Alberto angle looks to be awesome, and was certainly one of those “I didn’t see that coming” moments. Can’t wait to see another brutal match between the two.

Next week, we have the Trios title rematch with Ivelisse/Son of Havoc/Angelico vs. The Crew in a Ladder match and Prince Puma vs. Hernandez for the Lucha Underground title. This show just spoils us week after week.