Shake Them Ropes
May 13, 2015
Episode 82

Holy cow, a whole bunch of WWE shows creeped up on us. Sunday is WWE Payback, we’ll preview it. Next Wednesday is NXT Takeover, we’ll talk about the reshuffling of the card that is inevitable. In two weeks, yep, Elimination Chamber is back. We’ll break down the already announced matches, even though we don’t have any participants yet. Plus, Starrcade 1983: A Flair for the Gold! A loaded show, fun as always.

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00:00-01:00: Intro
01:00-01:30: Rob has a concussion
01:30-06:00: Daniel Bryan Is Out
06:00-09:00: Elimination Chamber is back
09:00-15:30: E60, Reigns, Reality Era
15:30-16:30: Yep, a concussion
16:30-22:00: Neville’s Place in WWE
22:00-37:30: Payback Preview
37:30-39:00: Rob re-watches Sting vs HHH
39:00-45:45: NXT TV & Takeover reshuffling
45:45-55:00: Race vs Flair | Starrcade 1983
55:00-59:00: A D’Lo Brown Story
59:00-62:00: STR Schedule for Next Week

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