After a single week of footage from Best of British, this week we’re straight into new content taken from RPW’s second TV taping from the London Cockpit, and we’re in for a treat as this week’s episode will be featuring the main event from that taping in the Cruiserweight Champion Will Ospreay against Matt Sydal.

RevPro TV #8
May 11, 2015
London, England
The London Cockpit

This week’s episode kicks off with a promo package interspersing interviews from both Sydal and Ospreay, building up this week’s main event. It was very nicely put together, and even though neither of these two are particularly good talkers they really made the main event feel like a big time and important match-up; it certainly did it’s desired job.

While Sydal has never really been thought of as a slick talker, his WWE experience has really put him ahead of much of the crop in that regard when placed back amongst his indy counterparts. He’s still not exactly a compelling talker, but he seems very comfortable in a speaking situation, coming across very naturally. Ospreay’s talking aspect has always been his weak area, but I think there were signs here of some improvement. He still seems a little wooden, but in comparison to his promo to build up the Romero defense this definitely came off the better of the two. Hopefully that improvement continues, because between the ropes he’s already right up there, and if he can improve the vocalised side of his game he’ll really have future star written all over him.

The studio team of Zoe Lucas and Andy Quildan talked the events of the previous week to pad out the early part of this episode, leading to them announcing that next week’s episode will feature a grudge match between James Castle and Doug Williams.

We then got a great video package for the upcoming Styles vs. Scurll match which was so well produced it wouldn’t have looked out of place for the most part on a WWE show.  The studio team then ran through a short highlight package on the previous encounter between Sydal and Ospreay, before handing over to Simmonz and Quildan of commentary for said main event.

Matt Sydal vs. Will Ospreay: This match is a rematch of the great Uprising main event from the tail end of last year where Sydal came out on top. This match is not for Will Ospreay’s Cruiserweight championship, with the announcers playing up the idea that the matchmakers didn’t have any faith in Ospreay to keep the title on British soil so made this a non-title match.

This match was simply tremendous. Sydal worked the left ankle and foot of Ospreay early, playing off the fact that Will was recently coming back from an injury to that region, and it played really well into the story of the match, with Ospreay selling it brilliantly. Ospreay managed to pull off the upset after countering Sydal’s shooting star press into a crucifix pin.

This was a simply tremendous match. More of a ground based affair with high flying sprinkled in than the first match between the two, but I think it really benefitted from that. Instead of just being a tremendous exhibition of two great high flyers, this match really had a great ebb and flow to it and it made the big high flying moves that were done feel all the more important. It did a great job of call-back spots too, as well as building up spots within the match such as Sydal’s Slice move being a key fighting point throughout.

While the first encounter between these two was great, the one clear fault of it was Ospreay ignoring the early limb work down the stretch. This wasn’t the case here, as not only was the limb work not forgotten it was positively a highlight of the match. The flowing sequences incorporated the result of the earlier limbwork in a way that managed to keep the match dynamic but also created a meaningful feel of the early section of the match that is often lacking. Really shows Ospreay’s continued improvement over the last six months.

All in all we were given a both spectacular and also cohesive match that really showcased two of the best high flyers in the entire world right now at their best. Not quite at the level where I expect I’ll be putting this in my MOTY ballots come December, but you still need to go out of your way to watch this match. You really have no excuse, with it being available for free and so easily accessible. ****

After the match, Sydal got on the mic and cut a really nice promo where he put over Ospreay as the young up and comer but also gave a hint of how he clearly thought his win was a fluke, and that while he was happy to see Ospreay make such an improvement from their last match he still saw himself as the superior wrestler, adding a little bit of an edge to what had so far just been a competitive rivalry.

This lead to Sydal challenging Ospreay to a rubber match to end their series, and to make sure it was totally definitive it would be 2 out of 3 falls and for Ospreay’s Cruiserweight championship. Ospreay promptly agreed, and we have yet another tremendous match added to this June’s Summer Sizzler. I’m totally down with that, despite 2 out of 3 falls not really being one of my favourite stipulations, and hope it’ll be a fitting conclusion to what has been set up to be a tremendous trilogy of matches.

Final Thoughts: There’s nothing more I can really say other than you need to see this match. You can skip everything in between the opening video package until the entrances as that’s essentially just padding, but other than that this really is a great offering and well worth half an hour of your time. It’s both free and easily accessible too, so you really have no excuse.