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They said it…

  • “I hate weddings because I feel bad for people getting married.” – Karl Anderson
  • “I didn’t, like, witness the acts occurring.” – Mister Saint Laurent, when grilled by Court Bauer if he was sure Ahmed Johnson had been a pimp.
  • “You’re<…> a combination of Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio.” – Ric Flair to Kurt Angle

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop #44 (5/2/15): Doc is back, as he and Karl talk about their upcoming break during the Best of the Super Juniors tournament, promoting independent shows, and weddings (not to each other). Yujiro Takahashi makes a cameo and shows off some solid English (and profanity). Good to hear Doc back again. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #178 (5/3/15): This week it’s Court, Alex Greenfield, and MSL discussing a lot of wrestling topics, such as Stephanie McMahon on Chris Jericho’s podcast, TNA hiring Billy Corgan, the recent King of the Ring, Jon Jones, Progress Wrestling, and Marissa McMahon’s prestige film projects. Not a lot of off topic discussion, just some fun digressions about King of the Ring 1996 and Ahmed Johnson’s pimping career. Cap it off with an interesting discussion of OTT platforms and it’s the best MLW Radio in a while. THUMBS UP

Piper’s Pit #57 (5/4/15): A very odd show, as Piper brings on comedian Earl Skakel to run down the story of Sting’s coming to the WWE and the match with Triple H at Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania was over a month ago, in case you forgot. Skakel complains at length about the presentation of Sting and the booking of the match, which basically makes for the worst episode of Wrestlefolks ever. They take some calls, and the callers actually play the voice of reason for once. This all goes for 84 minutes. Piper’s good show streak ends at 3. THUMBS DOWN

Steve Austin Show #217 (5/5/15): TNA President Dixie Carter stops by for part 1 of a 2 part chat. They get into Dixie’s early years (including promoting wrestling in college!), her jobs before TNA, how she came to work with the Jarretts, taking over the company, and the state of the TNA today. There are moments of honesty (she’s glad they tried Monday Nights, because now she knows it doesn’t work) mixed with plenty of damage control (The antiquated Neilsen ratings system hurts TNA! They’re taking a break from house shows to freshen things up!). Not great, but worth a listen to hear her say she wants to give the wrestlers lie detector tests to determine who’s been leaking information to the dirtsheets. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Ross Report #64 (5/5/15): Samoa Joe stops by to talk about breaking in, MMA, how he got to Japan, working with Sting & Kurt Angle, and his future. Joe only says he’s interested in going to WWE, but the interview was recorded before Wrestlemania so you can’t read a ton into that. Why does Ross do these shows so far in advance? He doesn’t go on tour like Jericho or tape reality shows like Austin. Joe’s always a good interview, but Ross dominates too much of the conversation, as he tends to do. <Joe’s interview starts at 20:00> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #140 (5/6/15): Smashing Pumpkin and new TNA Senior Producer Billy Corgan sits down with Jericho to discuss his new position. All wrestling talk here with no real music talk (except tangentially). Corgan talks about getting concussed in ECW, how he got hooked up with TNA, what his duties will entail, and his philosophy on wrestling. Corgan has some really interesting ideas and he comes off as a good wrestling mind (at least in theory), and this is a very interesting show. <Corgan’s interview at 15:22> THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

Who’s Next with Goldberg #45 (5/6/15): Bill chats with kickboxer Simon “Bad Boy” Marcus about the sport and his upcoming fight at the next Glory show. They talk about how great kickboxing is and I just kept zoning out. I don’t care for the sport and this did nothing to change my mind. Bill is still threatening to have a kickboxing match at some point. This was a struggle to get through and it only went 46 minutes. THUMBS DOWN

Human Podcast Machine #21 (5/6/15): Taz and Producer Seth start the show breaking down the Mayweather/Pacquio fight. Then David Blythe of metal band Lamb of God comes on to talk about his band, his upcoming book, being a wrestling fan, and the crazy story of being tried for manslaughter in the Czech Republic. Blythe just basically interviews Taz for a good chunk of his segment, and while I know nothing of his band, this was enjoyable. Mick Foley joins the show at the end to tell some tales about people telling Mick he’ll never make a dime in this business. A fun show. THUMBS UP

WOOOOO ™Nation #1 (5/6/15) Ric Flair joins the podcast game and talks to Kurt Angle on his debut episode. They talk about Kurt’s career and bounce around a lot and put each other over a ton. Kurt does admit he would have gone into MMA back in 1997 if UFC was as popular as they are now. There’s also discussion of Brock Lesnar, Foxcatcher, and wrestling a young John Cena. Not a train wreck or a grand slam, it’s an OK interview, and for a first effort it’s not bad. Ric’s producer Conrad is no Producer Seth, though. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Art of Wrestling #248 (5/7/15): Kevin Sullivan is the guest this week. He and Colt have a discussion that jumps around quite a bit, going from the Varsity Club to Sullivan’s family’s history of boxing to leaving home at 16 to his newfound role as a reality TV star. It’s a rambling show, but it always held my interest. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #218 (5/7/15): Steve talks to his wife first about their dogs for a bit. Steve had another guest cancel on him, so he calls up Court Bauer for some more chit chat. They talk about Sami Zayn, NXT, Progress Wrestling, Rusev, Global Force Wrestling, and more. Austin’s still mad about that DDT from a few weeks back! The discussion is fine but this is far from a must-listen show. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

The Jim Cornette Experience #76 (5/7/15): Kenny Bolin is back for a full show for some reason. There’s a lengthy bit about a waitress Bolin and Cornette knew who killed someone. It’s very bizarre. They also talk Bolin’s mom, his upcoming book, Baltimore, Cinco de Mayo, and more. If you like yelling, this is the show for you. A very strange outing. <Bolin’s interview starts at 24:25> THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho #141(5/1/15):Dean Ambrose is back on the show, but not to talk wrestling. Instead, he and Jericho talks all sorts of paranormal phenomenon, such as Bigfoot, ghosts, haunted clocks, lake monsters, aliens, and the moon landing. Zero wrestling talk here, which is fine, since Ambrose has been on TIJ before running down all that stuff. The whole After Dark subject matter does nothing for me, but Ambrose is such a cool guy I found this to be an enjoyable show. Ambrose’s interview starts at 17:20> THUMBS UP