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May 6, 2015
Full Sail University

NXT! NXT! NXT! The fans are going wild for the start of NXT, all until EVIL EMMA makes an appearance as Greg Hamilton introduces her for the opening match on the show.

Emma vs Charlotte: Oh yeah, Evil Emma is so great. She doesn’t do the bubble arm waving entrance, choosing to mock it instead. She doesn’t do the long middle rope skin the cat, choosing to slide in under the bottom instead. She doesn’t lose matches, choosing to… oh, no wait, she still loses. Emma wrestled in the stolen Bayley shirt, which promoted Corey Graves to pop off the non-PG line, “Is Emma even going to take her shirt off!?” Not the place for  that anymore, Corey. Emma grounded Charlotte throughout the match, wrestling with a purpose and looking so great doing it. She eventually lost via Natural Selection, which was a shame, but made total sense as she was still going up against one of the top women in the division.

After the match, Bayley, hesitantly, entered the ring. Emma, fearing retribution at her expense, asked for a hug. Never one to deny, Bayley went in for the hug. As Emma was looking to end it, Bayley held Emma tight. The crowd, sensing what was about to happen, erupted, and Bayley landed the Belly-To-Bayley on Emma, laying her out. Charlotte ran back in to save Bayley from herself, pulling Bayley away from Emma. The entire segment was the best thing ever.

NBecksT: A lengthy promo vignette for the rise of Becky Lynch aired, giving fans a condensed version of her travels from a teenager to her arrival in NXT.

Michael Cole’s Exclusive Sit Down Interview with NXT Champion Kevin Owens: Why did you do what you did to Sami Zayn!? Owens responds to Cole’s first question with logic and reason. It’s personal with Sami Zayn. Everything is personal when it comes to the NXT Title, as challengers are trying to take money away from him, his kids, his family. Cole asked if everything stemmed from the NXT Championship, rather than personal beef with Sami specifically. Owens effectively said yes, several times. “It isn’t about Sami, it’s about me being NXT Champion.” Cole, frustrated, asked his final question in a more angry tone. “How could you do what you did to Sami Zayn, who stood at the alter with you as your Best Man!?” Owens, also frustrated, responded, “Kevin Owens is a good father, who provides for his family, thanks to being NXT Champion.” The interview ended quite hilariously with Kevin promoting his Twitter, and telling Cole that he loves him on Monday nights.

Rhyno vs Bull Dempsey: The crowd chanted “Rhyno’s Gonna Kill You.” He didn’t quite merck Bull, but it was close. Rhyno got the win quickly with the GORE. Afterwards, Rhyno challenged Baron Corbin for Takeover.

Sasha Banks, in the halls of the WWE Performance Center, told Becky Lynch that to rule this empire, she needs the crown jewel. At Takeover, the crown jewel is staying with The Boss.

UHAA NATION! William Regal, in his office, welcomes his newest signing to NXT. The unnamed Sesugh Uhaa signed his contract, before we cut to a promo vignette for the new star. “Let’s get to work,” he says, and we see Uhaa running the ropes at the Performance Center before we cut to a “Coming Soon” image. UHAA, coming soon to NXT!

Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson vs Enzo & Big Cass: Corey Graves told us to get familiar with Wilder & Dawson, before immediately botching Dawson’s name. So maybe he should take his own advice. Enzo & Big Cass never made it to the ring for the match. After their music played twice with no talent coming out, we cut backstage and saw the Dubstep Cowboys laying a beating on the title challengers. Officials broke it up after a bit, but this match was canceled.

Michael Cole’s Exclusive Sit Down Interview with Former NXT Champion Sami Zayn: “Kevin’s a liar, and I’m not.” Zayn coming hot right out of the gate, telling Cole that it’s personal between he and Owens. Zayn did admit that its personal because of the NXT Title, and he knows what is at stake at Takeover. Turning to the camera now to talk directly at Owens, Sami said that he’s going to enter the ring next week on NXT and wants a true explanation to Owens’ actions. Sami told Kevin to show some guts, be a role model for his kid, and explain why he destroyed Sami so violently.

Sami Zayn vs John Cena from Raw was shown in highlight form. Rich Brennan made mention of Sami’s shoulder injury, without giving an update to the severity or ramifications.

NXT Women’s Championship Contract Signing: Becky Lynch spoke first, going briefly again over her start and rise in pro wrestling. She said she made a lot of mistakes, made a lot of sacrifices, and they all lead to this moment. She didn’t come to take part, she came to take over. With Becky’s signature completed, William Regal handed the pen to Sasha. Sasha dropped it, instead choosing to sign the contract with her signature stamp. As all contract signings do, Sasha nailed Becky with the contract and beat her up a bit before tossing the table over. With Becky down, Sasha went for some more punishment but Becky countered into the arm bar. Sasha was tapping when officials and Regal broke it up, with Becky standing tall and Sasha sitting on the mat in pain and worry.

In a poorly lit, iPhone video, Alex Riley told the fans about his second knee surgery. Riley spoke about all the risks he took in his company, and wondered if its all worth it. He complained about being laid out last week, and the fans chanting “Thank You Kevin.” If NXT wants Sami, and the NXT fans cheer for Owens, then we won’t see Alex Riley for a while. Because that’s what the people want. He said the last line with nearly a tear coming down his eye. Poor A-Ry.

Backstage, Dana Brooke called Devin’s body ‘whack.’ She called Charlotte being in the TapouT commercial ‘whack.’ Dana said she’d run circles around Charlotte, and run her right out of NXT.

Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami: Finn Bálor watched the match at ringside, in the timekeeper area. This was your set up for the Takeover: Unstoppable Triple Threat Match for the #1 Contendership to the NXT Title. Breeze and Itami had a hard fought match, with Itami pulling out the victory with the Shotgun Kick. During the match, though, Itami and Breeze fought outside near Bàlor. Itami accidentally kicked Bálor down to crowd gasps.

After the match, Breeze blindsided Itami, who was looking at Bálor in regret. Bálor ran in to run off Breeze, before checking in on Itami. With Bálor helping Itami up, Breeze ran back in and laid Bálor out with a superkick. He then delivered the Beauty Shot to Itami, and Breeze was your last man standing.