Hey guys, back here this week with more Lucha Underground. Let’s hope it’s not as sad as last week, where we saw the departure of Drago from the temple when he lost his title match against Prince Puma. He went out in a literal blaze of glory though.  This week brings us The Crew having another match against the inaugural  trios champs  Ivelisse/Son of Havoc/Angelico who beat The Crew to win those titles. The Crew is trying to stay in the good graces of Mr. Cueto. Our main event this week sees some action to the tension we’ve gotten between Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron the past several weeks and pits them against each other.

They’ve been having hissy fits about who the REAL face of Lucha Underground is. Now they find themselves in Dario’s office arguing who should face Puma next. They both feel they’re more deserving of Hernandez, and Dario agrees. Dario will have Alberto and Johnny face each other tonight, winner goes on to face Hernandez next week for the #1 contender’s spot. I can only imagine how Hernandez takes this news later. Dario sure loves to screw with people.

The Crew (Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco) vs. Angelico & Son of Havoc: Looks like they’re doing just a tag match so Ivelisse can recover from her injury. She’s still at ringside though and so is Bael. Well actually, she sits down in the crowd next to a very lucky guy because she doesn’t want to stand on the ankle. This was pretty good. Lots of flips and fast paced offense obviously from Angelico and Son of Havoc, including a rope bounce moonsault to the outside of The Crew. The main narrative here though was that The Crew’s cohesiveness trumped the unpredictability of the three dysfunctional acquaintances, as Ivelisse was barking out orders all match and Son of Havoc blind tagged a groggy Angelico who he let fall right out of the ring on purpose. This ended up costing him the match, as Castro and Cisco were able to hit the double team flapjack into the codebreaker for the win. I enjoy The Crew as the very reliable heel team that always seem to have at least decent matches. ***

We’re back in Cueto’s office and Daivari is back. Cueto told him it took a lot of balls to come back after Texano called him out. While Dario is trying to talk to him, Daivari’s just checking his phone telling Dario to just hurry up with it. Hey listen, you don’t have time for petty small talk when you’re rich. Cueto asks him why he’s here exactly, when he’s a wealthy man? Daivari says he likes to inflict pain, unlike Dario who just likes to watch pain. Dario gives him the match against Texano, next.

Hernandez is sitting in the locker room and here comes Konnan and Prince Puma. Konnan wasn’t thrilled that Hernandez got involved in Puma’s match with Drago last week and that he was trying to cost him the title. Hernandez says if it wasn’t for him, Puma wouldn’t be champion right now. Hernandez says he wants to make sure he beats Puma’s ass for the title down the road. Dario intervenes here, thrilled about this tension. He then tells Hernandez the news he told Alberto and Mundo earlier, and Hernandez is pissed. He tells Puma and Hernandez to set aside their differences because they’ll be facing Cage and King Cuerno.

Delavar Daivari vs. Texano Jr.: This beginning part of the match was so funny. Melissa Santos was introducing Daivari, and when she went to introduce Texano, he started rushing down to the ring and Melissa accidentally went “OH SHI-.” I cracked up because I’m a ten year old. Texano beats the tar out of Daivari. Texano throws the ref aside and gets DQ’d. Yup that’s it. NR

They continue the brawl after the bell. Daivari is able to nail Texano with the mic, and gets out of dodge, but not before spitting at Texano. Jeez man.

Prince Puma & Hernandez vs. King Cuerno & Cage: Here comes the strange bedfellows here, this doesn’t bode well for Puma seeing as Hernandez literally just talked about laying him out for his title just minutes before. And it didn’t, as Hernandez was a grade A heel in this. It started off as little stuff. He would insist he do his moves first if Puma tried to double team with him, then after his awesome over the top rope dive, Puma went for a dive himself but Hernandez was struttin his stuff on the apron after his dive and got in Puma’s way. Finally, it really devolved as Cuerno went for his signature arrow tope to Hernandez, Hernandez pulled Puma in the way! Then he Border Tossed Puma into the apron. Konnan was furious and chased Hernandez with his cane. Cage finished Puma off with the Weapon X in a pretty average match by Lucha Underground standards. It was more about the story being told here, and the dissension between Puma and Hernandez than the match itself though. **3/4

Hernandez looked particularly proud of himself for costing Puma the match and making a statement against Puma.

We’re back to the mystery girl, and Dragon Azteca. He still won’t let her go to the temple unless she beats him because he doesn’t want her to suffer the fate her parents did. They have a neat fighting sequence, and he tells her that her parents were defenseless, but she won’t be if she stays and trains more. Swallow your pride, girl!

Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron: Here we go, winner faces Hernandez next week to become #1 contender for Puma’s title. My goodness this match. Where the hell did THIS come from? I mean, both of these guys are very good in their own right but I did not expect this kind of awesome effort from these two. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands throughout this. They brawled in ring to start with, Alberto went for a second rope moonsault that Johnny avoided, Alberto landed on his feet but Mundo clotheslined him. Great spot. Johnny says THIS IS MY WORLD before springboard kicking Alberto, Mundo want to be the face of the promotion so badly. An awesome spot as well was Mundo trying to dive outside, but Alberto pulled the apron cover out and caught Mundo in it and gave him a stiff enziguiri! Something really strange happened here that ended up adding to the match; Mundo ran at Alberto in the corner, Alberto launched him over the ropes, assumedly for Mundo to land on the apron but Mundo miscalculated his fall and his foot bounced right off the wooden ring steps and left a gaping hole in them and a loud cracking noise to the horror of the crowd. Alberto, I’m not sure if this was planned or just great improv on his part but he goes for a huge tope through the ropes right away and sends Mundo right into the metal fencing.

Alberto hits a nasty tilt a whirl backbreaker on Mundo back in the ring. Alberto goes for a German but Johnny sends him through the ropes and hits a huge corkscrew tope to Alberto outside. He goes for End of the World but Alberto stops him right on  the top and follows it with a SICK reverse suplex for a nearfall. Just everything from this point on was gold; Alberto going for the armbreaker but Mundo reversing into an amazing sequence between the two that ended with Alberto missing a knee, Johnny going for a rollup that failed, but then Johnny hitting the knee strike for a two count. Then Johnny hit End of the World but Alberto POPPED the crowd by grabbing the rope. They absolutely FLIPPED OUT when Alberto grabbed Mundo’s arm out of nowhere and locked the armbreaker in, and so did I. This is so good. Johnny escaped though! What can these guys do to end this!? Alberto went for a  spear while Johnny was in the tree of woe but Johnny used that amazing core strength he has (abs bro) to pick himself up while Alberto came crashing into the pole. Johnny then hit the nastiest looking doublestomp from the top rope on Alberto’s back but that STILL couldn’t get it done. This closing final sequence, if the rest of this match wasn’t enough for you, was incredible. Alberto was able to hit a knee to the arm of Mundo, went for a super kick but Mundo dodged, springboarded off the rope in a corkscrew, missed Alberto, then Alberto NAILS Mundo flush with the superkick and FINALLY that puts away Mundo! My goodness this match took me for a ride and was a hell of a surprise. This is legit one of my favorite matches of the year so far. The false finishes, the crowd atmosphere, the psychology. Everything picture perfect here. Prioritize this match to watch. ****1/2

We see Catrina again finally! She’s at Muertes’ coffin, and she says the time for his sleep is over and mentions his real name Pasqual Mendoza. 1000 deaths are coming for them, and nothing will be able to stop him Dead or Alive. She resurrects him from the coffin! Oh boy…

Final Thoughts: A good not great episode of Lucha Underground. The undercard wasn’t too much to get crazy about, more just story advancement. But the main event. THE MAIN EVENT. Never in my life did I think Alberto and Mundo were capable of a match like that. This was easily Alberto’s best match since leaving WWE. They looked like two new men here instead of the WWE castoffs people can tend to pigeonhole them as at times. Alberto wrestled completely out of his comfort zone in this and matched Mundo’s pace and intensity beautifully. The crowd was absolutely HOT for the entire thing and made it even better. Just excellent stuff.

Looking forward to talking about Alberto vs. Hernandez next week with you guys! Should be another fun one. Maybe not quite Mundo/Alberto though.