Last week, I gushed about the ending to the trios tournament in which the dysfunctional team of Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico came out on top after having to go through three teams, when they originally were supposed to wrestle two. Dario sent The Crew out to try and stop this dysfunctional team from keeping the Trios titles but were vanquished by an amazing, historic dive from Angelico. Unfortunately, poor Ivelisse hurt her ankle badly during the event, and who knows where that leaves the Trios titles at this point. But this week, it’s a game of high stakes. Literal casino odds for Drago. Drago either beat Prince Puma for the LU title tonight, or he is forced to leave the Temple forever, empty handed.

Dario says he gave The Crew a gimme last week, the Trios title on a silver platter and they still couldn’t do it even against a girl on one leg. He sends The Crew into the room with the caged, angry man inside and tells them that it’s his BROTHER. His brother isn’t nearly as forgiving as him, so if they disappoint again, they’ll be answering to him, not Dario. Well damn.

Fenix vs. Killshot: Here’s what we like to call a hot opener. After a tepid start, Fenix hits a through the bottom rope hurricanrana on Killshot on the outside. Killshot follows that with a dropkick and an insane tope of his own. Fenix hits a ton of chops, and goes for a springboard DDT but Killshot catches him and hits a spinout suplex neckbreaker on Fenix for a near fall! Killshot hit a crazy cutter on Fenix coming off the ropes, then a suplex into  a back cracker won’t get it done either. Killshot tries the top rope german but Fenix lands on his feet. Finally Fenix ends this with the fire driver! Wish this was longer, but what can ya do? ***1/4

Backstage, Dario finds Drago in the bathroom again. It’s like that couple that always has to go back to the same spot where they first met a long time ago except a lot more sick and sadistic. He never said thank you, Dario says. He gave Drago this opportunity because he knows his kind have survived time and time again and tonight should be no different. Great stuff from Dario once again.

Now Dario finds Puma backstage. He thinks Puma is having second thoughts about possibly sending Drago home. Dario says warriors think of nothing but victory and he has to do it. Hernandez confronts Dario and asks why he’s in a three-way match tonight with Cage and Cuerno when they would probably just attack him. Dario spices it up and says since Hernandez is the only reason Puma has the title, he’ll make the winner of the 3 way #1 contender for the Lucha Underground title so it evens the odds. Note that when Hernandez confronted Dario, Dario thought he was protecting Puma but he said “I don’t care about Puma.” Seeing Puma overhearing this whole conversation during this was surreal, he looked like his confidence took a huge hit and was legitimately upset that Hernandez wasn’t looking out for him and Dario has no faith in him. Awesome storytelling.

So we’re supposed to get a four-way match here with Famous B, Ricky Mandel, Vinny Massaro and Argenis. Note that these four were sacrifices to Pentagon Jr. and are all wearing some sort of arm brace to indicate that, cool stuff. But out comes Texano and he takes it to all four of these guys and the match never happens. He even throws the ref out! He’s enraged about Daivari putting his hands on him from the crowd last week and invites him to the temple so he can beat the crap out of him.

Interesting segment here. We have who used to be Martin from the 2011 season of Tough Enough camping outside the temple as a big fan waiting for Dario Cueto, even wearing a shirt that says Aztec Pride. He’s been waiting for a week just to see anyone from the show! Dario the smug prick he is said “Sorry, no time for autographs” like that was what he automatically assumed this guy wanted because he’s Dario freakin Cueto. But no, this guy wants to be a part of the show. He goes under the name Marty “The Moth” Martinez. He has Aztec blood running through his veins and his spirit animal is the moth; the temple is his destiny. Dario quickly calls for security to get this crazy fan out of here. Classic Dario.

#1 Contender’s Match: King Cuerno vs. Cage vs. Hernandez: Of course Cage and Cuerno team up on Hernandez to start. Cuerno hit a big splash and went for a pin, but Cage tried sneaking up on Cuerno with a cradle pin for a close nearfall. So much for that alliance. Hernandez lets them go at it for a bit, and then tries coming in to take advantage, but they double team him once again. Hernandez hits the double clothesline over the ropes on both men. Hernandez pushes Cuerno around for a bit and goes for the Border Toss, but Cage comes out of nowhere with a kick to stop him. These two continue to try and get on the same page and double team Hernandez. Hernandez hits a huge flapjack on Cuerno; I love the look on Hernandez’s face when he does this stuff, it’s almost like it’s too easy for him. Cage and Hernandez are about to go at it when FREAKING MARTY THE MOTH RUNS IN AND SCREAMS THAT HE’S HERE. Cuerno dropkicks the CRAP out of him and they all throw him out. Hernandez hits his newer finisher, not unlike Yujiro’s Tokyo Pimps, on Cuerno for the victory and the #1 contendership. Sure puts Puma in a rough spot with Konnan huh? **1/2

Vampiro has a classic interview segment here with the new Trios champs Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico where they basically all try to singlehandedly take credit for winning those titles and they bicker about it. It’s hilarious. Vampiro asks Ivelisse if she can even wrestle The Crew again with her ankle, and she said she’s ready to fight whenever. Son of Havoc says that even if they don’t like each other, they fight together. Ivelisse said SHE was going to say that, yadda yadda. You get the gist of this. Funny as heck though.

Lucha Underground Championship & Drago’s Career On the Line – Drago vs. Prince Puma(c): Another high pressure matchup for Drago. He earned this dangerous opportunity under pressure in the best of five series clinching match against Aerostar a couple of weeks ago, can he capture the title here and stay in the temple? It’s all been about surivival for Drago who came from behind in that best of 5 series as well, he’s always had his back against the wall here.

They start with some classic lucha sequences. Drago then hits a huge corkscrew tope to the outside. Puma answers back inside with a huge springboard dropkick and a twisting tope outside of his own. After some more awesome high flying stuff from Puma, Drago superkicks him out of the corner and hits a huge corkscrew dive. I think they mic’d up Konnan much higher on this because they made it a point to have all his instructions being barked out to Puma so we could hear them clearly, interesting. Drago puts on this killer submission hold, but Puma rope breaks it. Puma answered right back with a cradle back suplex and a standing shooting star press for a nearfall! Drago then blocks the Benadryller, hits a knee and roundhouse of his own, then does a reverse frankensteiner, holy hell what a combo. Then they just start trading kicks and this was just insane from here guys. Damn it, in the Benadryller position, they knock the ref over by accident, Drago avoids the knee strike and hits a picture perfect flip piledriver on Puma. He had him down past 3, but the ref was still down! Out strolls Hernandez, and he goes and spears Drago into the corner, but he may have been going for Puma who moved out of the way. Konnan tells Puma to finish Drago, but like any good babyface he didn’t want to win like this. Puma finally follows orders and puts Drago away with the Steiner Screwdriver, retaining the title and sending Drago out of the temple for good. Wow, these two had a war and the interference didn’t ruin it whatsoever and is proper leadway into this Hernandez/Puma program, wondering whose side Konnan will take. ****

Post match, Puma feels terrible for winning the way he did and ending Drago’s career like that. He hugs Drago. Konnan tells him you have to take advantage of the situation. Drago gets a huge crowd sendoff. Drago finds Dario backstage and tells him they will meet again, and sticks the trademark tongue out. Then a HUGE breath of fire emanates behind the curtains that Drago exited. Such an awesome touch, once again the little things this show does so well.

Final Thoughts: This wasn’t the most memorable episode of Lucha Underground regarding in ring work in recent memory. The undercard was average, wish Fenix/Killshot got more time and the three way contender match was nothing special. This was much more of an episode dedicated to story advancement and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the high stakes main event delivered with a heck of a match between Drago and Puma who were pulling out all the stops to keep a career alive and keep a world title. They did a good job with the interference in this from Hernandez, as it’s relevant to the dilemma Konnan has of representing the champion AND the number one contender and we aren’t sure which side he’s on. Very curious to see how this unfolds.

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