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April 29, 2015
Full Sail University

One week after the culmination of the hottest feud in WWE, Owens vs Riley, WWE featured the road to redemption of Riley’s Rage as he battled Sami Zayn. Unfortunately, Riley hit a roadblock as Kevin Owens continued to make his presence felt on NXT.

Oh, forget all that. Of course, this episode wasn’t about Alex Riley. It was about the road to Takeover between Owens and Zayn! Takeover is less than four weeks away now, and not only did we get the confirmation of Owens vs Zayn for the title, but Becky Lynch continues her road to the women’s championship in competition tonight.

Holy Farmer’s tan, KO: Kevin Owens kicked off tonight’s NXT, basically demanding that Sami Zayn enter the ring for a fight, right off the bat. Owens ain’t no wuss. A tough guy champion who welcomes a fight, how rare. While Owens was waiting, patiently, William Regal entered the ring, rather than Zayn. Regal told Owens to calm down, and quit using NXT to further his personal agenda. What else should he be using NXT for? Owens disrespected Regal, saying that he doesn’t care what he says because he isn’t Sami Zayn. Owens wanted Zayn, and only Zayn. On that note, Sami Zayn arrived, with Regal getting in between them. Getting right to the point, Regal booked Zayn’s title rematch with Owens for May 20’s Takeover. NOT SO FAST, Owens remarked. Owens wanted the fight, but he didn’t want to put his title on the line quite yet.

I loved that bit. In building up the February 11 Owens vs Zayn match, Regal didn’t want the champion to put up the title, feeling Owens hadn’t deserved a title shot yet. Zayn, however, fought to put up his own title. Here we are now, roles reversed, and the situation is tilted with Regal wanting the belt up, but Owens scoffing. Works perfectly!

In response to Owens remarks about Zayn not deserving a shot, Zayn mocked Owens as living in Sami’s shadow. Calling back to February, Zayn said he fights for a prize, and the title is the prize. Owens backed down, agreeing to the title match, frustrated that Zayn was mocking his motivation. At Takeover on May 20, it’s Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn for the NXT Championship.

Performance Center Kitchen Theater: On the second floor of the WWE Performance Center, Carmella, Enzo, and Big Cass were randomly arguing as Greg Hamilton was trying to sell NXT Live Event tickets. Carmella shushed away her men, while Murphy and Blake strolled in and sat down with her. Murphy and Blake made fun of Enzo and Cass, which upset Carmella, so they left. To keep it going, Alexa Bliss came in. She got in Carmella’s face, so Carmella pie-faced Alexa and walked off. Enter back in Blake & Murphy, and it appears we may finally have a female on the side of Blake & Murphy in this rivalry. Lil’ Alexa Bliss. Also, this segment featured some awesome breaking of the fourth wall accidentally by Blake. Oh, and inappropriate, Twitter folk.

Backstage, William Regal had Sami Zayn sign the contract for the Takeover title match. Alex Riley rushed in, begging for another match with Owens. Regal flatly said no. Sami tried to calm Riley down, telling him that Owens can get under people’s skin. Not taking kindly to the interruption, Riley shut Zayn down. Zayn challenged Riley to a “warm up match,” which Riley agreed to. Riley turned to Regal, saying that if Zayn can’t make it to Takeover afterwards, Riley wants Owens. Not that it is a surprise, really, but Riley was great here.

Blake & Murphy vs Enzo & Big Cass: Twenty one minutes into the show, we have our first match. A bit irregular for NXT. Enzo pinned Murphy after the Long Dart Drop, giving the already named #1 contenders a victory over the tag champs on the way to their eventual Takeover title match.

NBecksT: Becky had a showcase vignette, featuring her going over her life story, in low detail, as she made her way to NXT. She said she’s here to be the best, not the second best.

Backstage, Devin asked Bayley about her upcoming match with Dana Brooke. Bayley was panicked, as she had lost all her stuff (except her gear, as she was wearing it.) Bayley went off to find her stuff, while Emma walked in next wearing all of Bayley’s missing things.

A Baron Corbin vignette aired, with Baron telling us he’s here to dole out pain.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke: Thank God Dana is here to save the show. Bayley outwrestled the newcomer early, but Dana didn’t take long to gain control via her power, tossing Bayley around with ease. Bayley did get the power back, but before being able to put Dana away, EMMA showed up. Evil Emma was wearing Bayley’s shirt, bracelets, and more. Bayley, of course, was distracted by this. Dana took advantage, lifting Bayley up into her fireman carry Michinoku Driver for the pinfall win.

The greatest moment in NXT history happened after this, though. With Emma dancing around on the stage, successfully having caused her new enemy a defeat, Dana Brooke walked up and the two high fived. It was so great.


Backstage, William Regal announced a #1 Contender to the NXT Title Triple Threat Match between Finn Bálor, Tyler Breeze, and Hideo Itami.

Adam Rose vs Hideo Itami: Really not much to this match, as it was a by the numbers WWE C-show match. Hideo was hot early, Rose got the heat for a short time, and Hideo made a quick comeback before nailing the Shotgun kick for the win. Back to the Fandango feud for Mr Rose!

Backstage, Bayley was backstage looking for Emma, whining about her former friend taking her easily replaceable clothes.

Becky Lynch vs Sarah Dobson: Becky won with a sick looking armbar. It wasn’t quite a squash match, but a pretty big showcase for the #1 contender. They gave Crazy Mary Dobson a name, and Corey did give a bit of a background on her. So maybe we’ll see her again sometime down the road?

Backstage, Rhyno called out Baron Corbin, responding to the earlier vignette. He called himself the past, present and future.

Sami Zayn vs Alex Riley: Riley is ripped, huge, jacked, psyched, enraged, grizzled, and all that jazz. Sami is none of that jazz. But he is smiley, and giddy. Kevin Owens worked commentary for the bout, letting the announcers know that he won’t toss any of them over the booth as long as they don’t disrespect him. Owens spent the match, which wasn’t long due to his own interference, mocking Riley in a calm, yet pretty funny fashion.

As I said, Owens interfered in the match. Riley and Zayn spilled to the outside after minutes of chain wrestling, which resulted in a solid match up to the interference. With Zayn outside, Owens got up from commentary and attacked. He laid out his future title challenger, and with him down, Owens focused on Riley. Owens, laughing afterward loudly, delivered a powerbomb to the ring apron on Kevin. Some monsters in the audience chanted “Thank You Kevin.” Owens lifted up his belt, surveyed his damage, and the TV show went off the air with Zayn and Riley laid out at ringside.