As you all may know, my first article was about the amazingness that is Booker T’s bun. I have been so busy with school and work recently and have not been watching RAW, but while watching yesterday’s Extreme Rules PPV, I was inspired to share with you all my opinions about both Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus and their new looks.

First off, Sheamus looks ridiculous with his new mohawk. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hatin’ on mohawks, I even dated a guy with a mohawk in my younger years, mostly to upset my parents. My point is, mohawks are a style that only certain people can pull off, and it is not for you Seamus. - Sheamus

It is also the worst hairstyle to have while wrestling, no matter how much product you use, there is no way the hawk is holding up during your match. However, the mohawk is not as ridiculous as the braided/beaded beard. What?! Seriously who decided, “yes… beads in the beard sound like a great idea, I love it.” No, just stop. The only thing more annoying than the beaded beard is the sound of Fall Out Boy playing throughout the Extreme Rules intro and advertisements. I have held the stance that Fall Out Boy were sell outs since I was a freshman in highschool, but that is an opinion for another article. Anyways, nothing good about Sheamus or Fall Out Boy during Extreme Rules.

What I can get behind is Dolph Zigglers new look. I have grown much fonder of Dolph since he got rid of annoying Vickie Guerrero and now that he has dropped the hot pink shorts, Dolph is quickly becoming my guy (along with Dean Ambrose and a few others).

Dolph totally pulls off the jean jacket look, and if you have been in a Gap recently, jean jackets and shirts are totally in this summer. He’s on the cusp of high fashion and bringing it into the WWE world. - Dolph Ziggler

Someone also mentioned to me on Twitter that Dolph was rockin a man bun.

Unfortunately I missed this, but hope he will bring it back. I think a nice man bun could totally polish this new look.

So good work Dolph, keep it up! Even though you got punched in the nuts and had to kiss Sheamus’ arse — remember that you not only won the match but my heart.