No Bauer & Pollock this week. Nothing was really exemplary so I didn’t name anything Best of the Week. The podcast week in review, brought to you by Casper Mattress.

They said it…

  • “We’re pretty much the Jurassic Powers of 2015.” – Chris Hero, jokingly describing his tag team with Colt Cabana
  • “It would have to improve a lot to be horseshit television.” – Bruce Pritchard, after Eric Bischoff called the fake Diesel and Razor angle horseshit television.

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop #42 (4/18/15): Pepper Parks joins Karl and Rocky after a Cincinnati independent show to shoot the breeze. There’s some fun talk about Pepper’s early days in the biz, stiffing Lash Laroux, quitting at 21 and returning, Karl and Pepper’s transgender roommate, drinking, dancing, and being an utter failure at the club. A fun outing and Pepper fits right in with the gang. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #176 (4/12/15): Week 3 with Court and Alex Greenfield. After some discussion about the new Star Wars and Daredevil, the two get down to business and break down NXT touring, Daniel Bryan’s future, the new NXT class, and Vince McMahon’s exit strategy. A bit of an inverse of the previous week, as the wrestling talk is actually quite good, but the stories (including one about Dusty Rhodes in a hot tub) don’t amount to much. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Piper’s Pit #55 (4/20/15): Cousin Sal Iacono of Jimmy Kimmel and ESPN sits down with Roddy to talk about his early fandom, how he found his way to Hollywood, and working with Judo Gene Lebell. The two have a good rapport and Sal turns the tables and interviews Piper on some random topics, such as his favorite movies and music. If you don’t like Sal’s brand of comedy you won’t dig this, but there are some good laughs and its Piper’s second good show in a row. THUMBS UP

Human Podcast Machine #19 (4/20/15): This is the Suplex City episode Taz has been talking about. Taz talks about the evolution of suplexes in the business, wrestlers who threw suplexes, wrestlers who inspired Taz to throw suplexes, and proper technique in throwing suplexes. You do learn the Iron Sheik was a big influence on Taz. It’s a weird but OK episode that’s way too short (24 minutes) to amount to a whole lot. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Steve Austin Show #213 (4/21/15): Steve basically tells the story of how he met, courted, and married his wife Kristin, and how he got Hershey the Wonder Dog. The stories are OK, but seriously, Steve can’t even get Ted Fowler on the phone anymore? Steve also reveals there were some trademark issues between him and the WWE, and that’s why some T-shirts had to come down from Pro Wrestling Tees. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #136 (4/22/15): The Miz is up first to discuss the Marine 4 in a superfluous segment. Then famed rock producer Bob Rock is the main event. Rock talks about starting out in Winnepeg, opening for the Police, and producing groups like Bon Jovi and Motley Crue. But the bulk of the interview is about Rock’s work with Metallica, from producing the Black Album and actually playing bass with them for a while. I found the inner workings of production fascinating, but if this description doesn’t intrigue you, you probably won’t like the show. <Miz’s interview starts at 9:05, Rock’s interview at 29:31> THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #62 (4/22/15): TNA star Bobby Roode joins JR for a lengthy chat. Roode’s been wrestling for 18 years and spent the last 11 in TNA, so you’d imagine he’d have some good stories. And there are some good tidbits about being a fan (Roode was at both the Raw after Montreal and the Raw that aired opposite the final Nitro), his influences, teaming with James Storm, and working with Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle. But too often, JR steers the conversation towards his usual talking points (how the lack of territories hurts the business, the lost art of selling, etc), which drags down the proceedings. <Roode’s interview starts at 31:42> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Human Podcast Machine #20 (4/22/15): Taz talks to Johnny Brennan, one of the Jerky Boys. Seriously. They talk about prank phone calls while Brennan does voices and Taz endlessly guffaws. Zero wrestling talk. If you were into the Jerky Boys (and I never was) you might get some enjoyment from the show, but this did nothing for me. THUMBS DOWN

Art of Wrestling #246 (4/23/15): Scott “Flash” Norton is the guest this week. He and Colt have a breezy conversation, talking about growing up with Rick Rude, Norton’s arm wrestling days, starting in the AWA, wrestling in Portland, and the crazy story of his first night in New Japan. Some stories of WCW incompetence is the cherry on the sundae. Norton always came across as a gruff individual but here he’s an affable interview. Chris Hero also joins Colt for the intro to provide an update from the duo’s tour in NOAH. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #214 (4/23/15): Holy crow, Steve does an actual interview with a wrestler! He has a lengthy chat with “The Franchise” Shane Douglas in the first part of a 2 parter. The first half of the interview is about Shane’s recent efforts to kick an oxycodone habit and is a pretty heavy listen. The back half of the show is much lighter, covering Shane’s fandom as a kid, training with Dominic Denucci, learning about kayfabe the hard way, working for Bill Watts, blading, and a lot more. A lengthy and intriguing conversation and the only downside is the fact the microphone picks up Austin’s breathing for the entire show. THUMBS UP

The Jim Cornette Experience #74 (4/23/15): A special program as Les Thatcher joins Jim and Alice to discuss the passing of Ron Wright, who died on Tuesday. Les worked with Ron in the ring and Ron worked as a manager in Smokey Mountain for Jim, so there are lots of stories about his huge feud with Whitey Caldwell, riots, stabbings, and they even play a lengthy vintage Wright interview. A fitting tribute, the only downside is an unnecessary tangent on how lousy today’s wrestling is. THUMBS UP

Who’s Next with Goldberg #44 (4/23/15): “Gas Monkey Garage proprietor and derelict American Car Rejuvenator Richard Rawlings (Fast N’ Loud – Discovery) joins Goldberg from his garage to talk muscle cars.” That about says it all. In the only noteworthy tidbit, Bill says he does want to fight for Glory Kickboxing. Oh, and I guess Bill was in an ATV accident recently, so best wishes to him. THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho #137 (4/24/15): Jericho first chats with his cousin Chad about their adventures at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, including peeing in the same bathroom as Yoko Ono. The rest is a broadcast of the Eric Bischoff/Bruce Pritchard Monday Night Wars debate (the one from before the Royal Rumble, not the one from Wrestlemania weekend that 40 people attended). They edited the whole thing down to a little over an hour, which was likely a good move. Jericho just gets perspective from both sides about events like Lex Luger appearing on Nitro, Madusa dumping the belt in the trash, the tank showing up on Nitro, and Montreal. There’s some misinformation here, and likely not a ton you haven’t heard, but if you’re not burned out on Monday Night Wars talk, you’ll enjoy this. Chad’s interview starts at 8:36, Bischoff & Pritchard start at 35:52> THUMBS UP