After a slight delay of four hours past their regularly scheduled time of 7pm GMT due to an uploading problem, the third episode of RevPro TV came out this Monday. This was happening just 24 hours after their most recent live show, At Our Best, which the first two episodes have spent a fair amount of time building to.

What has both impressed and somewhat surprised me is the way that this episode, despite featuring matches from the same event a couple of months ago, is referencing and even showing clips of the aforementioned event that happened just the night before. That effort to stay current and up to date is admirable, and something even the US’s number two promotion could learn from in regards to their TV show.

RevPro TV #3
April 6, 2015
London, England
The London Cockpit

We kick off the show with Zoe Lucas, whom I learned this week was a trainee wrestler with no real presenting experience so can be somewhat forgiven for her subpar hosting skills, who leads straight into a recap of the entire Cabana vs. Lord Grey feud, ranging all the way back to the beginning of 2014. It’s a long segment, lasting ten minutes, but very well put together. If you’ve seen it all play out like I have it’s completely skippable, but for the vast majority of you who haven’t it’s a well put together video package that’ll catch you up completely on the entire feud.

We then go to the London Cockpit, with Lord Gideon Grey coming out and making his first appearance since his streak was broken by Matt Classic. He gets on the mic, starting by antagonising the crowd, before talking about his redemption and sending a message to Colt Cabana. He’s playing a cartoony character, embroiled in a feud that I’m not terribly interested in because it’s not the sort of wrestling I enjoy, but Gideon really is great on the mic and at portraying his character.

His partner in the Legion of Lords, Rishi Ghosh, then brings out the subject Gideon will be sending his message against: Matt Classic Jr.

Lord Gideon Grey vs. “Matt Classic Jr.”: Matt Classic Jr. is a skinny young boy, probably plucked out of the Portsmouth School of Wrestling, wearing a Matt Classic mask. I think it may be the same guy who was playing Gideon’s lawyer at High Stakes, but it’s hard to tell.

After starting off with some surprisingly nice chain wrestling, Gideon laid Jr. out with a punch and then proceeded to squash the young lad with a series of suplexes followed by tapping him out with the House of Lords, a variation of the Camel Clutch where Gideon hooked his opponents arms like a Tiger Suplex instead of clutching his opponent’s chin. This was just an extended squash, but served its purpose well. SQUASH

After the match Gideon wasn’t finished, first laying in some boots and then picking him up and hitting a GTS on him, because Cabana is defined by being Punk’s friend (and Cliff Compton, don’t get me started). After that he claimed Junior’s mask, before leaving triumphantly with Rishi Ghosh.

Andy and Zoe then announced that 2 Unlimited would be debuting on the show next week, as well as announcing the main event for the following week pitting one half of the current British Tag Team Champions Mark Haskins against a former tag team and heavyweight champion Sha Samuels, as well as more highlights from At Our Best.

We then flipped over to a quick highlight package of Will Ospreay defending his British Cruiserweight Championship against Jimmy Havoc from Sunday’s At Our Best, a match we saw made due to the results of the matches on the first two episodes of RevPro TV. This was basically a commercial for the VOD which is coming shortly to, but it was a good one, showing you just enough to be intrigued and want to see the match without giving too much away. I’ll be reviewing that match along with the rest of the At Our Best show when it does come out shortly on this very site.

James Castle vs. Jake McCluskey: Time for our main event, pitting Revolutionist member “The Anarchist” James Castle against the young veteran Jake McCluskey. This match has been brewing for a while, as Castle’s initiation into the Revolutionists came as a result of him attacking McCluskey with a chair during their first scheduled match, and then costing him a victory against Sha Samuels in the York Hall, finally followed on the inaugural episode of RevPro TV McCluskey taking some form of revenge by making the save for Doug Williams from the new Anarchist.

This was a fun brawler against high flyer match-up. James Castle is still a little green around the edges, having only been training for two years, but he looked pretty good here in the meat of the match, although his early heat segments lacked a certain something. After a good back and forth finishing stretch, McCluskey looked as if he was going to achieve the win with a top rope moonsault but Castle’s fellow Revolutionist Sha Samuels came out of nowhere and pushed him off of the top rope for the DQ. A solid showing from these two, shame about the screwy finish. Guess we’re stretching this feud out further. **3/4

After the match Sha beat down on McCluskey, laying him out with Castle’s chair. He then got on the mic, cutting a quick promo on how the Revolutionists are taking over to close out the show.

Final Thoughts: This was definitely a step down from previous episodes. Both matches weren’t really standalone matches, used almost entirely as a means to furthering future feuds. Nothing was bad, both matches served their purposes well, but there’s nothing you should go out of your way to see unless you follow the product and will end up buying the York Hall shows for the payoffs to these feuds.

I was impressed by the way they’re keeping the TV show current despite the bulk of the show being from an event that took place in mid-February though. Going forward I imagine that’ll go a long way to keeping me interested in a show.

In my review of the first show I said that they’ll probably be using all their non-York Hall shows for the RevPro TV, but after watching the first three shows I don’t think that’ll be the case. For each forty minute show they’re only using about twenty five minutes of content from their actual events, and padding out the rest with studio promos, highlight packages and host discussion. This padding out of the shows probably mean they’ll be able to get four or five episodes out of each event they film, so that’ll mean they’ll obviously need less TV/Youtube tapings. That in turn means they’re having more shows that’ll be up on their On Demand service, with At Our Best being an example of a show I thought may have been a TV taping but isn’t.

You can see this week’s episodes here: