Lucha Underground
April 1, 2015

Last week’s episode saw Son of Havoc finally getting Ivelisse off his back by dumping her, Alberto El Patron retaining his AAA title against Texano Jr. in a brutal Bull Rope match, and Prince Puma retaining his newly designed Lucha Underground title against Cage with help from newly arrived Hernandez. Let’s see what we have in store for this week’s edition.

We start off in Cueto’s office where Big Ryck comes in with two men: Killshot and The Mack, better known as Willie Mack from the indie scene, cool! Ryck is none too pleased and said he heard Cueto ordered the hit on him by The Crew. Cueto announces he’s announcing a Trios belt for Lucha Underground and he’ll be putting Mack, Killshot and Ryck as a team in the title tournament! This is awesome, I’m a sucker for good trios action and it adds even more depth to an already stacked show.

A random thought, but I think it’s cool that they have Latino bands play before the opening match, it’s really neat.

Angelico vs. Johnny Mundo: Well this is interesting, not used to seeing Mundo in the opening slot but this should be a ton of fun knowing how athletic these two are. Mundo starts off on the offensive against Angelico, but quickly shifts to Angelico using speed to avoid Mundo’s strikes and kicks. Okay honestly, these guys are doing so much awesome stuff so quickly I’m not even going to TRY to call this match properly through text. Mundo misses a corkscrew top to the outside, and starts doing his crazy parkour off the metal fence, leading to a kick to Angelico. A bunch of counters in the ring between the two leading to Mundo kneeing Angelico in the face. Angelico does a crucifix into a sunset flip, leading to some more pinning combos that failed but then Angelico hits the double stomp on Mundo’s chest. They trade punches and Angelico hits his big strike combo leading to a failed pin attempt by Angelico. Mundo hits a springboard kick for a nearfall. Mundo misses The End of the World, lands on his feet but Angelico nails him with a knee. Angelico his the Fall of the Angels corner cross bomb on Mundo but Mundo gets a foot on the ropes. Angelico goes to the well once too many, Mundo reverses this time, but Angelico quickly kicks Mundo while on the top rope. Angelico goes for the hurricanrana up top but Mundo blocks, hits the End of the World for the win. Really fun, fast paced match with no rest holds whatsoever. ***1/4

Now we go back to this mystery girl we were seeing a few weeks ago. She was trying to find the man Cueto was keeping in a cell in the depths of the Temple, in which she did but was kidnapped and stopped by El Dragon Azteca. Azteca claims to be one of the decendants of the Aztecs and was apparently there when this girl’s parents DIED!? Well this shit just got real way too quickly! Apparently, that monster Cueto was keeping was the culprit and she wants her revenge so El Dragon Azteca is training her. This whole segment has Robert Rodriguez’s fingerprints ALL over it.

We go back to the Temple locker room where El Patron congratulates Mundo on his win. Mundo throws the fighting words out there when he asks Alberto if he’ll only face guys he’s already beaten. El Patron laughs this off, and Mundo telling him he’s the face of Lucha Underground.

Back in Cueto’s office, Sexy Star (who is sporting a braid tonight and looks as beautiful as ever) is looking for some partners for the Trios tournament since apparently Masacarita and Pimpinella are still dead from their beatdown by The Crew several weeks ago. Cueto gives her Super Fly and PENTAGON JR.!!! Well god damn, Sexy Star got a hell of a draw here. They’ll be facing Ryck, Killshot and Mack in the main event tonight!

Best of Five Series Match #4- Aerostar vs. Drago (Aerostar leads 2-1): Aw man, here we go. It’s win or go home time for Drago in this awesome series of matches these two have been having. They start by showcasing some athletic flips, and then Drago hits a superkick, then repeated kicks in the corner. Aerostar does the Mascara Dorada rope walk into a missile dropkick. He then jumps from one rope, to the other, then sentons off the rope to Drago on the outside. Springboard sunset flip, then springboard splash by Aerostar in the ring for a nearfall. Drago hits a forward electric shair drop into a really neat looking arm submission using both of his legs. Aerostar flips off Drago to the apron but gets dropkicked outside. Drago noticeably is avoiding the big outside dive here, a real nice dose of psychology where Drago doesn’t want to make the big mistake to lose this series. Drago hits a beautiful corkscrew attack from the top rope, then gets the 1-2-3 and the series tied at 2-2 with one of signature crazy roll ups. This was probably weakest match these two have had so far, but it wasn’t bad by any stretch. ***

Oooo, that post match “handshake” got a little too close for comfort this time around, as these two know that it’s one match that will determine who gets the unique opportunity or won’t.

In Cueto’s office, he brings in the troubled triangle of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico. Cueto is disappointed with all of them; Angelico lost tonight, Havoc won last week but after months of losing, and Ivelisse got dumped by the guy who was losing for weeks which Dario found “pretty embarrassing”. Ivelisse’s terrible delivery here when she says SHE’S the one who does the dumping around here was hilariously awful. So Cueto decides to put this dysfunctional trio into the trios tournament to the dismay of the three. Havoc of course reminds Cueto that HE dumped HER.

Get a good look at the JUST ANNOUNCED Lucha Underground Trios title belts! The tournament begins TONIGHT at 8pm on El Rey Network!

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Trios Tournament- Killshot, The Mack and Big Ryck vs. Sexy Star, Super Fly and Pentagon Jr.: The Pentagon Jr. stan inside of me is incredibly happy to see him in this tournament. He’s so badass, he enters by himself away from the unworthy Sexy Star and Super Fly. Hey, they aren’t “his master” so why should he enter with them? Pentagon tells his master that he’s sorry he has these awful partners, and that he’ll win him the Trios titles anyway because he has CERO MIEDO. I love him so much.

Pentagon starts off against Mack. Pentagon uses his speed to try and avoid Mack’s offense but HOLY HELL is Mack athletic for a man his size. I swear, this company just finds big guys that can also fly around the ring, it’s insane. He’s doing springboards and flips here and it’s blowing my mind. Pentagon does the rope walk to avoid Mack and hits a perfect dropkick and the trademark eardrum shattering chop in the corner. Pentagon’s presence commands a ring and an audience. Mack comes back with a brutal shoulder tackle that sent Pentagon flying, and it was off from there. These two just went absolutely at it, I’m not going to attempt to call all of this. Pentagon tried breaking the arm, but Mack gets out and tags in Killshot (who I now can clearly see is Shane Strickland who is a really solid indie worker.) Superfly and Killshot have a hell of a high flying sequence. Sexy Star tags in and goes to work on Killshot. Killshot nails a hell of an elbow on her and slaps her across the chest, but she comes back with an elbow and a headscissor but Ryck breaks the pin up and clears the whole apron out. Ryck the illegal man tosses her over the top rope into the rest of her team. Mack and Killshot dive to the outside onto Pentagon and Super Fly. Ryck plans to dive but is met by Sexy from the top rope with a crossbody.

Pentagon and Ryck go at it now, the ref has lost total control. Leads to Killshot and Pentagon facing off and this is where things really pick up. Killshot and Mack have honestly been huge additions to this already deep roster only a week in. Eventually Pentagon assists Sexy Star into a top rope hurricanrana on Killshot with a Super Fly splash for extra measure, but Ryck breaks it up. Ryck takes care of Pentagon and Sexy Star on the outside, Killshot hits a sick looking cutter out of a somersault on Super Fly and then Mack and Killshot hit this awesome brainbuster, double face stomp from the top rope double team move to win the match. Very good trios match, and I can’t wait to see a plethora of Trios matches coming up in the next several weeks. Mack and Killshot had a hell of a debut showing here as well. ***3/4

Pentagon is FURIOUS about losing, so furious that he decides he wants to break Super Fly’s arm to satisfy the Master. Sexy Star stops this by booting Pentagon in the head…oh boy, cue the Undertaker YOU’VE DONE IT NOW, YOU’VE GONE AND MADE A BIG MISTAKE theme. Does she want to die?

Final Thoughts: An extremely easy to watch Lucha Underground episode that seemed to fly by. Nothing was really slow paced and everything flowed really well. I felt for a win or go home match for Drago, that match was too short and didn’t feel quite as epic as I had hoped.  Mundo and Angelico flew all over the ring which was a blast, and Patron/Mundo should be an interesting matchup soon. The trios action was great and I’m really glad there’s going to be a trios title and corresponding tournament. Mack and Killshot are two more perfect, versatile additions to this roster that makes booking even more diverse. Lucha Underground steadily grows and grows each week and it’s amazing to see what it has become since last October.