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March 2015

Rob McCarron

Another month has gone by, and what a busy month for WWE it was! March 2015 will obviously be remembered for Wrestlemania 31, but for WWE Main Event, it will be remembered for a few things… if remembered at all. This month saw Adam Rose and Zack Ryder take their Twitter war to squared circle, Naomi’s rise as a title contender again, Curtis Axel reminding us of #Axelmania, and FANDANGO laughing at every weird gimmick in WWE. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the best and worst of WWE Main Event for the month of March, 2015!

BEST: Curtis Axel gets a win

Curtis Axel’s #Axelmania didn’t have the best month on Main Event, but it ended well. After suffering two losses to FANDANGO and Rowan early, Axel rebounded to defeat Jack Swagger on his road to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 31. If you pick out one Axel match to view from March, make it the March 3rd match against FANDANGO. The dancer, by the way, has the best gimmick going on WWE C-Shows right now. His “New & Improved” persona basically involves him wrestling all the weird gimmicks in WWE, beating them, and laughing at them while he does it. Also, if you haven’t noticed, FANDANGO’s shirt is no longer part of the act, as he wrestled shirtless again for all three of his Main Event matches this month.

WORST: Lack of semi-main talent

When Main Event was live weekly on WWE Network, WWE gave it some importance. We would see all of the mid-card and low-card talent we still see now, but the main events would usually consist of an upper mid-card or semi-main talent. A Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins type talent would be a regular thing. It’s not that way anymore as Main Event has become an international TV show, with little presence in the US currently. The Ryback vs The Miz main event on March 17 is the closest we came to what felt like bigger stars. Otherwise, we saw the usual FANDANGO, Axel, and Zack Ryder types that are ultimately going nowhere anytime soon.

BEST: Ryder & Rose trade wins

The Twitter war between Adam Rose and Zack Ryder made its way to the ring this month, and the two had some pretty good matches because of it. The March 3 match between the two was the highlight, while the March 17 match was right at average. I haven’t followed what the two have done on WWE Superstars, but on Main Event in March, they each got a victory to tie the rivalry.

Honorable Mention: Naomi, Ascension, Rowan

Of all the talent to lose their first name (Cesaro, Rusev, Neville), Rowan seems to be the one who really could benefit from it. Maybe not benefit, but at least it’d make sense. Rowan is far better than Erick Rowan. GET THE E(rick) OUT, WWE!

Naomi went 3-0 on Main Event in March, defeating both Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox (twice). Naomi had a weird month, all things considered. She was involved in a Wrestlemania pre-show match as a corner woman, essentially, all while getting multiple wins on the Diva’s champion on WWE TV. One would assume she’ll be a future challenger for the Diva’s title, sooner than later, no?

On the opposite side, The Ascension lost every match they were involved in on Main Event in March. With losses to the PrimeTime Players and The Usos, luck has certainly changed for the “baddest tag team in WWE history” from just a month ago.


March 3
FANDANGO vs Curtis Axel
Adam Rose vs Zack Ryder
Paige vs Summer Rae
*Usos vs Ascension

March 10
Rowan vs Curtis Axel
FANDANGO vs Adam Rose
Prime Time Players vs Ascension
*Naomi vs Nikki Bella

March 17
Curtis Axel vs Jack Swagger
Naomi vs Alicia Fox
*Zack Ryder vs Adam Rose
Ryback vs The Miz

March 24
*FANDANGO vs Heath Slater
Naomi vs Alicia Fox

* = Best Match on Episode