Impact Wrestling on Destination America
Friday, March 27
Soundstage 20
Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

Storm and Khoya kicked off the show. Storm said he was going to destroy Jeff Hardy again in the main event and then dropped a watermelon off the top of the cage to illustrate. Hardy came out and said he still doesn’t walk right but he walks well enough to kick Storm’s ass tonight. He promised to end The Revolution later in the show. Manik and Abyss jumped Hardy from behind but Jeff fought them both off. Hardy had a roof lowered onto the cage (like Lethal Lockdown) so The Revolution can’t interfere. This was little more than a basic segment to set up the main event of the show.

TNA X-Division Championship – Low Ki vs. Rockstar Spud©: This is Low Ki’s title rematch after Spud cashed in Feast or Fired last week. The Beatdown Clan (BDC) mentioned backstage that Joe is gone, but never really said why. Low Ki dominated early with chops and kicks. They have neat banners hanging from the stage with graphics representing each person in the match. Spud went for a sunset flip but Low Ki hit a double stomp. Spud finally made a comeback with some punches, an enziguiri and a tornado DDT. Spud took off the bowtie and went for the Underdog but the BDC ran out to interfere. Drew Galloway came through the crowd which distracted the BDC which allowed Spud to get another fluke rollup win. *1/2

After the break, the BDC are still in the ring. Same promo we’ve seen from these guys for weeks with the BDC being upset at Drew and Drew doing the whole stand up for wrestling thing. Kenny King said nobody is going to stand up with Drew but Shaun Ricker and Camacho came through the crowd and helped Drew clear out the BDC. Drew dubbed the group The Rising. An interesting group and some nice fresh blood injected into the show, but I always thought Shaun Ricker seemed a more natural heel. A lot of stables on this show now.

Brooke vs. Awesome Kong: It feels weird calling her just Brooke but it would appear that’s her ring name.  Brooke improved a great deal as a wrestler in 2012 but then hasn’t really wrestled since. I’m interested in seeing what she can do in 2015, though this particular match is likely to go only one way. Brooke tried to take it to Kong early but Kong shut it down. Brooke countered the Awesome Bomb into a facebuster and hit a nice top rope elbow for two. Brooke went for a middle rope clothesline but got caught with a huge chokeslam which Kong followed with an Implant Buster for the win. Brooke showed more fire here than Terrell did in her matches with Kong. **

Kong hit a second Implant Buster after the match and pulled a table from under the ring. Terrell made the save but Kong bashed her head off the guardrail. Taryn continued to try and fight Kong but Kong whipped her into the steps and took a Powerbomb through the table. Kong destroying people will never not be fun.

Khoya jumped Jeff Hardy backstage but Jeff got the better of him with a ladder and then hit him in the head with four bottles to take him out. I get what they were going for, trying to make Khoya seem tough but him needing four bottles to the head was just silly.

Angle made his way to the ring to thank the fans for their support on his way to becoming TNA World champion again. Angle said this is the proudest moment of his career so far so at least he’s trying his best to put it over. EC3 interrupted. EC3 called Angle an inspiration but then said he is also an inspiration for being undefeated for 18 months and defeating every TNA Hall of Famer. Next out was Bobby Roode adding his name to list of people who want title shots. And Eric Young. And Austin Aries. Angle said he’d fight anybody and went to leave but Lashley came out. Security, who were notably absent for Kong mauling Terrell earlier, separated Angle and Lashley. EY, EC3 and Tyrus jumped Roode and Aries but Mr Anderson made the save.

Mr Anderson, Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. EC3, Tyrus & Eric Young: Heels controlled Roode for a while before making the hot tag to Aries who ran wild. Aries took out EC3 and Tyrus with the Heat Seeking Missile and Aries and Roode went for their old tag team finish (corner dropkick, spinebuster, 450 Splash) but EY avoided the 450 and locked on a Figure Four for the win. Obviously they’re looking to get over the Figure Four as EY’s new submission move. Too short to be anything great. **1/2

Bram made his way to the ring. They replayed Magnus’ Powerbomb from last week. Bram called Magnus a coward because he’s hiding behind Mickie James. Magnus came out accompanied by Mickie. Magnus challenged Bram to a Falls Count Anywhere match which Bram accepted. Mickie compared Bram’s beard to pubes. That’s a pleasant image. Bram said his door is always open for Mickie after he’s done with Magnus which prompted Magnus to attack. Bram hit a low blow and pulled a metal turnbuckle from under the ring. He wanted Mickie to kiss his boot but Magnus German Suplexed him and went to town on Bram with the turnbuckle and went to leave but Mickie went back to attack Bram. This was probably their weakest segment together; they should have wrestled by now and this week felt like padding.

Next week’s Impact is being referred to as Bell to Bell with Roode vs. Young, Angle vs. Lashley and Magnus vs. Bram. I think the idea is that it’ll be a wrestling heavy show but honestly I’m not sure.

Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm – Six Sides of Steel: These two had a very good match during the 2012 Bound For Glory Series, hopefully this one is fun. Storm immediately hit Hardy with a trash can (the cage has a roof with weapons hanging from it). Hardy used a chair to do Poetry in Motion and went for another but Storm moved and Hardy hit the cage. Hardy went for Whisper in the Wind but Storm knocked Hardy’s feet from under him and he crashed to the mat.

Hardy made a comeback punctuated by a dropkick for two. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and went for the Swanton but Storm got his knees up. Storm hit the Eye of the Storm but only got two. Storm nailed a lungblower followed by a backstabber and then a Last Call but Hardy kicked out. Storm grabbed the cowbell but missed, Hardy threw him into a chair in the corner, hit Whisper in the Wind followed by a Swanton but Storm kicked out.

Hardy hung off the cage while Storm was standing on the top rope, hit a couple of dropkicks and then hit a huge super huracanrana to a big pop but Storm kicked out at two. Hardy hit Storm twice with a trash can lid and then laid Storm out with the cowbell. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and then climbed the cage and made his way hand over hand across the roof. He swung back and forth and dropped down with a big splash to score the win. Cool finish and this was loads of fun, thankfully not too heavy on the weapons plunder. TNA closed the show with a graphic in memory of El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo. ****

Final Thoughts: Everything before the main event was decent enough but for the third straight week we got a really good main event. At this stage once I get some good wrestling from Impact every week I’ll be a happy camper. They’ve gotten even less out of the Angle/Lashley rematch than they did the first match though, they face again next week. They rush into this stuff way too quickly.