EVOLVE Wrestling
Thursday, March 26th
11pm EST/10pm CST
Fiesta Hall – Santa Clara Fairgrounds
San Jose, California
Watch: WWNLive.com / Photos: Bryanxvx


  • EVOLVE Championship Match – Drew Galloway defends vs. PJ Black
  • DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Championship Match – Johnny Gargano defends vs. AR Fox
  • A Wrestling Odyssey Rematch – Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak
  • Special Tag Team Attraction – Ricochet, Rich Swann & Uhaa Nation vs. The Premier Athlete Brand of Caleb Konley, TJ Perkins & Brian Cage with So Cal Val
  • Pro Wrestling Clinic – Biff Busick vs. Tommy End
  • Chris Hero vs. Ethan Page

Here we are again for this special time of year in pro wrestling, it feels like Christmas Morning doesn’t it? Tons and tons of shows in one huge week and every wrestler, promotion and city are pulling out all of the stops. 11 events all within the span of a few days. Tommy End debuts in EVOLVE, “Darewolf” PJ Black gets to operate without kid gloves, Uhaa Nation makes his last few appearances on the indies and we get to see technical wrestling wizardry from Tim Thatcher and Drew Gulak. You even get two title matches.

This show is a steal my friends. Add to the fact you have 6sixmatches on a show that does not feel bloated and matches that could all steal the show and each match offers something different and you could have a Show of the Year Contender on your hands. Gabe Sapolsky is really pulling out the stops for both EVOLVE 39 and EVOLVE 40 and here’s hoping all the pieces are in place to hit the mark with all eyes on the world of wrestling.

Chris Hero vs. Ethan Page: Page will be looking to impress in his first showing in EVOLVE against one of the bigger names on the independent wrestling scene. For all the flack that people give Hero for being out of shape, he can still put on solid matches and I’m expecting a solid match here. Page has been improving consistently over the years and I’m of the thinking that he should be booked in more places and against wrestler’s the caliber of or above Hero. This match won’t overstay it’s welcome as it shouldn’t and Page will get in plenty of offense against Hero but ultimately fall.

Prediction: Chris Hero

Biff Busick vs. Tommy End: Label this a “Pro Wrestling Clinic” all you want — these men will beat the absolute tar out of each other. Tommy End has been well known in Europe for years but finally United States can become familiar with End. Biff Busick is right at the forefront of a new movement in pro wrestling, American Technical Strong Style, some call it hybrid wrestling and others call it a pretentious style where you pack too much into a match. Knees will fly, heads will roll, submissions will be snug and people will grow chest hair watching two men do manly things to show who is the strongest. Tommy will prove his worth to EVOLVE here and hopefully make his way back to us before 2015 is over.

Prediction: Biff Busick

Ricochet, Rich Swann & Uhaa Nation vs. Caleb Konley, TJ Perkins & Brian Cage with So Cal Val: We may not be in Reseda but this looks like it would fit in just fine on a PWG card. I’m just happy to see TJ Perkins back in EVOLVE, his style works there and the fans should be warm to him. Athleticism, high flying and six men who will work the fans into a frenzy. Uhaa will get a feel good moment, and all of these pairings could work.

Prediction: Ricochet, Rich Swann & Uhaa Nation

Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak: Who wants to see guys stretch each other into pretzels while utilizing stiff shots effortlessly? These two guys are my favorites not just for what they are doing in EVOLVE but they bring a believability and authenticity to pro wrestling not seen outside of Brock Lesnar or Minoru Suzuki. They had a fantastic match last year and I want to believe they want to improve upon that match and blow away any match that will occur this weekend. If Gulak pisses off Thatcher, which you know he will, the match will be on a whole ‘nother level of technical prowess and brutality. This is my most anticipated match of the whole weekend, no hype, just two guys wanting to go balls to the wall and show how wrestling can and should be in 2015. It’s not for everyone but it’s up my alley and it’s my preview so if it makes me have a mischievous grin for 20 minutes, that’s the way it shall be.

Prediction: Timothy Thatcher

DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Championship Match – AR Fox vs. Johnny Gargano: Honestly I’m not excited for this match at all. That’s not a knock on Johnny Gargano as I think he is currently one of the best talents in all of wrestling. This has to do with AR Fox who I think is nothing but a car crash wrestler. I’m sure he will make Gargano’s offense look like a million bucks but this is primarily an exhibition for Gargano before the big showdown with Galloway at EVOLVE 40. Am I picking Fox? No Foxin’ Chance.

Prediction: Johnny Gargano

EVOLVE Championship Match – PJ Black vs. Drew Galloway: I have no idea how to analyze what will will happen. Galloway has been consistently improving since his start in the indies and we may see him at the peak of his powers here. This could cap off a solid to great card from top to bottom in the middle of a crazy week for pro wrestling.

Prediction: Drew Galloway