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They Said It…

  • “Colt, why does Snoop Dogg carry umbrella?” “Why, Claudio?” “For drizzle.” – Colt Cabana relaying a terrible Cesaro joke
  • “Credibility is for losers.” – Gene Simmons

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop #37 (3/15/15): Doc and Karl are joined by Rob Conway to discuss his WWE run in La Resistance, wrestling in New Japan, and the resurgence of the NWA. Conway brings two killer stories, one about working with Goldberg in the WWE and the other about a mix-up in Ohio Valley Wrestling (featuring the Pacific Northwest’s own Buddy Wayne). Conway does a great job and Doc and Karl are enthusiastic about a part II, and you will be as well after this show. Rocky also plays the new theme music for Ropongi Vice, which isn’t the greatest but does feature a shout out to Chuck Taylor. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #171 (3/15/15): Court, Konnan, and MSL are back for a pretty wrestling-light show, as the main discussions concern boxing, a bunch of television reviews, and the oeuvre of Cheech and Chong. There is some pro-graps talk, mainly of WaleMania (of course), the future of Rey Mysterio, the slow road of WrestleMania, and Jerry Lynn’s awesome Mr. JL gimmick. If you don’t mind tangents it’s a fun hour that goes by quickly. THUMBS UP

Piper’s Pit #50 (3/16/15): Mick Foley is back for part II, and it’s a short segment and not nearly as concentrated on wrestling as part 1. They talk a lot about Santa, naturally, as well as Mick’s work with the RAINN group. When they do talk wrestling, Mick recounts the guilt he occasionally feels for popularizing hardcore wrestling and the tragic death of the Ultimate Warrior. Piper also reads maybe the saddest letter ever in the intro. This is a pretty heavy episode, in case you couldn’t guess. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Human Podcast Machine #14 (3/16/15): Hey, Mick Foley! He’s here to plug his WrestleMania contest, of course, but also a lot of wrestling too. They don’t really have a set of topics, and the conversation just flows naturally and you get a lot of great stories about Mick wrestling the British Bulldogs, getting black and white 8×10’s made, and Taz beating up Tsubo Genjin in ECW. There’s also an extended NXT lovefest. Taz and Foley have great chemistry and there are some literal laugh-out-loud moments here. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin Show #204 (3/17/15): Steve spends the show taking listener e-mails. There are some wrestling topics (wrestling psychology, who closes out the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, Bray vs. Undertaker at Mania, the evolution of Paul Heyman’s promos) and non-wrestling topics (making his reality shows, killing a fly, and whether the moon landing was faked). It’s the same level of quality as all of Steve’s other mailbag shows, which is to say it’s OK. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Who’s Next with Goldberg #40 (3/17/15): Bill talks to “Professional Monster Truck Ace Tom Meents” about “his bitchin’ ride , Maximum Destruction.” Meents apparently used to drive the Goldberg monster truck, if that means anything to you (it doesn’t). They talk about doing flips in a truck and stuff. If you want to hear wrestling personalities discussing monster trucks in an engaging manner, go listen to this week’s Wrestlefolks instead. THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho #126 (3/18/15): Jericho admits he wanted Arn Anderson for the show, but the Enforcer dropped out at the last minute and R-Truth stepped in. It actually works out for the best, as Truth has a great story, most of which has been greatly underreported. You’ll hear about Truth’s youth as a rapper/dancer, his jail stints, Jackie Crockett getting him into wrestling, his time on the indies, his first WWE stint, the early days of TNA, his return to the WWE, and working with the Rock and John Cena. It’s a comprehensive interview that covers pretty much everything you want (outside of Truth’s supposed encounter with Cena at an airport while he was in TNA). Jericho needs to work on those phony sounding transitions to commercials, though, where he acts like he’s still talking to the guest as he reads the ad copy. <Truth’s interview starts at 19:46> THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #57 (3/18/15): Jim Cornette joins JR for a monstrous show that lasts two and a half hours (who does he think he is, Voices of Wrestling?). Ross tries to engage Cornette on recent wrestling, but that gets shut down pretty quick. Much better are the two reminiscing on the glory days of Mid-South and Jim Crockett, and to their credit the show never drags. You can safely skip this one if you listen to Cornette’s two other podcasts, as there’s a lot of repeated material (like the story of finding the lost tapes and Jim’s booking idea for Roman Reins/Daniel Bryan). But taken on its own it’s a pretty good, if lengthy, listen. Cornette’s interview starts at 29:51> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Bauer & Pollock (3/18/15): As we approach WrestleMania, B&P give us some good discussion on AAA’s terrible week, NXT touring plans, Larry Zybsko and Tatsumi Fujinami going into the WWE Hall of Fame, the New Japan Cup and Invasion Attack, NOAH’s recent big show, Brock Lesnar’s potential exit from the WWE, and the Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling short. Court’s story of working with William “The Refrigerator” Perry at the 2006 Hall of Fame is the highlight. And thankfully there’s minimal talk about WaleMania or Court’s feud with Wai Ting. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #242 (3/19/15): A live podcast from Boston, as Colt is joined by Justin Credible, Mike Mondo, Oscar, Biff Busick, and Chris Hero (Hero notes this would be the most eclectic Survivor Series team ever). Everyone contributes here, as Credible has some fun stories about his early WWF days, Mikey has a tale about getting his pants ripped off by Viscera, Oscar speaks on rapping for Vince McMahon, and Busick walks in on Chris Jericho taking a dump. Best of all is Hero, talking about Cesaro’s awful sense of humor, the RUGBY THUG in the IWA Mid-South locker room, and an entrance gone awry in Michigan. It’s a super fun fast paced outing. THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

Human Podcast Machine #15 (3/19/15): Taz talks to “New York Lizards Pro Lacrosse Superstar Paul Rabil,” who is “the Lebron James of lacrosse,” according to Taz. He’s also a big pro wrestling fan, and that’s where a lot of the discussion is focused. However, despite Rabil being backstage at a lot of WWE events, none of the wrestling talk is all that interesting, and the Lacrosse talk even less so. THUMBS DOWN

Steve Austin – Unleashed #204 (3/19/15): Steve talks to MMA legend Bas Rutten about a variety of topics, from his modeling days (with hair!), the early days of fighting, his training techniques, dealing with injuries, acting on 18 Wheels of Justice, Mark Kerr, his super liver, cooking, and a lot more. Bas doesn’t get into a lot of specifics on fights, but he’s a very animated guest (breaking news, I know) and this is a lengthy and engaging interview. THUMBS UP

The Jim Cornette Experience #69 (3/19/15): First Jim speaks with Cody Covey, who runs Covey Promotions, an indy promotion in West Virgina that Jim is working for in April. God Bless Covey for having a well run independent group, but there’s nothing overly unique about his story (they do have a ministry link on the company’s webpage, and I’m guessing Jim won’t be joining anytime soon). Kenny Bolin then hops on to talk about his schemes and missing mother in an unfunny segment. <Covey’s interview starts at 23:19, Bolin’s interview starts at 43:21> THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho #127 (3/20/15): The God of Thunder is on the Pod of Thunder, as Gene Simmons of KISS is the guest. They have a lengthy discussion that covers a lot of ground, from merchandising, to the Impact of Kiss in Japan, the death of rock, the dangers of spitting fire, staying clean in rock n’ roll, and the idea of KISS as a brand. Simmons certainly has a big head, but there are also some moments of real honesty and even vulnerability. And his clear affection for the Beatles is rather endearing. A contender for best of the week. <Simmons’ interview starts at 18:40> THUMBS UP