Lucha Underground
Airdate: 3/19/15

We start off this week’s episode with hype for the Grave Consequences match between Mil Muertes and Fenix in the main event of tonight’s show. This aims to be the blowoff of this hellacious feud between the two over Catrina and has been built up excellently. First up though, we have match three of the best-of-five series between Drago and Aerostar who have produced two very good matches so far with the series tied at one. Dario Cueto promised one of his famed “unique opportunities” for the winner of this series, so the stakes are sure to be high. We also have Big Ryck who is looking to get his revenge against The Crew after obtaining the right to demolish them from beating Sexy Star two weeks ago.

Best of Five Match #3 – Aerostar vs. Drago (Series tied 1-1): The crowd was starting hot for this one. Drago starts off with a killer arm drag, and then locks in an inverted figure four. Not the start I expected to this. Aerostar reaches the ropes, and a monkey flip sequence between the two follows. Aerostar shoots Drago into the ropes, runs at Drago only for Drago to throw him over, in which he Alabama slams Aerostar who was holding the top rope for a nearfall. Crowd was really behind Drago here. Aerostar attempts to use his quickness to shoot out underneath the bottom ropes, luring Drago over to the other side to be met with a knee to the face. Back in the ring, Drago sends Aerostar into the ropes, getting low to prepare for a leapfrog spot but Aerostar sentons onto his back for a two count. The two then do a double crossbody spot in the middle, Aerostar trips Drago into the second rope, flips up over the top of Drago, hits Drago with a kick followed by a springboard missle dropkick sending Drago out of the ring. Aerostar springboards to the outside and hits Drago with a backwards dive called La Bombita which looked amazing and painful. They both reenter the ring, Aerostar runs to meet Drago at the ropes, only to be met with a rope hung brainbuster, YIKES. Drago hits Aerostar for a spinout slam for a nearfall. They battle on the apron where Drago gets caught around the second turnbuckle and Aerostar STOMPS HIM INTO THE APRON. Good lord. Aerostar misses a springboard splash into the ring, then misses trying to spear Drago through the ropes. Drago responds with a running corkscrew dive to the outside. Drago follows with a sitout bomb in the middle of the ring, attempts a top rope maneuver but Aerostar stops him; Aerostar then proceeds to walk on the middle rope from the other corner to Drago and hit a hurricanrana on him. Aerostar hits the springboard splash for the victory and the 2-1 series lead. Once again, we had another great opener which always seems to be a tradition on this show and another good contest between these two. The fans absolutely love Drago; the guy’s look and presence is unparalleled and he can work too. ***1/2

Another Konnan vignette. The main point here is that Konnan makes his moves in combat in cold calculated manner and that once again, he will beat your ass with his cane. We see at the end of the vignette he’s been talking to Prince Puma this whole promo while playing Chess with him. So they’re plotting against Cage.

Up next, we got the Big Ryck vs. The Crew elimination match. Ryck earned the right to be here by beating Sexy Star a couple of weeks ago, because she had beef with them as well.

3 on 1 No DQ Elimination Match – Big Ryck vs. The Crew (Bael, Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco): Big Ryck has been preaching an eye for an eye, so this could be pretty bad for the Crew. They surround Ryck in the middle of the ring and they get Ryck down and initiate some gang warfare on him. They beat up Big Ryck, in which Striker referred to it as “giving him the treatment”. Mr. Cisco Hits a double stomp on Ryck’s back while Cortez Castro held him in the DDT position. Bael grabs a chair and places it in the corner. They try to throw Ryck into the corner to no avail, and Bael is thrown into his own chair. Ryck grabs the kendo stick of the Crew and  smashes the Crew up. Meanwhile Striker is trying to laughably quote scripture…we get it Matt, Ryck is a religious man. Ryck eliminates Bael with the Book of Ezekial. Ryck then suplexes both Castro and Cisco. Ryck clotheslines Castro with the stick and eliminates him. Cisco understandably says “Sayonara” and tries to walk out of the Temple, but Sexy Star meets him up top and kicks the poor guy down the stairs. Big Ryck hits him with a punch, to the eye of course, as soon as he reenters the ring and busts him open. Ryck assaults the eye, and then hits the uranage on a seated chair in the middle of the ring absolutely crushing it and putting the final touches on the Crew. Good for what it was, a short vengeful beatdown from the monster that is Big Ryck. **1/4

Finally, we have GRAVE CONSEQUENCES. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this match from people who attended the taping, so my expectations were high for this one. Let’s see if Fenix and Muertes meet the lofty praise on TV. But before the match starts, Striker breaks the news that for the first time ever, Lucha Underground will have two titles defended next week: Alberto El Patron defending the AAA title against Texano in a Bull Rope match, and Cage will be challenging Lucha Underground champion Prince Puma. Puma requested the match be a Boyle Heights Street Fight. Looks like another heck of an episode next week.

WHOA. We start this with a Dia De Los Muertes like funeral procession, with people in the typical makeup in the Day of the Dead celebrations carrying out the casket. Vampiro does a great job explaining this Mexican tradition. Stuff like this is why I love Lucha Underground. Muertes notably enters the ring with his all-important rock while Fenix enters with his all-important Catrina.

Grave Consequences Casket Match – Fenix vs. Mil Muertes: Mil wastes absolutely NO time here, hitting Fenix with an outside dive before he even enters the ring and the beat down is on. He throws Fenix into the announce table then goes to work on him in the ring. Muertes tries spearing Fenix to the coffin outside but Fenix moves and nails him with a kick. Mil’s head hangs on the second rope; Fenix moves the coffin over, gets a running headstart, goes for the apron dropkick but misses. Fenix follows it up with a swanton over the ropes to the outside. Mil smashes Fenix’s head off the casket then throws the floral arrangement at Fenix. Mil drags the casket over, but Fenix DDTs him off the casket! What transpires next is absolutely mind boggling. With Mil still on the outside, Fenix loads up for an outside dive again, but when he runs to the ropes, Mil LIFTS UP THE CASKET AND NAILS FENIX IN THE SKULL. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I absolutely LOVE how these guys are using the casket as an actual weapon, you never see this sort of thing and it’s incredibly innovative. Mil stands tall on top of the coffin to bask in glory and tries dragging Fenix by the mask. Mil then unscrews the bottom turnbuckle and takes the metal piece of the turnbuckle…and smashes Fenix with it. Fenix, is now busted open with his mask half ripped. Muertes hits him again, hangs him over the apron and starts choking Fenix with the metal piece while blood streams down Fenix’s face. Muertes decides to bite him while doing this for good measure. Put the kids away for this one. Mil batters him up the stairs of the Temple, to the balcony. They battle on the balcony and Mil throws Fenix into the metal fixture above the balcony to a terrible thud. He brings Fenix down to the announce table and powerbombs him on the table which doesn’t break. OUCH. Catrina looks on in terror. We get a stunning visual of the battered Fenix while Mil brings the casket in the ring. Fenix finally gets some offense in back in the ring, but Mil turns it around and belly to belly suplexes Fenix into the casket placed in the corner. For the love of god. It legit dented the casket. MIL BITES THE BLOODIED FACE OF FENIX MORE.

The visuals of Fenix during this whole match are second to none. Fenix somehow hit a superkick, but Mil hits him with a codebreaker when he attempts to go to the top rope. Always looks cool when he does that. Mil brings the casket back outside then brings Fenix to the backstage area into the crowd. Mil hits him with several of the chairs from the audience but Fenix counters with a roundhouse to Fenix, sending him to the floor. Fenix then hits a swanton from the fencing in the audience area to Mil on the outside. Mil tosses Fenix into the fencing, and smashes Fenix’s face into it several times. Fenix superkicks him, then moonsaults off the fence onto Mil. This is just insanity. They trade blows near the casket, but, Fenix ducks and Mil accidentally nails Catrina. Mil goes to check on her and Fenix nails him with an enziguiri. Catrina opens the casket when she gets up while Fenix battles Mil who is on the apron. Fenix kicks Mil hard, then goes to the top turnbuckle to double stomp Mil from the apron into the casket. Catrina grabs Mil’s rock, gives it the lick of death, tosses it in and closes the casket on him. Jesus, what an incredibly violent spectacle of a match this was that used so many innovative moves with the casket and the whole set. Match of the month contender for sure. ****1/4

The procession of death comes back in to carry the casket to the back to “his eternal resting place” in which Catrina follows. I guess she doesn’t really care about Fenix in the ring who looks like he’s lost about a pint of blood.

Final Thoughts: One of the best Lucha Underground episodes yet. It seems we say this almost every week, but they never fail to raise the bar just a little more. They chose to raise that bar with some well placed violence this week. Aerostar/Drago was a hot opener that got the crowd into the rest of the show, and we still most likely have two more matches between those two. Ryck got his swift and savage revenge on The Crew for taking half of his sight from him in a brutal beatdown. Fenix and Mil Muertes blew off their rivalry in an absolutely barbaric, innovative and entertaining match that surely will get some Match of the Month votes. I’m not a huge proponent of gratuitous violence in wrestling, but when it’s done right, it works beautifully. It worked beautifully in two matches on this show. Next week’s two title matches should make for another memorable week of Lucha Underground.

This is my first official go at it as a reviewer here, so I hope I’m doing this justice! If you’d like, follow me on Twitter at if you wish!