I’m strictly looking at multi-man matches this year — We get Brian Cage in AAA, The Panther Family, the best mini’s in CMLL and Los Tortugas Ninjas. Oh and you also get Ludxor and Venum, who are certifiably nuts. I’ve decided moving forward to make this and future Suicida Slate’s five matches instead of 10, easily digestible and no overkill should make it easier on me and people who love to read this. Let’s get to it — VIVA LUCHA!

El Patron Alberto, Fenix & Myzteziz vs. Brian Cage, Hijo del Fantasma & Pentagon Jr. – March 7th, 2015 (AAA): Cage has Alberto’s number, Fantasma has Fenix’s number and Pentagon Jr. wakes up with murder on his mind which is unfortunate for anyone in the ring with him. You want to talk about fans loving a babyface? Look no further than El Alberto Patron. It’s pretty much a brawl all over as these matches usually go when Perros Del Mal is involved. We get dives from Fenix and Myzteziz and El Patron Alberto takes out Cage on the entrance ramp. Dueling tree of woe double stomps from Pentagon Jr. and Alberto respectively while bodies are flying all over the ring and Fantasma gets a huge flying knee followed up by a tope suicida. PENTAGON JR. WITH A DIVE!!! Alberto gets the cross arm breaker on Cage but Fantasma and Pentagon Jr. break that up until Alberto takes them out only to run into Cage’s discus lariat, Weapon X and a moonsault from the top rope to give the rudos a win. The pace was ridiculous as there was no let up and the pairings were switched at a lightning like precision. Everyone looked great here, the fans loved everything and this was a sneaky fun time, you know if there is a smile forming on my face during a Lucha match something has been done right. ***¾

Gotita de Plata, Ludxor & Venum vs. Carta Brava Jr., Mamba & Pegasus – March 7th, 2015 (AAA): I’m going to need a Mamba vs. Yosuke Santa Maria match as soon as possible! In the meantime, this will hold me over just fine even if that dream match never happens. Wow, those outfits from Ludxor and Venum are having a fever dream on my retinas, these guys are great and the interplay between Gotita de Plata and Pegasus was swell. I can’t even keep up with some of what Venum and Ludxor are doing in this match. Enormous tope con hilo from Gotita and just as the tecnicos get momentum Mamba shoves his tongue down the throat of Venum and they have to be separated. Triple powerbomb takes down Gotita and the rudos are snuffing out any offense that the tecnicos try to employ. Pegasus with the great crucifix bomb from the top rope on Gotita but Venum and Ludxor catch him when he goes to the top yet again and nail him with a Spanish Fly that seals the victory for the tecnicos. Afterwards Pegasus is beat down by his team mates and Ludxor looks to be injured. Can’t be doing all of those spot monkey moves and expect to have good knees and legs. Tons of passion from these 6 guys and a little over eagerness that lead to some botches but it added to the match and they were a million miles a minute which made for another fun sprint. See what you can do with one fall? It can be done and still be spectacularly entertaining but what do I know? I’m just a guy who watches Lucha and tries to enjoy it. ****

Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. & The Panther vs. Puma, Tiger & Virus – March 7th, 2015 (CMLL): There is no way this can’t be good with all of the talent involved as these six luchadores are the best in CMLL, yes even Blue Panther still has something left to offer. We start off with some swank grappling and mat work from someone not named Virus but rather Puma and Blue Panther. Blue Panther Jr. and Tiger reach a stalemate and then we get my favorite luchador in the world Virus going up against one of the best talents in CMLL, The Panther. Their whole interaction is a chess match until The Panther unleashes a tope suicida. The Panther is caught by a Puma and Tiger superkick but Virus gets too comfortable and The Panther gets a Fujiwara armbar to win the 1st fall. This is building fantastically, Virus with the supremely confident pin, Puma and Blue Panther Jr. with chemistry that’s second to none and Blue Panther hanging in there with the younger luchadores. Tiger locks in the STF to Blue Panther to claim the 2nd fall, this is a gem and we still have a 3rd fall.

The 3rd fall is the very definition of swagger as all 6 men go balls to the wall and we are treated to near falls, counters, a molten hot crowd and chemistry that is off the charts. The Panther family picks up the win in a match that will be a high point for CMLL at the end of the year. Hey CMLL you want future stars to lead your company into greatness? Blue Panther Jr., The Panther, Puma and Tiger-there you go. This is the best Lucha trios I have seen all year and if you don’t watch it we cannot be friends anymore. ****¼

Astral, Electrico & Shockercito vs. Mercurio, Pequeno Olimpico & Pierrothito – March 7th, 2015 (CMLL): A bit of back and forth to start but the rudos eventually take the first fall with a combo leg drop from the top rope and side slam and then a German Suplex that Mercurio gets into a jackknife pin. Mercurio and Shockercito have been looking great recently and it shows here. The rudos continue the advantage they have but Shockercito surprises Pierrothito and gets the victory roll to give the tecnicos the 2nd fall. 2 quick falls but this is what I expect in most 2/3 falls that Lucha Libre does nowadays. Electrico and Mercurio have a nice exchange that Electrico gets the better of and then Pierrothito gets the same treatment from Astral. Shockercito is all heart but that doesn’t stop a beatdown from the rudos. In all the excitement of mini luchadores going all over the ring I almost miss a Shockercito tope suicida and a double pin from both Pequeno Olimpico and Electrico. It comes down to Pierrothito and Astral and Pierrothito gets a variation of the Camel Clutch to give the rudos the 3rd fall. It took a while to get going but the 3rd fall made up for the other falls and this ended strong but shave off a few minutes and it could have been better. ***¼

La Resistencia vs. Tortugas Ninjas – March 7th, 2015 (Cara Lucha): This one starts off quick as members from both teams are jumping on each other inside and outside the ring, this should be nothing but a spotfest but I’m not expecting a technical masterpiece. I can’t even begin to describe to people who don’t follow Lucha or have not watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles what joy Tortugas Ninjas brings me. There is a great moment where both teams turn on their team member and the Tortugas end up on their shells. What you get in between is some great double team, triple team and combination moves, they just string and link 3-4 moves together in smooth fashion. The Cara Lucha crowd may be one of the best crowds in Lucha as they cheer and boo teams with equal fervor, dueling Tortugas and Resistencia chants are rattled off with pure unbridled enthusiasm. Great double team running body slam from the Tortugas, awesome Death Valley Driver in the corner that takes out all of the Tortugas. This match has so many moments that show why Cara Lucha is one of the premier promotions in Lucha Libre that has dream matches upon dream matches. We even get a superkick party and the Young Bucks are nowhere to be found. Some ridiculous dives near the end from both teams that is capped off by a Spanish Fly from the rafters to the floor that takes both teams out. La Resistencia wins the whole thing and the crowd starts throwing money into the ring to show their appreciation and I am doing the same from the computer here in MD. This was engaging, gloriously endearing and fun on so many levels-did you expect any different? ****¼

Final Thoughts: Go watch every match here, perhaps with the exception of the mini’s match but everything here is well worth your time and I’ll use the word again-fun. Technically proficient, dives for days and each match has something different to offer than the one before it. Watch these and smile, you’ll thank me for it later. @RobsBrutalWorld