This has been a depressing and tragic four day stretch for AAA. Rey de Reyes will still go on, but some things have changed since this preview was posted

  • Rey de Reyes will now take place on Wednesday March 18th, at 8pm local. That’s 10pm on the US East Coast, 2 hours later than the original start time. This page will have the local time where you live.
  • The cost of the iPPV is now $15. This was a change before the delays, for anyone who bought the show on the day of the show.
  • Alberto el Patron versus Brian Cage will no longer take place. Alberto had a conflicting booking in Australia he could not skip, and AAA sent Cage home. AAA gave the impression they’ll be adding a match to replace that one, but have offered no additional details.

In addition, AAA’s original lineup said there would be two bonus matches. Those matches appeared to be along the lines of Ludxor & Venum vs Carta Brava & Gran Apache and Faby Apache, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Taya, Mini Abismo Negro and Mamba, since all ten of those luchadors were at the various press conferences for the shows.  It’s possible the lineups for those matches may change.

The stream has looked good for the two times they’ve tried it.

If you’re bought the show and still would like to watch it on Wednesday, it should still be an excellent show. If you’ve bought the show and can’t watch it on Wednesday, VOD will be up for at least seven days. If that still doesn’t work, it sounds like they may be offering refunds – click on the contract info on the bottom right hand of page.

Original Post

Rey Mysterio Jr. returns to the ring first time in nearly a year, and to AAA for the first time in eighteen, this Sunday at Rey de Reyes. The show takes place in Guadalajara, starting around 8pm US Eastern Time (this’ll convert it to your time.) AAA’s offering the show as an iPPV for 150 Mexican Pesos, which is about $10 US. They’re planning to broadcast the show in SD, HD, and 3D.

(Yes, 3D.)

Rey de Reyes is one of AAA’s four biggest events of the years. It’s usually where they set the main event for the biggest show of the year, TripleMania. It’s also a pretty loaded card, even beyond the return of Mysterio, and features a lot of familiar names to fans of Lucha Underground. The show will only be announced in Spanish, but it’s not a show where you need a lot of help from the announcing.

AAA’s advertising six matches for the card.

Bengala, Drago, Súper Nova vs Daga, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Súper Fly

What’s This About?: Nothing, really. Just getting six more guys on the card with using a trophy or a belt. Hijo de Pirata Morgan has been putting together a new trio with veteran Electroshock and a newcomer without a name, so we’ll probably see them by the end of this match. Súper Nova’s not the ECW guy, but Texano Jr.’s younger brother who’s just started here. Bengala is still better known as Ricky Marvin. Drago and Súper Fly are from Lucha Underground character, though Fly is now an unmasked rudo in AAA.

Will This Be Any Good?: Yea, probably. It’s simply six guys who can go, with full license to start off the show strong. The Pirata trio storyline will probably factor into the finish or the post match, but the match should be fun regardless.

Fénix vs Hijo del Fantasma © for the AAA Cruiserweight Championship

What’s This About?: Rudo Hijo del Fantasma (King Cuerno in Lucha Underground) offered a shot for his championship to anyone who wanted it, and Fenix took him up on it. Fenix beat him clean in their last trios encounter.

How does Lucha Underground work in AAA anyway?: Vaguely, at best. On Lucha Underground, AAA’s mentioned but the exact details are generally ignored unless there’s something specific they’re bringing over that show. It’s the same in Mexico. AAA mentions the existence of Lucha Underground, but the exact details of what goes on there are not mentioned. It has to be that way, since some of the same people play different characters. Super Fly and Sexy Star, and Ivelisse are among those playing radically different characters in each company. Others, like Fenix, Texano, Drago and Aerostar. are exactly the same. Both King Cuerno and Hijo del Fantasma are heels, but Fantasma is wrestles more as a fast paced body obsessed junior heavyweight.

Will This Be Any Good?: Yes. It’s going to be nothing but a ton of moves, but Fenix and Fantasma are both highly motivated to steal the show. Both are looking to crack into the increasingly packed main event picture. AAA doesn’t book a lot of straight single title matches outside of the main title. A good performance here would open the door to move.

Angélico, Blue Demon Jr., Jack Evans vs Averno, Chessman, Cibernético

What’s This About?: Last fall, Cibernético decided to return to his default setting of “rudo”, recreating his Hell Brothers trio. That’s all fine and well, but Cibernético accomplished all of that by attacking Blue Demon Jr. from behind with a chair. (That seems to happen to Demon a lot.) The Hell Brothers have been harassing Jack & Angelico of late, bringing them into this trios match.

Will This Be Any Good?: Could be. Demon & Cibernético are kind of a drag on the other four. They’re smart enough to get out of their way and pick their spots, but the finish of the match probably revolves around them. Angelico & Jack were the best tag team in Mexico last year and Averno & Chessman are worthwhile opponents for them, it’s just a matter of the storyline obstacles.

El Patrón Alberto vs Brian Cage 

This Got Canceled. 

What’s This About?: Brian Cage demands an immediate title shot where ever he goes. In AAA, his reasoning is he used to get the best of Alberto del Rio in FCW everyday they trained together, making it a sure thing that he could do the same thing in AAA. Cage pinned Alberto in his AAA debut, so he may have a point, but this is a non-title match.

Will This Be Any Good?: Possibly no? Alberto has been told people has a torn quad, which would make any lengthy good match a real struggle. There’s an easy solution here: Cage is clearly going to get that title shot, so he might as well win dominantly and quickly to continue the build. It’d be a bit of a disappointment from what this could’ve been, but they’ll have a rematch to better it later.

2015 Rey de Reyes Tournament Finals – Aerostar vs Psycho Clown vs El Mesías vs Texano

What’s This About?: AAA holds an annual King Of The Ring style tournament and it’s treated as one of the biggest possible victories of the year. All won four-way qualifying matches, and have to one another to take him the giant sword presented to the victor. Texano and Psycho Clown feuded most of 2014, with the Psycho taking Texano’s hair at least year’s TripleMania. Mesias (an unmasked Mil Muertes from Lucha Underground) is a multitime heavyweight champion and former winner of the tournament who’s been lost in the shuffle here, prior to a surprise heel turn at the last TV taping before Rey de Reyes. Aerostar is just happy to be nominated.

Will This Be Any Good?: Yep. That Psycho/Texano match was fantastic, Mesias always looks to have an epic match on big shows, and Aerostar’s flying will spread him out against the more grounded fighters. There’s a lot of intrigue here too: we’re usually pretty sure who’s going to take home this tournament by the time of the final, but there’s no clear favorite. The last six months have been the greatest moments of Aerostar’s career, and the unlikely victory would complete his rise to a top-level competitor. Mesias turning rudo and winning this tournament would suggest a big plan for his immediate future. Psycho Clown and Texano would both recapture some attention; they were both designed to be New Stars of AAA in 2014 before three ex-WWE stars fell in their lap.

Myzteziz & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Pentagón Jr.

What’s This About?: Rey Misterio’s inclusion on this show was announced so close to Rey de Reyes AAA couldn’t really build a story around this match. It still works out without him. Old CMLL rivals Myzteziz and Perro Aguayo have been feuding intensely this year, including a recent blood soaked encounter on TV. Pentagon Jr., the best rudo to work with high flyers in the promotion, has been working as Myzteziz’ opponent on house shows and is allied with Perro.

Will This Be Any Good?: That’s the hope! This will defintely be good if you’re looking to see if Rey Mysterio Jr. can still go. Perro and Pentagon are the two best AAA has to offer in making a rudo look good, in complete different ways. Perro’s a master of hiding weakness by turning the start of every match into a brawl into the crowd, drawing off his charisma and willingness to bleed (a lot.) Pentagon’s gotten US fame for his ability to destroy, but he’s even better as the base which makes all high flyers look even better. Rey only needs to do a basic match to come off as a star, and the spotlight may not even end on him. AAA’s hinted at Myzteziz and Perro Aguayo Jr. finally having their mask versus hair match at this year’s TripleMania. It’ll be clear by the end of this match.

  • Should I Order This Show (In A Perfect World?): Definitely. Most of the card should be ***+ matches, and some have a chance to be much better than that. It’s really good value for $10. Also, 3D!
  • Should I Order This Show In The Real World? This is the problem. AAA’s tried two iPPVs prior. Both of them failed, one of them completely. This is a yet another iPPV company, and they were able to successfully air a free show a few months ago. Still, no one’s going to trust AAA to pull off an iPPV until they actually do. (The unspoken reality is AAA is using Rey de Reyes as another trial run, in hopes they can rebuild their reputation before the big show.) No one can guarantee this’ll work. The show is scheduled to be available to buy for 10 days after it airs; if you’re at all concerned about wasting a Sunday waiting to see if a stream works, then maybe avoid spoilers and check it out later in the week. If you just don’t want to pay, wait a couple of weeks longer and the show will start to go up on AAA’s YouTube channel, cut up as part of its weekly TV.

Whichever way you watch it, you should go out of your way to watch Rey de Reyes. It looks like the best AAA has to offer.