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They Said It…

“ECW days, did you ever have Amish Roadkill come up to you in catering and say, ‘You know Taz, I think you need to work on your suplexes a little bit.’” – Mike Tenay to Taz, after Producer Seth told Tenay to do his homework before their draft.

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop #36 (3/7/15): A packed house, featuring Doc, Karl, both of the Young Bucks, Kyle O’Reiley and (a late arriving) Bobby Fish. As you might imagine, having six people in the room leads to a lot of talking over each other and unfocused discussion. But there are some funny bits to justify the show, namely Kyle’s story of meeting Bobby (and getting his ass beat) and some good old fashioned gross humor.  THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

MLW Radio #170 (3/8/15): Konnan, Court, and MSL run down the news, of which there is plenty. Topics include: Alberto el Patron’s possible recent injury, Rey Mysterio’s return to AAA, Bill Demott’s resignation, a possible brand split, and a lot more. Also a lot of discussion of Walemania, which at this point is proving as inescapable as a black hole. THUMBS UP

Human Podcast Machine #12 (3/9/15): Another Fantasy Draft, which again, is just a Top 10 list. This time Taz, Mike Tenay, and Producer Seth run down their top 10 managers of all time. There’s a lot of overlap on the lists (not surprising, given the relatively small number of great managers compared to wrestlers), but it’s still a fun show. There’s some great history from Tenay, but as usual the highlight is the endless amount of shit everyone gives each other. THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

Steve Austin Show #201 (3/10/15): Something a bit different, as Steve tries out a live podcast in front of Verizon employees. Podcast kingpin Adam Carolla joins the show to pimp his new crowdsourced movie and run through some standup bits that Austin sets up for him. It’s not Carolla’s funniest podcast, but it provides enough yuks to be worthwhile. Former Giants receiver Armani Toomer is next to talk his football career and the current state of the NFL in a fine segment. It’s a good show, but Austin’s hyping of “Whalemania” almost bumps it to best of the week category. THUMBS UP

Piper’s Pit #49 (3/10/15): Not only was the show a day late, the opener is one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard on a podcast. Piper talks to someone named “Dr. X” about recent events in the Middle East bringing about the end of days. Seriously. No context or anything. Then thankfully Mick Foley joins the show to talk bits and pieces about his career and the current WWE (“current” meaning the Royal Rumble). Mick is always a great podcast guest and to Piper’s credit, he chips in with some good stories. And the Boston guy who calls in at the end is hysterically awful. THUMBS UP

Talk is Jericho #124 (3/11/15): “Darewolf” PJ Black, the former Justin Gabriel, joins Jericho to discuss his recent departure from the WWE. We hear about growing up in the business, his increasing unhappiness in WWE, how he quit over the phone, portraying the Bunny, the Nexus angle, life on the independents, and a lot about skydiving. It’s an interesting look at life as a WWE undercard wrestler, which is apparently as frustrating and unfulfilling as you imagine. Black comes off as an honest and entertaining guest. [Black’s interview starts at 20:37] THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #56 (3/11/15): Former WWE diva Melina Perez joins the show. This show sounds awful on the surface, but it’s better than you might expect. JR keeps his lecherous instincts at bay, and the interview is a very thorough overview of Melina’s career, covering her fandom, competing on NXT, learning in Ohio Valley, wrestling at Wrestlemania, and her relationship with John Morrison. Nothing about screaming gimmick, however. The show is fine but the interview is overlong (nearly 90 minutes), and when you factor in Jim’s mandatory half-hour monologue, it makes for a bit of a slog. Melina’s interview starts at 32:06] THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Bauer & Pollock (3/11/15): The duo spend a good bulk of the show breaking down the disappointing build to Wrestlemania, as well as future directions the company could take after the show. There’s also lengthy discussion of how the WWE should approach Axxess, NXT as a potential separate touring brand, and the lineup for the upcoming Hall of Fame. Even with the lengthy pimping session at the end it’s still an enjoyable show. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #241 (3/12/15): Colt talks to journeyman Flash Flannigan. Flash has wrestled in a lot of interesting places, but he jumps around so much it’s hard to follow the conversation at points, despite Colt’s best efforts. Still, there are some funny tidbits here, like learning he was booked for the WWF Light Heavyweight Tournament by seeing his name on TV and the time he spliced in clips from a porno into his WWF audition tape.  THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Human Podcast Machine #13 (3/12/15): Independent wrestler/ROH manager Veda Scott is the guest for lucky show #13. They briefly get into her backstory and what it’s like being both a lawyer and wrestler, but the bulk of the show is a discussion of intergender wrestling, its pros and cons, and potential viability in the mainstream. No matter where you fall on the spectrum it’s a balanced discussion with both sides making good points. Taz also throws in a story about finally getting mic time in the WWE and a full-fledged Taz tale about his first match in Puerto Rico for good measure. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #202 (3/12/15): “Nightmare” Danny Davis is on the show to discuss his training, working with a young Steve Austin, wrestling back in the territory system, the formation of OVW, its relationship with the WWE, and his crowdsourcing attempt to film OVW in HD. Davis has certainly made the podcast rounds the past few months, and while some of these stories are recycled, there is enough new material to make it worthwhile. And taken on its own, it’s a very good episode.  THUMBS UP

The Jim Cornette Experience #68 (3/12/15): James J. Dillon is on the show to discuss, wait for it, classic wrestling, and his time managing the Four Horsemen. Sometimes when comparing the past to today’s wrestling, JJ and Jim veer towards “get off my lawn” territory (which they acknowledge), but both men are so passionate about the subject the hour interview just flies right by. But be sure to skip the intro as Jim rails against rap music, Republicans, Vince Russo, and sports entertainment with extra vitriol. [Dillon’s interview starts at 27:53] THUMBS UP 

Who’s Next with Goldberg #39 (3/12/15): I thought I was going to go another week with no Bill show. No such luck. Bill talks to CT Fletcher, Youtube weightlifter guy, making his second appearance. They talk about lifting weights, supplements, and the bane of mediocrity. That’s about it. Bill does hint at doing something Glory kickboxing in the only interesting bit on the show. This goes 35 minutes but feels much much longer. THUMBS DOWN

Talk is Jericho #125 (3/13/15): Adult film star/writer/director Stormy Daniels is the guest. She and Jericho discuss more technical aspects of here industry, including how a porno gets made, what the budget is (her biggest one was a monstrous 200K), and the effect piracy has had on the industry. There’s also a lengthy discussion of the lack of respect for intellectual property in today’s culture. Also, lots of sex talk. Maybe not one for the more prudish listeners, but it’s a fun show that goes in directions you may not expect.  [Daniels’ interview starts at 18:40]  THUMBS UP