Shake Them Ropes
March 10, 2015
Episode 70

Shake Them Ropes returns with a supersized episode talking WWE Raw, Paul Heyman’s promo, the turn of Randy Orton, NXT Live in Ohio, Samoa Joe and the Briscoes’ future, and Match #85 on our Top 100 Must See Countdown: Steamboat vs Rude from WCW Beach Blast 1992. Voices of Wrestling is off this week, so we pick up the slack with this jam packed episode!

00:00-02:00: Intro
02:00-05:45: Somber Part of the Show
05:45-23:30: Raw & Orton/Rollins
23:30-28:00: Paul Heyman Promo
28:00-31:15: Rusev is great
31:15-57:30: NXT Live in Columbus
57:30-63:30: Briscoes & Samoa Joe to NXT?
63:30-80:00: #85: Steamboat vs Rude WCW
80:00-166:00: Dylan Hales on State of WWE

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