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They Said It…

  • “I think there was one at Old’s College where we drew like 8 people, because they ran head-to-head with like, campus beer and pizza night on the other side of campus.” – Lance Storm on the good old days
  • “Never have I experienced more stress and anxiety in my life than the last week.” – Colt Cabana
  • “It smells like Cheech and Chong took a shit in here!” – “Primetime” Brian Lee’s reaction to discovering James Mitchell’s party area backstage at a show.

The Usual Suspects

Talk n’ Shop #34 (2/21/15): Back to basics as it’s just Doc and Karl taking questions and humiliating listeners. Some great stories about Doc finding drugs in his bag after partying with strippers, going out to eat with a 15 year old sponsor, losing your dong for 5 million dollars, and time travel make for the usual good listen. THUMBS UP

MLW Radio #168 (2/22/15): Konnan’s back, as he, Court, and MSL run down the recent news, including Samoa Joe leaving TNA, Court’s feud with Shawn Michaels, AAA Rey de Reyes and Lucha Underground, and more. Nothing on the Punk/Cabana lawsuit, so I guess it was taped too early. There’s also a funny bit where MSL tells a story of being interrupted while recording a show with Kevin Sullivan and having it accidentally recorded. Good to hear Konnan back. THUMBS UP

Piper’s Pit #47 (2/23/15): Colt Cabana makes the rounds to talk to Roddy about his childhood, breaking into wrestling, and making his name on the independents. I actually think Colt did a heck of a job as a guest here. Roddy has no clue about names like Ace Steel, but Colt answers everything in a way to keep Piper engaged. Not a must-listen show, especially if you’ve heard Colt’s stories, but he did a great job and I look forward to part 2. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Who’s Next With Goldberg #38 (2/24/15): Bill talks to Green Bay Packer linebacker AJ Hawk about football and being a Packer and stuff. That’s about it. Oh, and Bill complains a lot too. Hawk apparently hosts his own podcast, which is amazing because he’s a deathly dull man. This was a slog, to put it mildly. Hawk was cut by the Packers the day after this podcast dropped. Just sayin’. THUMBS DOWN

Steve Austin Show #197 (2/24/15): Wade Keller is back to review WWE Fastlane. Keller does his usual good job (making the interesting comparison between Roman Reigns and Sting when he first won the world title), but do we really need a comprehensive show-long breakdowns of friggin’ Fastlane? Steve is also in total rah-rah WWE mode, thinking Roman Reigns is the bee’s knees and blaming the flat crowd on poor acoustics, and not, say, the WWE obliterating the majority of their roster with recent booking. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #120 (2/25/15): Jericho doubles up this week, as Dave Meltzer joins first to do a quick 20 minute rundown of Fastlane. Dave is great as always (and only coughs once). Then the Lance Storm interview that was taped ages ago finally airs. Nothing current, the two just recap their training days, the various goofballs they encountered, and their earliest matches. There are some repeated stories from Jericho’s books and Storm’s endless podcast appearances, but the stories are fun and the two are clearly having a blast reliving their early days. <Meltzer’s interview starts at 8:30, Ted’s interview starts at 30:03> THUMBS UP

The Ross Report #54 (2/25/15): Shane “Hurricane” Helms joins JR to run down the Fastlane show. Helms is fine and has some decent insight but Fastlane isn’t the most interesting topic at this point. They also run down the rest of the wrestling world, from TNA to Lucha Underground to ROH, and it’s fine but a bit overlong. <Helms’ interview starts at 10:55> THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Bauer & Pollock (2/25/15): Lots to discuss this week, mainly the Punk/Cabana lawsuit, AJ Lee’s recent tweets, Brock’s disappearance and the Wrestlemania main event, NOAH, Samoa Joe in ROH, and the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight. Cryptic Court drops some hints about MLW Radio activity at Wrestlemania and something big for Samoa Joe in April. The usual fine listen, but they need to cool it with the Grapple Kingdom talk, as they’re on the verge of driving the joke deep into the ground. THUMBS UP

Art of Wrestling #239 (2/26/15): Vader is Colt’s guest this week. They have a low key interview, talking working stiff, the Vader gimmick, politics in wrestling, and more. Colt does not bring up Boy Meets World, much to his chagrin. The interview jumps around a bit and doesn’t dwell on any topic for long, but there are some really interesting insights into being a foreign wrestler and the politics inherent in U.S. wrestling. Nothing much about Colt’s recent legal problems, not surprisingly. THUMBS UP

Steve Austin – Unleashed #198 (2/26/15): More about Fastlane, as Steve takes calls from fans about the event. Again, does Fastlane really deserve an entire week of audio dedicated to it? Steve is still hung up on the acoustics in the FedExForum. We get the usual sycophants and people stuck in the Attitude Era. Not much in the way of interesting discussion, so just spend some time on any random wrestling message board and save yourself a hundred minutes. Steve also constantly gets interrupted by a cell phone in a bit that loses steam fast. THUMBS DOWN

The Jim Cornette Experience #66 (2/26/15): Former SMW, WCW, ECW, & TNA manager Jim Mitchell joins the show. Mitchell gives a detailed overview of his career, from forming a version of the Blackjacks as a child, discovering indy wrestling, breaking Kanyon into SMW, Blood Runs Cold, the ECW run, heat with Dixie Carter, and the problems with modern professional wrestling. An awesome, funny, and comprehensive interview. The only downside is Alice butting into the conversation far too often. <Mitchell’s interview starts at 14:12> THUMBS UP & BEST OF THE WEEK

Human Podcast Machine with Taz #10 (2/26/15): Taz talks to Sabu in a very short (28 minutes) segment. Taz basically apologizes for quality of the interview at the start of the show, but it’s not so bad. Sabu isn’t the most verbose guest, but Taz does manage to extract some interesting tidbits about their feud and Sabu’s turbulent relationship with Paul Heyman. We also get a lengthy and amusing Taz tale about Vince McMahon betting Taz he couldn’t say “ain’t” during a broadcast. THUMBS IN THE MIDDLE

Talk is Jericho #121 (2/26/15): Lance Storm is back for more tales. More from the early days, to their first tour of Japan for FMW, the origin of Lance’s rattail, the breakup of the Thrillseekers, their reunion in Smokey Mountain, Jericho breaking his arm, their match at ECW One Night Stand, and more. Like part 1, lot of great stories and this came real close to being the best of the week. Also, Jericho was in Sharknado 3. Because of course he was. <Storm’s interview starts at 19:11> THUMBS UP