Shake Them Ropes
February 26, 2015
Episode 68

Trainwreck Them Ropes returns with our second show of the week, with plenty to discuss! We have two weeks of NXT TV to review, the key points from Raw this week including the Intercontinental Championship situation, plus we’ll review Match #87 from the WWE Network Top 100: WCW Cruiserweight Title Triangle Match from Starrcade 1998!

Follow along with our reviews of the WWE Network Top 100 Matches to See countdown~!

00:00-02:00: Rob can’t work a computer
02:00-04:30: Hot Take: Raw is too long
04:30-06:30: Hiring Leva Bates?
06:30-27:00: Raw, IC Title, Orton’s return
27:00-47:30: NXT TV Reviews
47:30-63:00: Match #87: CRUISERWEIGHTS!

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