WWE Main Event
January 21, 2015
Austin, TX

Hulu Plus

That’s right. WWE Main Event is no longer available on WWE Network, nor in the United States anywhere on Tuesdays. FEAR NOT~! If you, like me, just love seeing Natalya battle these wannabes each week on WWE Main Event, you can still do so on Wednesdays via Hulu Plus. That’s how I am bringing this action packed episode of WWE’s new F-Show today at Voices of Wrestling.com.

Episode 121

On Wednesday night at 10pm, this episode was finally uploaded to Hulu Plus. While working on this review, I went to WWE.com to try and find some results and/or pictures to use for images on this website. Guess what I found? Nothing. WWE.com basically murdered this show and buried it six feet under. The program is no longer listed on the ‘SHOWS’ menu, nor the WWE Shows page. Also, if you manually search for Main Event, you’ll find that results for this week’s show are not up and no pictures have been uploaded. Like WWE Experience, or Afterburn, or Vintage Collection, this show is basically dead until the whole Sky issue is resolved. Although, a resolution to that issue doesn’t look to be happening soon.

Commentary: Tom Phillips & JBL

Tyson Kidd vs Kofi Kingston: Kofi pinned Tyson with a tight rollup. Xavier cut a similar promo to open the show during The New Day’s entrance as he did Monday on Raw. The New Day is about to get real, he says. Before the match even got going, JBL was in amazing form on commentary. First, he mocked the  “New! Day!” chants from the Blue Man Group, saying they’re like Billy Gunn in that they only know two words. Then, he got some shots in on the unattractive rosebuds, saying “Are there major budget cuts in the rosebuds? He used to have 7s and 8s, now they’re negatives. This is why I moved out of Texas!” Good stuff. The two traded near falls by placing feet on the ropes, before Kofi was able to wrap Tyson up tight in a cradle to get the pinfall. This match was a preview of the 6-Man Elimination set up for the WWE Royal Rumble pre-show. It’ll be all of The New Day vs Rose, Cesaro, and Kidd in what Todd Martin sarcastically praised as the most important match of the show on this week’s Shake Them Ropes. **

After the match, Cesaro rushed in and attacked Kofi. Adam Rose jumped Xavier, who was still selling a foot injury, and the bad guys beat down the New Day and left celebrating.

Los Matadores vs The Miz & Mizdow: Miz pinned Diego with the Skullcrushing Finale. Damien Mizdow has now surpassed Miz in whiteness. The guy doesn’t look to have seen the sun or a tanning bed in years. Basic tag match, with the bull getting involved to negative results. JBL joked that the bull would be barbecue by the end of the night here in Texas. *1/2

So far, we’re 2 for 2 with matches directly promoting something at the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

Make it 3 for 3 with…

Natalya vs Summer Rae: Nattie tapped Summer with the Sharpshooter. This was a singles match with a heel and babyface, so you know what that means… CHIN LOCKS! Yes, Summer got in on the new WWE tradition of locking in chin locks like its your job. Because, well, it is. This went by quickly, with not much to it. Afterwards, Paige and Nattie hugged and celebrated the victory heading into the Rumble as they take on the Bellas. *

Bray Wyatt vs Jack Swagger: So, another singles match with a heel and baby. With this as the main event, potentially getting much more time than anything else on the show, I’ll set the chin lock over/under to 1.5. Has to be over, right? Well, not so fast. The two only got five minutes, but did get one chin lock in. Boy, did Wyatt work it, too, for a good minute. The two traded slams, kicks, clotheslines, and the usual big man on big man violence before Bray eventually won with the Sister Abigail after countering a Patriot Lock. Best match on the show, but not Jack’s best stuff on Main Event this year. **3/4

If you’d like to see Jack’s recent Main Event work, don’t bother searching for it on WWE Network. The 2015 shows are gone.

All four matches meant something for the Royal Rumble, and the action was good, while short in length. This show is a THUMBS UP!