This is the first CMLL On Terra show in 2015 that I’ve seen and this looks like an awfully big crowd and feels like a big show, I mean you get two dance numbers, people! Two dance Numbers! The undercard looks solid, even with Magnus showing up, but Magnus will not derail my joy for Negro Casas and Maximo in the main event (Oh it’s not that guy from TNA? I feel better now). Let’s get to the action.

Mercurio & Pequeno Universo 2000 vs. Angelito & Stukita-All four guys roll around pretty well with some arm drags mixed in. Some back and forth and the 1st fall is over fairly quickly as Universo 2000 hits a modified Falcon Arrow and Mercurio hits a basement dropkick, it looked weak. Loving the combination of Angelito and Stukita, though, they are having loads of fun in the ring. The tecnicos pick up the 2nd fall on a Stukita guillotine choke and an Angelito pop up hurricanrana. The pace is great too as they are working fast but give you enough time that your eyes can keep up with the action. Stukita is smooth here as he flips all over the ring with ease. The double jump Asai moonsault that takes out Mercurio from Stukita is glorious. I thought the pace would pick up after that, but Universo 2000 gets Angelito in a submission while both Mercurio and Stukita get counted out. This was just starting to get good and if you gave them 5-10 more minutes it would go to four-star territory. Great work from all men and what an opener should be, solid, hot and heavy. ***1/2

El Soberano Jr., Magnus & Star Jr. vs. Cholo, Metalico & Ramstein: The rudos ambush the tecnicos before the match starts and beat them down in the crowd, but not before Metalico can show off his light up suit that would make Jericho and Devitt jealous. The rudos keep run roughshod on the tecnicos and eventually get DQ’ed for throwing Soberano Jr. over the top rope. What is this? NWA? I thought that stuff didn’t exist in modern day wrestling let alone CMLL.

The rudos continue beating down the tecnicos in the 2nd fall. Magnus makes a comeback and takes out Metalico while Soberano Jr. and Star Jr. nail dives on the outside to both Cholo and Ramstein. Magnus hits a fireman’s carry slam and then a senton bomb to give the tecnicos the win.

This match really didn’t do anything. I tend to think any match suffers when Cholo and Ramstein are in control of offense for the majority of it. Soberano Jr. and Star Jr. should stay together as a tag team just simply for the fact that they work off of each other so well. Ramstein and Cholo stole Soberano Jr.’s and Star Jr.’s masks afterwards, which hopefully means we are not getting a tag match down the line. **

Blue Panther Jr., Dragon Lee & Pegasso vs. Arkangel de la Muerte, Cancerbero & Raziel: Pegasso replaces The Panther which I’m sad about, I was looking forward to seeing him. Raziel and Pegasso have a bit of back and forth until Pegasso goes to the top rope and falls off on his own volition, I hope he’s ok. Cancerbero and Blue Panther Jr. trade submissions – we have a stalemate. Pegasso rolls through a headscissors to get a schoolboy pin on Arkangel to give the tecnicos the 1st fall.

The tecnicos get the better of the rudos in the opening minutes of the 2nd fall as they feign dives to the outside but Dragon Lee gets the hurricanrana on the outside to Arkangel. Blue Panther Jr. gets caught in a Scorpion Cross Lock from Cancerbero and Arkangel submits Pegasso to win the 2nd fall.

The rudos work over Blue Panther Jr.’s knees in the 3rd fall. Blue Panther submits Raziel and it comes down to Dragon Lee and Arkangel. Dragon Lee manages to recover from a viscous discus clothesline, hits a German Suplex and rolls into the pin to give the tecnicos the 3rd fall. Dragon Lee and Blue Panther Jr. continue to look great and are talents that CMLL can build around. The rudos and Pegasso were all solid and it somewhat makes up for us not getting The Panther. I commend Pegasso for continuing after that nasty fall, true professional right there.  ***

Blue Panther, Fuego & Brazo de Plata vs. Los Independientes (Kraneo, Morphosis & Olimpico): Simply for the fact that Kraneo and Brazo de Plata were dancing to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” lets me know what type of match to expect. Bit of rolling around from Blue Panther and Olimpico and some back and forth with Morphosis and Fuego. I can imagine Scott Steiner seeing Brazo de Plata and saying “HE’S FAT!”

Super Porky crushes both Morphosis and Olimpico with a splash before Fuego gets a pop up hurricanrana on Kraneo to give the tecnicos the 1st fall. Kraneo gives Brazo de Plata his own medicine as he hits his backside into Plata’s face and a huge legdrop followed by Fuego submitting to a modified Bow and Arrow hold by Olimpico to give the rudos the 2nd fall.

Multiple pins down the stretch and the finish comes out of nowhere when the rudos win the 3rd fall with Olimpico getting an intricate pin on Blue Panther.

This match was so thrown together. Super Porky actually did a dive to the outside if that means anything. This was completely random and made no sense. I enjoy comedy matches, but this did nothing. Yeah, nothing to see here people. *

Maximo vs. Negro Casas: Anyone who reads these reviews knows my love for Negro Casas, the man is a legend who is a better worker at his age than most people 20-30 years younger. Maximo, regardless of his exotico character, can put on fun and solid matches when he needs to. The bell rings and immediately Casas targets Maximo’s knee like a shark. Maximo is fantastic selling the damage. Casas even mocks Maximo limping around the ring and locks in an STF to get the 1st fall.

Casas continues with the advantage in the 2nd fall with a dragon screw leg whip on the ropes. Maximo manages to get the inside cradle to win the 2nd fall, but he is in immense pain and here comes the doctor.

Maximo continues on but Casas attacks Maximo as the doctor is tapping up the knee and chokes him. Maximo shows tremendous heart and makes me like him even more.

The tope suicida from Maximo was full of fury and passion sending Casas right into the barricade. Casas keeps working submissions and even gets the Cavernaria. Casas mocks Maximo a tad too much and almost gets pinned. They trade slaps to the chest and the fans are going nuts for both men. Casas tries for La Magistral only to get kissed by Maximo for a near fall. Casas tries for La Magistral twice before getting it the 3rd time for a near fall, the fans are becoming unglued. Casas goes to the top rope which is rare but Maximo catches him with an enormous top rope arm drag to get the 3rd fall and victory. A master class from both men, Casas was fantastic and Maximo cut down on his gimmick and was serious in proving a point to Casas. Counters, dives, personality and a hot crowd make this my favorite Lucha MOTY and it’s only January. ****1/2

Final Thoughts:

The last match never aired on Terra, but you could have ended the broadcast after Casas vs. Maximo and I don’t think anyone would have a problem with that. I may overrate Casas vs. Maximo, but it’s a fantastic match full of great work from two men who were out to show that CMLL can still put on great main events even with half of the roster working Fantasticamania. Go out of your way to see it. Again, if I did anything right or wrong the Twitter handle is @RobsBrutalWorld.